Issue #2


Saber Slayer Strikes Again!
~Rahi Taam~

Yet another victim has fallen to the Saber Slayer.  This makes 3 in the
series so far.  When will this terror ever stop!  The Slayer uses a light saber.  This is considered a very odd choice of weapon since most people don't know what a light saber looks like much less how to use it effectively as a murder weapon.  We can only conclude that the killer is someone with experience in the Jedi Arts. However, how can this be?  Haven't the Jedi pledged their lives to take care of us and protect us?  They are keepers of the Peace not made for murdering innocents in their sleep.

In an exclusive interview with the Jedi High Council Member, Jedi Master Mace Windu himself stated that all avenues would be completely investigated to make sure the perpetrator was not a Jedi.  He assured me that it was quite unlikely that this was a Jedi perpetrator.  He also reiterated that both Jedi and citizens alike will be investigated carefully for their involvement in this case.  In addition, Master Windu says the Jedi Council has created a expert team to investigate the murders.  Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn, and his Padawan (learner) Obi-Wan Kenobi will head up the team.  Joining the Jedi Investigation, to keep things entirely impartial and accurate the Council has brought in the renowned death investigator Ynana Kidul of the Azure tribe.  The Team was investigating the current murder scenes at the time of printing so we were unable to reach them.  More as this story

Upcoming Elections Account for Increased Security
~Rahi Taam~

With some very high level elections approaching on Coruscant, the government assures us that all is being done to protect us from the major fiasco that faced voters last time.  The last two elections had to be thrown out due to bribing and strong arm tactics by the competing factions.  Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has personally guaranteed the freedom to vote for all those who wish to vote.  In addition to personal guards being increased at the polls, there will be options available for those who wish to vote via holocomputer with a special code that can easily be obtained from your registering to vote with your local voter registration office.  Contact your local voter registration office for more details.

Should Jedi Be Allowed to Marry? 
The Unveiling of the Mysterious Monks Part I
~Rahi Taam~

We are starting a series where we ask hard hitting, direct questions of our mysterious protectors.  The Jedi were kind enough to let us come to the Jedi Temple and answer our questions, for that I am very grateful to Master Mace Windu.  He was wonderful enough to give me his time and effort.  Some of the questions may surprise you, but this is the way
they live and maintain their way of life.

"Why is it forbidden to marry?  Isn't to love and be loved in return
the greatest gift any creature could ask for?" I asked.

"Yes.  It is the greatest thing the Force can give us.  However, with
love also comes responsibility.  Our Knights are Keepers of the Peace, sometimes going on dangerous missions, making enemies, or facing many people's worst nightmares.  It is not fair, nor loving to put loved ones in positions they should not be in.  We strive to protect the innocent above all; that means our loved ones and any theoretical children we would have as well.  We cannot take that risk.  Secondly, a Knight must be focused 100% on what he or she is doing.  They cannot be focused on their injured or Force forbid a kidnapped family member or child.  In order to do their job they need complete objectivity." Master Windu told me.

"What if a Jedi did fall in love?  What about intimate relations? Would you punish this Jedi?" I asked.

"We treat all Jedi equally.  It would have to be decided on by the council.  Since intimate relations lead to entanglements often love and marriage it is generally discouraged." He smiled somewhat sadly, but he was adamant on the point.  Next issue:  Why do you carry a weapon if you are peace monks?  Watch upcoming issues of the Courier for complete coverage of our in-depth coverage.

~Kahtya Millions~

Our favorite boy is at it again!  The notorious yet always charming Bail Organa was out with the ever beautiful Senator from Naboo, Padmé Amidala.  The two have been practically inseparable since the Senatorial Ball 2 months ago.  Is Romance in the air for these to
Political Power Houses?  A joining of the Alderaani and the Naboo would make for an interesting move in the senate.  They certainly would have lovely children.


Metal - If your birth Year was a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and
just as flexible.  You need to allow yourself to shine as brightly as you can.  For you all that glitters is gold this month.  You truly have the Midas touch.  Just remember it can be both a curse and a gift to have it.  Temper your steel, and you will remain sharp.

Water - If your birth Year was a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  You can feel to the depths of the oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow.  Finally the sees of turbulence are over.  You start to show calm seas and have the tranquility of a small pond.  Rejoice in the splendor of just flowing clear and clean after the winter freezing and the disturbances you had recently.

Wood - If your birth Year was a 4 or 5 you are like the trees.  You
know how to see and listen without causing too many rustling leaves. Stand Tall and proud!  It is your turn to regenerate and show the world what you have.  You are budding with ideas and passions.  It is time for you to flourish, relish in yourself and in your creativity.

Fire - If your birth Year was a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Take that passion and turn it into the biggest flames you
can muster.  You will be the leader this time round for all the creative things you have been holding off on.  Whether this is public or a private passion, the Force is saying go for it!

Earth - If your birth Year was an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded.
It is thankfully now time for renewal and growth.  So long have you spent waiting, it is time to be fertile and grow with ideas, and creativity.  Not to mention this time of year makes you want to do a bit of Spring Cleaning.  Re-do your home, clean out the cobwebs of your mind, everything must be new and fresh and clean.  Start over and bask in the warmth of the Force!

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