Issue #7




~Jewels Diamond-Editor~

Welcome to the Brand New Look and Layout of the Coruscant Courier! As some of you have noticed as you watch the news holos across the Galaxy the times they are a changing as the great legendary singer Dylan Ptah sang. We here at the Courier are so excited to present our new look and our new official affiliation with the Imperial Chancellorís Office. Along with our always stunning journalism and already wonderful views that we are able to give you we are also able to give you exclusive behind the scenes interviews and insights into the amazing world that is the fascinating world of our Brilliant Imperial Chancellor. Our direct liaison has worked with the Chancellor since he was just an intern in his office and now he is a Lieutenant Commander in the new Imperial Fleet. We are excited to work very closely with the Imperial Chancellor, the Imperial Senate and Lieutenant Commander Crimson Draconia, Media Liaison to the Imperial Chancellorís Office. We are looking forward to bringing you exclusive interviews with many members of the Senate that we werenít able to have access to before along with insights into the daily happenings in our Imperial Galaxy. We are grateful to the Chancellor and his office for this wonderful opportunity and hope this is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.


~Rahi Taam~

As I sit at my data computer wondering what went wrong I keep coming back to my piles of data reports that I did with the Jedi in the first place. Were we all fooled? What exactly has gone on with the Jedi? What is this mad dash for power all about anyway? This reporter was not about to sit around and wait for the 11 oíclock holo vid with the Jedi Spin on it, but was going to do some digging.

I first went straight to the source. Who knows the Jedi best but the expert sent to hunt them down? In a rare exclusive interview granted to me by Imperial Lord Darth Vader, special liaison to the Imperial Chancellorís office.

"It is a simple matter of politics. The Jedi were used to things being their way without question for a millennium in this galaxy. Along came changes that they werenít comfortable with and they saw a need to squash the other side. The Chancellor had no choice but to end the madness. At first I am sure he tried reason, but how do you reason with a group of individuals with power, and independent wealth to own the galaxy. It had to end in bloodshed. The brainwashing of the Jedi Order is merciless. As a former student in the Order I can tell you that there is no room for the individual." Vader said in a bold statement explaining the need for swift action against the tyranny of the Jedi Machine.

While Lord Vader would not reveal his true identity afraid of retribution from any Jedi out there seeking revenge, he did say that that many he knew in the Order were not allowed to finish due to their individual beliefs. They werenít allowed to know their families, or have friends and loved ones nearby. This was corresponded to stories we have heard from other Jedi and from the interviews we had with the Jedi in this very news journal. Vader went on to say that while his own early childhood had been difficult but a happy one until he was separated from his family and left for the Order. He thought he was leaving for the Adventure of a lifetime instead he suffered the cold harsh reality of the Order. He was made to suffer at the expense of the Jedi Masters. He said the Padawan Learners are used as Pawns and never given fair chances to excel or further themselves as they would in standard or traditional learning facilities.

"The sad part about Lord Vader is that his is not the only case we have heard of in our galaxy. We have another very serious case we know of, that of Lady Sarah Destinee who was once a Padawan trainee under some of the biggest names of the Jedi Order. She finally could not stand the frustration and humiliation of the Order any longer and escaped to a different world during a Civil War uprising. She was ostracized by the Order and her peers whom she considered her family and friends. She had no one to turn to and was all alone in this cold Galaxy living as many young people do taking any and every job she could to stay alive. Finally, the Late Count Dooku kindly took her in recognizing her talent. He helped her find her way in the world. She is also a tragic story of hopes and dreams shattered by the Jedi form of Discipline." Imperial Chancellor Palpatine explained in an exclusive interview with the Courier. "Things got so bad for her that she had to change her name to protect her family and friends from retribution from her former Jedi Colleagues. She has been reunited with her real blood family and has a family of her own now. She also now works for the Empire helping us by using her formidable Force abilities. There are so many others the list is just too long and tragic to name. Just look at me and what happened to me in my attack by Jedi Master Mace Windu. If it werenít for Lord Vader I do not know what would have happened. I am just grateful that he came along when he did."

