Issue #3


Peace Keepers or Trained Assassins?  The Unveiling of the Mysterious Monks Part II (this part of the interview was so involved that we have printed half in this issue and the end will be continued in our next issue)
~Rahi Taam~

Allegations of corruption abound these days in regards to the recent deaths using a light saber as a weapon.  Jedi Master Mace Windu in my interview with him on the Jedi ways was kind enough to shed some light on their training techniques and their philosophies.  Some of them might surprise you.

“Why do you carry weapons if you are just Keepers of the Peace?”

“To carry a weapon does not imply use of it in a violent situation.  It also does not imply the instigation of a violent situation.  We do not condone any use of a weapon except in self-defense.  However, no matter how calm and peaceful a situation may be, it is impossible to predict which situations can become explosive.  It is also impossible to predict when your light saber may be needed as a tool rather than a weapon.”  Master Windu told me.

“Are you saying they aren’t weapons when four people have been murdered with them?” 

“That is exactly what I am saying.  A light saber is a focus of Force energy into a beam.  The crystals that the saber is made with focus that energy into a beam of light.  It can cut, it can burn, it can illuminate, it can melt metal.  It is the person behind the saber that directs the energy.  Energy used in self-defense makes it a tool.  Energy used incorrectly and directly used with anger makes it into a weapon.”  Master Windu explained further.

“What about fighting tactics and techniques?  I know that Jedi are trained on a variety of levels to fight.”

“You have done your research well.  You are a credit to your job.  Yes we have 7 levels of training.  Each Jedi must complete the first three levels to become a knight.  After achieving knighthood, the Padawan learner is instructed by his or her Jedi Master in various higher levels of fighting techniques.  These techniques are based on philosophies from around the galaxy.  These philosophies combine movement and techniques with the unity of the mind, body and spirit.  Each level that a Jedi is capable of encompasses the Jedi’s abilities along with their own personal philosophies and dedication.  Some Jedi only learn levels up to 3 or 4.  They do less fighting and more diplomatic work.  A Jedi that learns at a level five or six would be better suited to a life of both diplomatic and fighting work.  They would probably live off world somewhere, perhaps even as far as the outer rims.   Jedi like this might negotiate trade agreements or peace treaties.  Level 7 is reserved for the highest disciplines and is not taught to many Jedi at all.  It is used on a very high level and takes up all of the concentration of the individual.  I don’t think more than 5% of the Jedi have even come close to training at a level 7.”  Master Windu explained.

“Would you say that a Jedi could become an assassin if he turned for whatever reason?”

“I would say that whoever gave you that impression does not know Jedi at all.  All Jedi must show dedication and loyalty.  We put the whole above the personal.  We dedicate our lives to the benefit of all.  There is no way a Jedi could become an assassin unless he turned to the dark side.  He would have to be a Sith to commit any heinous crime.  Since the Sith have been wiped out for centuries, there is no possible way that a Jedi could commit the crimes you are alluding to.”  Master Windu said to me much to my surprise.

In the next issue we will explore Rogue Jedi and Jedi Justice further in our multipart interview with Master Windu.  We also have a special treat “Growing Up Jedi:  What does it take to become a knight?” this is an interview with Padawan Learner Obi Wan Kenobi.

Is the Saber Slayer a Jedi?
~Rahi Taam~

Since the recent homicides with the newly nicknamed “Saber Slayer” have been committed with a light saber, the Senate and the Supreme Chancellor have asked the Jedi not to investigate the murders as primary investigators.  It could be a conflict of interest.  An anonymous source has informed us that while the Jedi do not believe that one of their own could have possibly done this, it is not outside the realm of possibility.  Jedi have been known to be seduced by the dark side or turn rogue and go against their pledge to serve the public.  While this source said that it is unlikely, it is not something that should be ruled out completely.  That makes this reporter wonder who the Jedi might be protecting, the public or themselves?  Four murders have taken place and there is no answer in sight.  Are the Jedi covering something up?  Have they gone too far in “Keeping the Peace”?  Because these murders seem to be all politically motivated it must be asked whether or not the Jedi are capable of being just “Peace Keepers” or are they also Trained Assassins?

In our next issue we will have an in depth interview with the primary investigator on these murders.  In addition we hope to have comment from the Jedi that are assigned to assist in these investigations.  Important political figures are dying and we as the public need to know what the Jedi are doing to protect our peace.  What about our peace of mind and our trust in our judicial system?  These hard hitting issues will be put to the Jedi as we uncover more about these mysterious monks.

