Issue #4


Saber Slayer Findings

~Rahi Taam~

In this issue we have an in depth interview with the primary
investigator on these murders.  Important political figures are dying and we as the public need to know what the Jedi are doing to protect our peace.  What about our peace of mind and our trust in our judicial system?  Thank you for your questions regarding the investigation into Senator Marn's death.  Before I answer your questions, I must stress that this is an ongoing investigation, so I don't necessarily have all the answers to your questions yet.  Please be assured that we are working as quickly as we can to resolve this matter.

Here are the hard hitting questions and answers for the public, answers are gratefully received from Master Healer Ynana Kidul, Intergalactic Healers Guild Special Investigation Unit:

1.  Why are the Jedi involved in your investigation? 

The Jedi are assisting in this investigation because there have been some issues raised about the possibility of a Jedi being involved in this in some way.  Their help and resources are most appreciated in this investigation.

2.  Could a Jedi really do the killings?  Could anyone but a Jedi do the killings?

While it is possible that a Jedi could do this, it is highly unlikely. 
Jedi do not kill unless it is in self-defense.  It is possible that
someone is trying to make it look like a Jedi is involved to throw
suspicion off of themselves.  At this point, we are considering many possibilities.

3.  Do you think the Jedi are covering up their involvement?

The Jedi Council have been cooperating fully with this investigation. As the lead investigator, I can assure you that no one is trying to cover anything up.  Right now, we are doing are best to uncover as many facts as possible.

4.  Why has there been no official statement on the victims?

We are still investigating Senator Marn's death and the possibility that  it may be linked to some previous deaths.  We have not issued an official statement because we have not conclusively linked the other deaths to Senator Marn's at this point. 

5.  How are the Victims related?

We are looking at a number of possible connections between the victims at this time.  The main connection that we have found so far is that they are all government officials from the same region of the Republic.

6.  Since these are government officials is there a conspiracy linking them?

Unfortunately, we don't have the answer to this question yet. While
they are links between the victims socially and professionally, it is
too soon to tell if there was any collusion involved in the other deaths. I must point out that some of the other possible victims have had their deaths declared accidental.

7.  Is the Chancellor a target?

Based on the information that we have, we do not believe the Chancellor is a target.  He is not from the same region as Sen. Marn, and his contacts with the late senator appear to have been rather limited.

8.  Are there any more targets in the senate?

We have identified some people with links to the victims that may be at risk.  They have been notified of the risk and appropriate security measures have been taken.

9a. Has security been increased to those senators?

Yes, security has been increased to those senators and other government officials that might be at risk.

9b.What is being done to protect senators from attacks like these?

Security in and around the Senate complex on Coruscant has also been increased to ensure adequate protection for all Senators so that the Senate can continue to conduct business as usual.  Details of the new security measures at the Senate complex have been posted in numerous
publications and are printed on flyers posted at various important
government buildings.

10.  What has forensics come up with?

Forensics has helped us determine the cause of Sen. Marn's death. Specific details of those forensic reports will not be available until the investigation is complete.

11.  Can we have access to crime photos?

No photos will be available until after the investigation is completed. After that, only photos included as part of the public record will be available for viewing.

12.  Is there anything else you can tell us about the Saber Slayer?

Please assure your readers that we are doing everything we can to make sure that anyone involved with Sen. Marn's death or the death of anyone connected to him will be brought to justice.  We appreciate your patience and support as the investigation continues.


~Kahtya Millions~

Welcome to our latest feature on traveling and dining around the Galaxy!  In this article we will be bringing you the best and brightest places to travel around the globe.  We will be featuring articles on the hottest nightclubs, the best beaches, the fun family spots, the best in gourmand dining, the best adult attractions and the most fun kids vacations.  We are working very hard with the Pleasure Planet Guild, the Tourism Guild, the Restaurateurs Society and others to make sure you have all the best information to make your vacation and travel plans (donít forget some of the best traveling is right on your own planet as well.  Be a tourist in your own area as well as the exotic locales). 