"Can you tell us what happened in more detail? The news holos werenít clear." I asked eagerly hoping that the Chancellor would be gracious enough to answer my question. The news reports have been sketchy.

"Well it is still rather frightening, but I will try." The Chancellor bravely answered. "I was preparing my report to the Senate working late when Master Windu and a group of Jedi came to arrest me and send me to prison on some charge that they invented. I was incredibly frightened; there were four of them and just myself in my office. I donít know how I was not arrested or killed, I think I hid or ran or something. In times of great stress we are capable of amazing things. Lord Vader came just as I was about to be killed and fought off the dark Jedi. I was down on the ground helpless, unarmed of course, under the most horrific site I have ever seen of Master Windu and his saber. Master Windu was filled with the hubris of his own Power and in the struggle blew out every single one of the windows in my office using his great power in the Force, I believe that is what they call it. I was shocked and stunned and amazed. Lord Vader went after him to save me and to try and bring him to Justice. We all know that Master Windu is reported to be the greatest Saber Master of the Jedi Order, I feared for Lord Vaderís life. I was so scared I could not watch. I saw his saber lighting up the night around me and it appeared that one flew from Master Winduís hand. I was so relieved that I was saved. Vader was truly the guardian of justice in that room. Master Windu swore he would never be taken by a youngling and escaped somehow, miraculously out of the window. He must have had someone waiting for him, unless the Jedi have learned to fly without wings."

This reporter sat stunned as the tale of the truth unfolded before me. Did the Jedi have accomplices in this? The Chancellor had indeed been through an Ordeal. It is very clear by this report and many others now coming in from the Imperial Intelligence Office and the Office for Galactic Security that the Jedi would not fall under the Friend moniker anymore. If you have any information about any Jedi contact the Office for Galactic Security, 2385 5555 4722 1539, and ask for Captain Kieran McDubh or Lieutenant Adam Taylor. Do not attempt to approach them yourself as they are all armed and dangerous and many have hidden special powers that could lead to injury or death when provoked.


How do the changes affect our Freedoms?

~Jewels Diamond, Editor~

The words Empire and Imperial conjure strange images of horror movies from the Cineplex 20. What will happen next? Will we have no freedoms? Will we live under the iron fist of a dictator? Where will the madness end? Thank goodness this is a democracy and not the movies or there would be chaos in the streets. Thank the even greater good for the Imperial Chancellor for helping us make sense of all these changes. We had no problem getting an interview with one of the top men in the Chancellorís office, Lieutenant Commander Crimson Draconia. A busy man both in the Chancellorís newly formed Imperial Fleet as well as being in charge of the Imperial Chancellorís Office and being Media Liaison, Lt. Commander Draconia was still able to squeeze us into his busy day to answer questions.

"How does the new Imperial designation affect commerce?" JD

"It will increase some of the taxes that people pay on some items. However, it really will allow us to enforce the tax laws and rules governing the collection of those taxes that are already in place. We will be able to make things much more equal now. Before the Imperial designation we were mired down by politics over jurisdiction and individual planet laws. Now however, we can assure that all laws and politics are uniform and enforced for everyoneís benefit. In addition, it will uniformly standardize prices on basic items that people need to survive. No more will we have this crazy market pricing and the insane black marketing of necessary items for the people." Lt. Cmdr Draconia replied.

"How will the new Imperial designation affect travel?" JD

"It will make that so much easier. No longer will we go through all these random rules and regulations put down by ancient governments that may or may not exist. Everything falls under the current laws that we know and enjoy on Coruscant. We will be able to ease all the congestion on Shipping and Traveling lanes." Lt. Cmdr Draconia answered.

"How will this help the inflation and economic crisis in the old Republic?" JD

"All monies will be standardized by the banks on Muunilist. We will all work with one money and it will be accepted everywhere. The banks will work closely with the Finance and Appropriations committees of the Senate and the Imperial Chancellor to have standard Annual Percentage Rates for Lending and for New Home Building. This will encourage growth in the Outer Rim Systems and thus encourage trade and help stabilize many of these off world planets that are currently struggling." Lt. Cmdr Draconia assured us.