~Kahtya Millions~

Welcome to our latest feature on traveling and dining around the Galaxy!  In this article we will be bringing you the best and brightest places to travel around the globe.  We will be featuring articles on the hottest nightclubs, the best beaches, the fun family spots, the best in gourmand dining, the best adult attractions and the most fun kids vacations.  We are working very hard with the Pleasure Planet Guild, the Tourism Guild, the Restauranteurs Society and others to make sure you have all the best information to make your vacation and travel plans (don’t forget some of the best traveling is right on your own planet as well.  Be a tourist in your own area as well as the exotic locales).


Dexter’s Diner-Located on Coruscant what can one say about Dexter’s Diner?  If you blink you might miss it.  Located in a busy part of town it is a small diner that is always busy but always fun.  The food is from traditional fare though.  Dexter has been around the Galaxy a few times and brings all his knowledge with him.  Whether it is his Alderaanian Vegetarian Stew or his Tatooine Tuna Steak Melt.  Some of his best dishes are his fish and vegetable mixes.  This reporter highly recommends you have the special of the day if you are a first time visitor.  Dexter is always there with a smile and a story if you want to hear one. 

You can see everyone in this place from average workers, to doctors, lawyers, to Senators and even Jedi.  The Jawa Juice is the best here as well as the Ewok Malts.  Take the kids as well, plenty of great food for them and a casual atmosphere you just can’t get anywhere else on Coruscant.

We give Dexter’s 5 stars out of 5 in our Galaxy of Fun place to go!


~Kahtya Millions~

Last time we reported that the lovely and beautiful Padmé Amidala had not been without the very handsome Bail Organa on her arm.  We have recently discovered it wasn’t Senator Organa at all that she was interested in romantically.  Former Queen of the Naboo Amidala has just announced her engagement to the handsome and young medical student Alexander Organa, the nephew of Senator Bail Organa.  I ran into Alex Organa at a recent fundraiser to help save the Ewok Forest on Endor.  Alex told me that he and Padmé could not be happier.  He said his uncle had met Padmé and thought the two would like to get to know each other.  They had dinner with his uncle and it was sparks from the start.  The two would like to get married next year, but unfortunately wedding bells will have to wait for the two as there is some political unrest that the Senator from Naboo will have to deal with and Alex has to pass his doctoral exams and internship.  That does not stop the two lovebirds from making plans.  They wish to be wed a few years closer to their original engagement date.  He says this will give them plenty of time to plan and enjoy their wedding and subsequent honeymoon.  We at the Courier wish them the best of luck.


Metal - If your birth Year was a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible. What happens to steel if it isn’t used and just sits around?  It rusts.  You need to get yourself out into this great big galaxy and rejuvenate.  You need to start Spring Planting, or a new exercise program to keep you sharp or even a new hobby.  You need to do anything that will get you up and moving.  Stop rusting and start polishing your skills!

Water - If your birth Year was a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  You can feel to the depths of the oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow. The ice is cracking and it is time to flow again.  Only this time you still may be experiencing some setbacks.  Take it slow.  No need to rush things at all, you have the time you need to catch up to everyone.  Sometimes the Water needs to melt fully to be able to become rapids.   

Wood - If your birth Year was a 4 or 5 you are like the trees.  You know how to see and listen without causing too many rustling leaves. It is not time yet for you to be in full bloom.  Winter has you desiring warmer climates this time of year more than ever.  Be patient, your time will come.  Then all will bask in the glory of Spring that is yours.  Enjoy this time hibernating a little bit longer.  It will definitely make the Spring that much more beautiful for you.

Fire - If your birth Year was a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Take that passion and turn it into the biggest flames you can muster.  You need to be the inspiration for others at this time.  Try and light that fire of passion and exuberance in someone else.  You are always a creative and fun person but others look to you now for your help and guidance.  You are just the one to do it too!  You have the drive and passion and creativity to help any of your other friends with their lives.  Think of others before yourself and you will glow the brightest!

Earth - If your birth Year was an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded.  Finally the Spring has arrived.  No such time is so happy as Spring and Fall for the Earth group among us.  It shows you who you really are and enables you to dream up new ways to change.  Spring is the time for planting and cleaning and making everything beautiful again.  Perhaps a friend could help with a project you have that you have been putting off.  Don’t hesitate!  Now is your time.  You do not need the green light you already have one from the Force!  What you plant now will come back to you three fold by the Autumnal Equinox.  Make a wish and follow your star, the Earth is yours.

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