Held every year in the late Spring, the beautiful people of Alderaan have the best Flower Festival in the Galaxy.  Beings from all over the Galaxy come just to come and dance under the Alderaanian moon.  Prince Bail Organa presides over the Flower Princess Ball, which is the culmination of the weeks festivities.  In addition to the Princess Ball, there are beautiful boat trips on Lake Strellia and food delicacies all using flower bases from all over the galaxy.  Chefs come in and try to create the most beautiful and edible dishes using flowers from all over.  Flower Wines and juices are also in abundance.  The Flower Prince crowns the Princess at the Flower Princess Ball.  The Flower Prince is elected by the committee of Floral Adoration, which is appointed by the ruling family of Organa on Alderaan.  This is the most romantic of all folk festivals in the galaxy as well with many things for grown ups to do after dark.  From balls and feasts to moonlit rides, walks and boats.  There is something for everyone.  We give The Flower Festival 5 stars out of 5 in our Galaxy of Fun!  Making the most of the Flower Festival

~Lady Asta~

The Alderaanian Flower Festival is one of the most popular and colorful festivals of the season.  There are many wonderful places to stay on Alderaan, and here is our guide to the best of the best!  All these places rate 5 stars out of 5.  Truly the most luxurious hotel on all of Alderaan is the historic Astoria House located in the heart of the capital.  Spacious rooms, great service and a wonderful pool with views of the whole capital makes this a great place to take in all the action during the Festival.  More moderately priced is the appropriately named Blossom Suites located near the castle. This comfortable, cozy hotel is close to Lake Strellia and has a terrific spa on site.  The Bock Arms on the outskirts of the capital city offers a more relaxed, family oriented way to enjoy the festivities.  There are plenty of activities for children at or near the hotel, and a number of good restaurants are nearby.  Speaking of food, Alderaan is culinary melting pot.  For traditional Alderaanian fare, Strala is the place to go.  It features many local delicacies like Flarn and Vusi, as well as regional specialties.  A favorite of the royal family and many celebrities, Culan is another great restaurant to check out-both for the extensive menu and for the great stargazing.  For the more adventurous type, Gravo

features many exotic dishes from around the galaxy, and the chefs put on quite a show!  Alderaan also has no shortage of great nightlife.  Esero is a great dance club featuring many types of music on three different levels.  Teelaís offers live music and some of the top singers in the region.  Plakan is a cozy nightspot with a great drink menu that is

worth checking out.  Alderaan has something for everyone, and the Flower Festival is a great time to experience all of it!

Teddybears Unite!  The Fight for Endor & Ewok Equality

~Lady Asta~

The plans recently announced by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to create commercial developments on the small forest moon of Endor have drawn much criticism from some sectors of the Senate.  The Chancellorís plan calls for a large complex of housing, shops and recreational facilities. This would bring much-needed jobs and economic development to the area, which has few revenue producing industries.  Critics of the plan consider it to be not only environmentally unsound, but also in conflict with the Ewoks, the native inhabitants of Endor, many of whom would be displaced by the development.

As reported in last monthís edition of the Courier, a benefit was recently held on Coruscant to raise awareness of this issue and raise money to protect Endor from development.  A protest of the Chancellorís plan was held on Endor last week.  The Ewoks carried signs written in both Galactic Basic and their native language saying Just Say No To Palpy, Love Trees, Donít Kill Them, and Leave Endor Alone!  The peaceful but lively protest included chants of Hey, hey, ho, ho, Palpatine has got to go and remarks from a number of speakers that supported the Ewoks position.

Speaking through their interpreter and official spokesdroid, C3PO, the Ewoks released this statement:  We believe that this plan would destroy our entire way of life.  We have lived peacefully in harmony with nature for centuries.  This development would be harmful to us by increasing pollution to untold levels, as well as sacrificing many thousands of trees, which are sacred to us.  We feel that the impact on both ourselves and to Endor itself would be too great for us to support a development of this type.  While we appreciate the Chancellorís desire to create economic opportunities in this area, we do not believe this plan is the right one for us.

Sava Tuya, a representative for Chancellor Palpatine, stated that while they understand the Ewoks concerns, any development plan would have as little environmental impact as possible, and that every effort would be made to keep the Ewoks in their native area.  Tuya stressed the positive benefits of the plan, including the creation of 1,000 manufacturing and construction jobs over the 2-3 years needed to build the complex, as well as 250 permanent jobs once construction was complete.  An economic impact study commissioned by the Chancellor shows that up to 10 million credits a year could be brought into the area, with the revenue coming from gaming, recreation, and new tourism on Endor.

Next up for the Ewoks will be a trip to Coruscant by Princess Kneesaa, daughter of Ewok Chief Chirrpa.  While there, the Princess plans to increase support for the Ewok cause by meeting with a number of Senators sympathetic to their plight.  These include Senators Organna and Amidala, as well as members of the Wookie delegation eager to support their distant cousins.  For more information on these furry but fierce little creatures, please see next monthís article, So you want to be an Ewok.

Peace Keepers or Trained Assassins?  The Unveiling of the Mysterious Monks Part II (this interview is continued from the last issue)

~Rahi Taam~

In my final installment of my interview with Jedi Master Mace Windu, we find out more about the training and philosophies of our most famous Peace Keepers. 

How does the Council and the Jedi deal with the recent allegations of Corruption and Murder in your ranks?