"Will this affect our political and financial freedoms?" JD

"Actually yes, since now we have one government with one voice we will have more freedom than ever. We will still vote for our regional representatives and they will represent us in the Imperial Senate. The Senate will oversee the Budget as they always have. The Chancellor is not here to be wasteful and re-invent things that already work. He is only here to get rid of the incredibly wasteful things that donít work for us. Slowly over time you will see things trimmed down to cut down on budgetary spending and that is a direct savings to us the tax payers. I have to pay taxes just like you and just like every reader out there. Who doesnít need a break from these incessant raises in taxes all the time? The Imperial Chancellorís new plan is brilliant because he takes money that is already here and re-allocates it to the areas we need most, saving us billions if not trillions in tax payer credits." Lt. Cmdr Draconia said sharing some of the new budgetary plan of the Chancellor before it is unveiled in the upcoming address to the Senate next month.

"Anything else you want to share?" JD

"I think a lot of people will be so pleased with the freedoms that come with the Imperial Galaxy. We can once again travel where we want and when we want. No worries about a civil war popping up anywhere and everywhere. The military branches will take care of safety for everyone. All people have to do is once again return to life as normal. I personally am so grateful for that. I donít have to worry about my family and friends on my home planet and what might be happening there. I can visit them on Holidays and call them whenever I feel the urge. I think you will see the Galaxy return to a Golden Age of Happiness and Prosperity." Lt Cmdr Draconia finished.

We would like to thank Lieutenant Commander Draconia and the Imperial Chancellorís office for all of their extensive help and cooperation in these questioning times. JD


~Kahtya Millions~

The Galaxy is now at peace and what better way to celebrate our wonderful peace than to travel and explore our incredible Galaxy! Corellia a brilliant jewel in the crown of our New Glorious Empire is one of the best places to go in the Summer. From the beautiful blue oceans where you can sail, swim, surf or more, to the lush green hills of the high country you can enjoy the relaxing countryside. If relaxation isnít enough there are the wonderful cities with shopping and plenty of museums, art galleries, zoos, and more to intrigue the tourist. The Hotels are beautiful and the people warm and charming. One of my favorite places to go just opened up this season called the Imperial Gardens! They actually a number of gardens linked together over the same beautiful park like structure. One is an oriental type garden including a beautiful rock sculpture ending in the ancient earth traditional serpentís kiss. There is a beautiful water garden similar to the ones on nearby Cato Neimoidia. There is also a really beautiful Crystal Garden similar to the crystal formations found on the planet Chakran. There are also gardens like we have on our own lovely Coruscant and ones similar to other areas of our Galaxy. The acres of gardens are lovely and the weather just cannot be beat. I rate Corellia a Five Star out of Five Experience for the variety and family friendly atmosphere of the planet.



The Senate seems almost more exciting than the world of movies and music at times so this special issue is dedicated to those that give so much of themselves to help shape our world today and for our future.

Incredibly sad news for all in our Galaxy, the beloved Senator Padme Naberrie Amdidala former Queen of Naboo has passed away to the next world of Shadow. She was so young and so beautiful and to die so young makes it ever the more tragic. Will we ever know who the father of her baby was? Rumor had it that it might have been any number of eligible young men including her long time friend Actor Rob Tipton or her constant friend the famed Professional Companion Orlando Darksword. It appears many men would have liked to be the father of the beautiful young Senatorís child but alas she was truly close to only those two very close friends of hers and it appears the secret will be buried with her and her unborn child. It would seem that everyone who was anyone was at the funeral. Her funeral was attended by dignitaries from all over the Galaxy including long time friend and confidant the ever noble Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan with a large delegation that included several relatives from Alderaan, including his own nephews who included the Alderaanian Ambassador Roberto Carreiro Portillo Organa, Dr. Alessandro Organa and Alderaanian Economics Minister Sylvano Organa. Also in attendance was of course Imperial Chancellor Charles Palpatine with his companion Desera Maison, Senator Tallon Greyson, Senator Naya Caballa and his delegation also included representative Jar Jar Binks of Naboo. Representative Binks was so distraught by the death of his very close friend Senator Naberrie Amidala that soon after the funeral he had to be checked into a local recovery center. His office could not be reached for further comment. From Corellia Senator Dawson Griegson and Senator Josefina Sartuccia attended along with Corellian Ambassador Elen Thraken, Representative Jianna Arroya and Sentor Jing Kano. The list could go on for days it was a dark day for the Empire when her light left us. Our thoughts are with her family.

