Issue #1


Coruscant in the Dark?
~Rahi Taam~

Is Coruscant so mired in its own corruption that the Darkside of the Force is rising and threatens to ruin the lives of all the good citizens of the Republic?  An inside anonymous source claims that Coruscant has risen to an all time high in corruption.  The increase in corruption and the lack of Jedi Protection on Coruscant leaves every day citizens at risk.

Noted Twilek Senator Orn Free Taa stated that the allegations simply weren't true.  In an exclusive interview with the Courier he went on to say that "The Senate always puts the people before any governmental agenda." In addition the senator re-affirmed his faith in our current system of government.  "Things have never been better in the Republic.  That is the very reason why the Jedi have enough time to handle small disputes in the far Outer Rim in the first place."

Chancellor Palpatine and Representatives from the Jedi Council were unavailable for comment on the current trends in corruption.

Are Clones-
Good or Bad?

~Rahi Taam, Editor~

As we are all aware the Military Creation Act was pushed through the Senate very quickly to help with the problems that have developed with the Trade Federation and the Confederacy.  Led by former Jedi and Political Idealist, Count Dooku, this growing dissention of the Outer Rim Systems is now developing into a full fledged war.  Those members of the Senate against the Military Creation Act have all but disappeared in the wake of the Geonosian Jedi Battle.

Is it ethical for us to use clones to solve our Military problems?  The Jedi have always been keepers of the peace but does their mandate cover protecting us from ourselves, and our own arrogance?

While some may see clones as being similar to droids they are most certainly not droids.  According to the Senatorial Cloning Subcommittee Report findings pointed to some very serious reservations the Senate Subcomittee had on the matter.  What happened to this report?  Why was this report buried in the departmental files never to see the light of day?

Senator Bail Organa from Alderaan was chair of the Subcommittee and in an exclusive interview with the Courier shared some of his ideas on the subject. 
"The problem when dealing with Clones is that they are sentient beings.  A droid is a machine without feelings and only does what it is programmed to do.  While a clone may be programmed to work a certain way we have genetically played with their structure to make sure that these beings do exactly as we tell them to do.  Ethically if we can do that to the clone then we could theoretically do that to anyone.  We are civilized people and should behave in a civilized manner by solving our disputes by negotiations not wars."

Proponents of Cloning disagree with the Senator saying that these are no longer valid claims against cloning.  We no longer are given options of negotiations and in order to not be taken over by the droid army of the Confederacy we need to use the clones. 

Is it better to use clones as if they were disposable as droids?  As the debate wages on, so does the war.

~Kahtya Millions~

In the celebrity gossip zone you will never guess who yours truly saw at the latest Outer Rim benefits dinner.  Senator Amidala from Naboo was accompanied by the handsome and very wealthy Prince Bail Organa from Alderaan.  The former Queen says she is very worried about Outer Rim territories having equal rights due to her home planet's position in the Galaxy, but she looked more interested in the Prince than to only be talking about business if you ask me.

Also in recent news Jacen Jinn nephew of the late great Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn has been spending lots of time on Coruscant lately helping to promote his latest Holovid this month:  "The Force Will Always Save You."  Jinn plays gorgeous Jedi Master Dirk Saviour who is back to save the stunningly beautiful princesses Jasmina and Eirwen from the Tolwyn Tribe.  The tribe plot to overthrow the ruling family of Dantooine.  Twists and turns a plenty and you'll never guess who the handsome Jedi Master finds out is behind this plot of madness.  This long awaited blockbuster sequel is already being sold out on pre-orders so orders yours today! 

Jacen Jinn has also been seen at several nightclubs including the Outlander club.  He says he is preparing for his next Jedi Master Saviour movie, but the ladies at the club don't seem to mind his company.


Metal - If your birth Year was a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible.  Your upcoming month shows that you need to keep your wits about you.  You will feel attacked on all sides but keep calm, cool and to the point like the sword of truth, you know the way.

Water - If your birth Year was a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  You can feel to the depths of the oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow.  The next month will be an emotional time for you.  Watch out for any overreactions you might have; you may feel like you want to crawl into your shell, it might be best to obey the tides of your mind.

Wood - If your birth Year was a 4 or 5 you are like the trees.  You know how to see and listen without causing too many rustling leaves.  This month you need to listen carefully to what friends and family are trying to tell you.  Has a new breeze been blowing opportunities your way?  You need to listen and see what is coming at you.

Fire - If your birth Year was a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  This month be careful that you don't burn too brightly.  The problem with Fire is that when it gets stoked, it can burn out of control.  Remember to keep your temper down and listen to all sides of a problem, puzzle or argument before making any decisions.

Earth - If your birth Year was an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded.  You know what you need; no one else can decide that for you.  Stay grounded in yourself and what you know and you will not crack.  The earth must have time to rest and relax before it can continue it's frenetic pace, slow down and enjoy a quiet month at home.


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There's a hot new restaurant in town, you:
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What kind of transport do you prefer:
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When do you take out your lightsaber?
When I sense a change in the Force. (1)
When I am in dangerous situations (5)
Only as needed, I will know. (3)

6.  What's your Favorite color?
Blue (3)
Green  (5)
Red  (1)

7.  Living Force or Unified Force?
Living (5)
Unified (3)
Both  (1)

8.  Should Jedi be allowed to Marry?
Yes (5)
No  (1)
Leave it up to the Force (3)

9.  When given a new assignment you:
Follow it without thought (1)
Research and prepare thoroughly to make sure you have all the information on the subject.  (3)
Go with what the Force tells you. (5)

10.  Your Jedi Mandate is:
Keepers of the Peace (5)
Protect and Serve (3)
Follow the Force (1)

points your Jedi Master is Master Yoda (male) or Master Adi Gallia (Female). You are wise and know what you need.  You do not choose the path foolishly and always know what the right decision to make is.  You are not reckless but listen to the years of experience you have gained.

points your Jedi Master is Master Qui Gon Jinn (male) or Master Luminara Unduli (female).    You have a great sense of duty and knowledge but there is a bit of a rebel in you too.  You follow the living true Force to face your destiny.  You are always willing to listen but are firm in your beliefs.  When you know something is true in your heart you are unstoppable.

points your Jedi Master is Master Mace Windu (male) or Master Shaak Ti (female).  You are confident and sure of yourself.  You burn with the passion of both the Unified and Living Forces intertwined to make you unique and special.  Your skills and knowledge are amazing winning you praise from peers and mentors alike.  The downside is that you are very formidable and at time unapproachable.  Some may see your power as threatening.  Learn to temper yourself a bit.