The Official response is none at all.  If the Jedi or the Council felt that we had been corrupted, we would investigate and take care of the problem.  That being said, there are always those that wish to harm any institution, even one that dedicates itself to helping others.  Peace and Harmony are the greatest laws we live by.  We administer to those that others would ignore or rather hope to ignore.  Beings have themselves, their loved ones and their small worlds to contend with.  The Jedi deal with everyone as equally as possible.  No one is too important or too unimportant for us to help.  That is what sets us apart from many organizations.  That is also why our life is not an easy life
 to lead.  One has to dedicate oneself to others, give up all their worldly desires and replace it with a desire to help others.

So corruption would be virtually impossible in your opinion.

I would not say impossible.  Anything is possible given the right or wrong set of circumstances.  However, I will say that corruption and all the things that go with it are highly improbable.  Since it takes years of dedication and practice to make it as a Jedi Knight and even more to make it as a Jedi Master, the chances of someone turning to the
Darkside are so slim that it is not really needed to be thought about.

What about the Saber Slayer then?  Why use a Saber?  How would someone know how to use a saber?

I feel that the person or persons responsible for these murders wants to throw suspicion off of themselves by putting suspicion on the least likely suspects of all, the Jedi.  The person might have experience with a light saber for any number of reasons.  I have heard of private training facilities training in Jedi techniques as we are very much admired for our skill and stamina.  I would not recommend someone using a lightsaber without proper training but it is possible that someone has.

Are there Rogue Jedi?  Would a Jedi take justice into his or her own hands? 

A Jedi would never take the law into his or her own hands.  We hold the laws of nature and peace and harmony as sacred.  We would never do such a thing.  A rogue Jedi would have to disregard everything he loved and cherished about his life.  For someone to do that would be virtually impossible given their dedication to the life we lead.

We at the Coruscant Courier would like to thank the Jedi Council and Jedi Master Mace Windu for their time and energy for our multipart Jedi series.  Look for upcoming interviews with Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and Jedi Master Kit Fisto in our next few issues.


~Kahtya Millions and Lady Asta~

Whatís the real story behind Naboo Senator Jar Jar Binks recent hospitalization?  Representatives for Sen. Binks will only say that he was checked into the Cedar Mountain medical center for exhaustion.  However, there are other sources that say Binks has been fighting problems with alcohol and spice for the past two years.  The adjustment

to life on Coruscant and the stress of his new position have been cited as reasons for his problems.  Perhaps we will have more information once Sen. Binks is available for comment.  For now, we will wish him a speedy recovery.

Rumors are circulating that Senator Orn Free Ta might be in danger of losing his position due to the fact that he is a slave owner.  Ta, a Twilek, openly keeps other Twileks as his slaves.  They are often seen in his company at official events and in the Senate building.  Since slavery is outlawed in the Republic, this could be a key issue in the next election

GROWING UP JEDI:  What is it like to become a JEDI KNIGHT?  (Part I of our series)

~Kahtya Millions~

What a lucky woman I am to be able to be sitting in one of the most fun diners on all of Coruscant talking to one of the most entertaining up and coming Jedi Knights Obi Wan Kenobi.  As charming and eloquent as Obi Wan is, one must remember that he is a Jedi and therefore he too lives by the rules that we have come to expect in the generation before him.  How is it to be a young person and have to try and live by all those rules?  How is it to give up your whole life for the benefit of others?  Obi Wan was sweet enough to answer these and other questions for the next generation of Coruscant readers. 

How far are you in your training?  Weíll start off with the basics.

I am almost finished with my training.  I have completed all of my coursework and am assigned to my Jedi Master to finish up my training before I achieve my knighthood, which will hopefully be quite soon.  I feel I am ready to take the trials but only my master can make a recommendation to the Council about my Trials time.  Obi Wan answers.

Youíre obviously very handsome and active, how do you handle the quiet monastic life of the Jedi?  I ask delving into his private life.

It isnít quiet and monastic at all.  You make it seem as if we sit around and only contemplate the essence of the world.  We are incredibly active.  Instead of talking about solutions to galactic problems we are out there solving them.  Our agri corps grows food for the poor and needy.  We help deliver medicine to the sick.  We go out and help settle disputes before they turn into civil war and people get killed.  We make sure the government can do what they need to keep people healthy.  We are the solution makers.  He passionately replies about his work.

What about companionship for yourself in your life?  I had to know the answer to this one.

Companionship?  I assume you are talking about dating and relationships.  We, in the Jedi Order, are focused on higher goals.  Yes it would be nice once in a while to have a private relationship I suppose. However, as I speak for myself, and friends of mine, I just donít have time.  My work keeps me so busy I barely have time to grab a bite to eat and decent nights sleep sometimes.  A disappointing answer for me dear readers, to be sure.