Doubly tragic for the Organa family was the loss of the Senatorís own wife Jana DeFelice-Organa. His wife had been battling a tragic disease called Niphylremia. The Senatorís wife battled the disease for almost two years and finally succumbed to the disease right before Alderaanís famed Flower Festival this year where the two got engaged and married 5 years ago. "The problem with this insidious disease is that it starts shutting down systems within your body until finally you just close down all together. It is terrible to have to watch someone suffer with it. The best you can do for your loved one at the end is be supportive and make them as comfortable as they can be until the end comes." Dr. Alessandro Organa spoke for the family. Senator Organa was able to spend the last few weeks with his suffering wife. The funeral was attended by many who also attended Senator Naberrie Amidalaís funeral just a few weeks previous.

In more uplifting news the Organa family tragedy has renewed interest in Medical research at the DeFelice Medical Center located on Alderaan. The Medical Center founded by Dr. Organaís great uncle is now the base for his research teamís work. Dr. Alessandro Organa continued by saying that the generosity of gifts and research grants in his auntís name has been tremendous and extremely thoughtful. It not only will allow for more research into Niphylremia (which his aunt contracted on one of her many humanitarian missions to help impoverished war torn areas set up new school systems and return to normal everyday activities), but it will also allow for healthcare to extend to many of the areas that she helped and visited. Children and the future were major focuses of her work in those areas of the Galaxy. The newly formed DeFelice-Organa Galactic Medical Alliance or DOGMA will be able to set up temporary clinics in many areas of the galaxy that were not accessible before. It has a mobile medical team and equipment all with great thanks to the many donations in her name to the fund. Continued Donations can be sent to DOGMA in care of Senator Organaís Senatorial Offices on Coruscant.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible.  Your mind is razor sharp unless you let it get dull. Sharpen your mind and cut through all the red tape that is going on around you. You are the only one seeing things clearly right now. It is the time to sift through old things and start anew. Make new investments, start a new business or just clear out the clutter that you havenít gotten to, but it is no longer time to linger you donít want to rust!

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  You can feel to the depths of the oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow.  Peace and harmony are what you seek right now. Things have been truly chaotic and you need to just to settle back and listen to the quiet rushing of the water over the stones. Try to take things easily for awhile. You have been through enough lately.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees.  You know how to see and listen without causing too many rustling leaves. Looking for a new love? Perhaps it is time to get things started. You feel like uprooting yourself and sewing some new seeds somewhere else. Perhaps you want to get together with a fire sign and start a blaze - be careful it doesnít get too hot for you! Perhaps a good earthy relationship would be more long lasting to sew those seeds with. Even a water sign could prove a most interesting experiment in hydroponics. Be very wary of a Metal blade, they have a razor sharp tongue that is sure to cut deep at the root.

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything. Summer is your time to shine. Go out and show the Galaxy and Universe what being a Sun child really is, youíre a star baby!! Go to the beach and build a bonfire to your kindred spirits the Stars themselves, perhaps light up the night with a nouveau wood nymph or nymphette. The Stars are yours and the Sun and you are about to go Supernova!!

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. While summer is a hot place try to find someplace nice and cool for vacation and perhaps you will find a new romance blossoming under the summer sun. Your solid footing and level headedness could just be what someone is looking for in a new love. Speaking of new you might be looking at a new business or home opportunity. All that Spring cleaning has given you new ground in these matters of security and for your future. Whatever your plans you can be assured they are planned out well and firmly grounded like you.


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