So do you mean to tell me that Jedi never have relationships?  I ask more bluntly.

I didnít say they never have them.  I know I donít have time.  Most of the Jedi I know are the same way.  Whether they are Padawans or Knights or Masters, there is too much to do in a day and never enough time to do it.  He replied.

What would happen if you met someone you found yourself romantically attracted to?  I ask rephrasing my question.

It wouldnít happen.  Even if it did, like I have said before, I never have the time.  Having this dinner with you is the most free time I have had in three months.  He replied.

So you have never had a companion?  I know it was a bold question, but weíre all curious arenít we?

I think that is rather a personal question.  I will answer it the way I did before, I donít have time.  I got him in a corner here.

No Jedi Marry then?  Perhaps he will give me a different answer than Master Windu did.

No, Jedi do not marry.  It is a beautiful institution but we have so many other things to do we just canít afford to take the time off to go and get married.  We are married to our lifestyles.  He responds not budging on this point.

What about Padawans or Jedi dating each other?  Doesnít that happen?  I ask again trying to get our readers the true inside scoop.

It is forbidden by our rules.  They keep us busy and anyone who is thinking about dating doesnít have enough to do.  He laughs a bit at my question.  Canít blame a reporter for trying can we dear readers.  Then he leans in closer to me.  What about you?  Do reporters have time for companions?  Let me tell you that threw this reporter off to be sure.

Well, I thought this interview was with you?  I returned the question.

Now you know why my answer hasnít changed.  You, like me, are too busy to have any sort of time for someone besides your work in your life.  He smiled a smile that could truly warm up the Hoth System.

Growing up a Jedi did you find it hard to live without things that normal kids take for granted like vacations and family gatherings, and toys and money.  I asked switching my interviewing techniques to try and get him to open up more.

I travel a lot.  I still see my family.  Granted I do not see them like many people see their families, but I also donít have the problems with my family that I know my cousins and others I know have.  I respect and care for my parents.  I have a brother.  I just happen to have a gift with the Force.  I consider myself to be privileged to help others with
my gift.  If others tried to use their own Force given talents for the help of others, this Galaxy would be a lot better place.  He replied optimistically.

You donít feel that you missed out on anything in your childhood by
becoming a Jedi?  I asked.

Becoming a Jedi is a calling, it is what you are.  You no more choose it than you do what color eyes you have or what planet you are born on.  You either are a Jedi or you are not.  I was born a Jedi and I am proud of that.  He says.

With a heavy sigh I finish up my quick meal with the stunning young Jedi and am off to write my column.  While it is wonderful he is so dedicated, and no doubt the galaxy is safer with him in it, I still wish the rules were not so strict on companionship.  Thanks once again to the very charming Obi Wan Kenobi, and good luck with achieving his Jedi Knighthood soon.  The rest of the interview will be in Issue #5 of the Courier.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible. The beginning of the Summer time sees you sharper than the greatest blades.  You will be able to cut through all the red tape that people throw at you.  Your rapier wit will have them eating out of your hands.  The galaxy is yours, follow your instincts and you will not go wrong.  Go ahead and shine! Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  You can feel to the depths of the
oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow.  Let your feelings wash away the blues that you have been feeling since the spring started.  Let the waters of the summer storms tumble down on you and create a whole new you.  Perhaps a new look or new clothes or a change of house would do you well.  Take a long needed rest.  Whatever you do, just remember to clear away the old for good.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees.  You know how to see and listen without causing too many rustling leaves. The Summer warms you to your roots and feels so good.  Stretch your leaves to the heavens and breathe in deeply.  Awaken your senses to the beauty of the world around you.  Soak up the warmth of your sun(s), bask in the glow of a moon or two, play in the morning dew.  Just look around and
see how good everything is.  It is a time to join with your Earth friends and play. 

Fire - If your birth Year ends in 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  After all that passion from last month you need to catch your breath.  Everything is warm and ripe for the season.  You just need to make sure you have everything lined up for a fun summer.  If you make your plans, you will be able to get out and do whatever you like.  After your plans are carefully laid down, you can just take it easy and have the most fun roasting marshmallows this summer.  Donít get too gooey!

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded.  As the flowers all come into bloom at this time you can really appreciate the effort that you had put into planting earlier this Spring.  Everythingís coming up roses for you.  Follow your favorites and enjoy the Summer.  This is going to be a nice happy place for you this Summer.  It is a nice relief after the hard Winter you just went through.  You can just feel yourself sighing with relief.  Smile and the rest of the world will smile with you.


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