Issue #5


CLONING-WHAT IS IT & IS IT RIGHT (Part I)? An article with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine

~Rahi Taam~

What is a Clone and when was it developed?

A clone is a process developed centuries ago when humans were still on the Planet Earth. It is where the cells are taken from a living being and reproduced in a laboratory and an exact duplicate is made of the donor of the cells. Originally the process was developed to increase production of animals and plants to help feed the ever expanding population of the Earth. However, soon there became other uses developed for the ever evolving technology.

Soon after the development of the technology the humans developed the ability to clone pets (beloved companion animals). This was done so that they could perpetuate their animalís life indefinitely. It was found that the animals dispositions did not change and they were identical to their donors. Soon, the technology was tried on humans.

Why is cloning considered on optimal choice?

Why is human cloning superior to droids? Plain and simple, Clones are humans that are easily trainable and manageable. They can be reproduced by the thousands with the right technology and facilities. This makes it easy to make them and they do not break down as easily as droids. They do not require the same maintenance as droids do. They can easily be mobile and survive on the move.

What are clones used for?

Clones are used for the Clone army. Fortunately or Unfortunately the Republic has not needed an army for centuries. This has left the Republic weak and open to a problem should another army be developed by an enemy. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds Led by the Evil Count Dooku has developed a druid army which is quite large.

Why do we have a clone army now?

We have one now because a forward thinking Jedi ordered an army to be made in secret in case something of this nature might happen. Perhaps he had a vision of such a need. The Force works in mysterious ways. We can only use the clone army to help defeat the druid army and restore peace to the Galaxy.

Are we in a war?

Yes and no. I would not use the word War at all. War would mean that the Republic could not control the situations that are arising. We are relying on the Jedi to keep the Peace that they have kept for 1000 years. Certainly, we are experiencing battles on planets throughout the galaxy trying to defeat the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, however, there is still no threat to the Republic at this time and no cause for alarm. This is exactly why we have the clones and need the clones at this time. We do not want to call on the free peoples of our Great Republic. We want them to know they are safe with the Jedi protecting them.

In Part II of our Discussion on Cloning we talk about the Ethical Discussions on cloning both with religious people and people on the street.

The Unveiling of the Mysterious Monks

Part III

~Rahi Taam~

Firstly, I would like to thank Master Jedi Luminara Unduli for granting me an interview with both herself and her Padawan Bariss Offee.

"As a Woman Master Unduli and Padawan Offee have you found that the Jedi treat you differently or that others perceive you differently?"

"I would like answer it first if I may Master," Padawan Offee asked. Master Unduli politely gave permission. "I find that within the order that no we are all treated equally, however, we females do tend to go into more intuitive arts than many of the men. I know it may be stereotypical but many men are still taught by society to not be in touch with their intuitions, with their healing sides. I went into the healing arts and they are still surprisingly more female than male. However, the negotiating tables are equal and the fighting tables are relatively equal. The higher up you go in fighting categories though the fewer females there are. Many females like a balance between negotiations and aggression."

"I will agree with my Padawan. I will also say that many women or females tend to be trained by females. As the men do not feel that they often can relate as well to a female student. I think it is difficult to understand gender differences. It is difficult to understand cultural differences. Some Jedi Masters do it very well and some do not. It depends on the Master and his or her training. Masters are matched to their abilities to a Padawan that needs them. Sometimes it works out. That is why we have separate council that helps make those decisions. It is important for each learner to get the most from their education hear at the temple."

"You are both Mirialani, does that help your bond as Padawan and Master?"

"Actually yes I believe it does." Master Unduli replied.

"Yes, Master Unduli truly understands my culture, what I have gone through what my needs are. I am very fortunate to have her as my Master. Not all Padawan can have such luck with the Force on their side. All Masters are good for you but I am exceptionally fortunate." Padawan Offee said.

"Are there any advantages to being a female in the Jedi over being a male?"

"Most definitely there are benefits." Master Unduli replied. "As my Padawan mentioned as we are female in many star systems we are underestimated so we are able to move around more undetected and considered much less of a threat than our male counterparts. We are also considered more soothing in certain situations than our male counterparts. A female can have some very calming affects on a situation depending on where in the galaxy we are sent."

"Also, with my healing abilities I am sent into battle a lot to fight and to help heal. Healers are needed more than fighters all the time. It is important to find balance in the Force and it is important to realize that the Jedi do not just fight enemies, we still heal them. We heal all sides to provide balance and keep the Universe moving smoothly." Padawan Offee replied.

"You can tell she is almost ready to graduate." Master Unduli smiled with pride at her Padawan.

The writer would like to thank her very much for the time that the Jedi gave. The last installment of the Mysterious Monk Series with Jedi Masters Kit Fisto and Plo Koon will be included in Issue #7 of the Coruscant Courier.

So you want to be an EwokÖ

~Rahi Taam and Lady Asta~

With the Ewoks of Endor being in the news so much recently, we knew that many of our readers would have questions about these mysterious creatures rarely seen off their homeland. The following information should get all of our readers up to date on these mysterious creatures.

Ewoks are actually related, albeit distantly to the Wookie clans. While they may look like cute little teddy bears they really are a strong race of folk. They have strong beliefs and live in close knit family dwellings. They are friendly and environmentally aware. Unlike many "primitive" groups of people the Ewoks are trying to break apart from their roots and become more active in the "Modern Republic".

Endor is a small moon orbiting a lifeless planet in the Moddell sector. It is relatively isolated due to its location and the large gravity well surrounding the planet nearby. A small trading post operated by the Republic is the Ewoksí main connection to the outside world. The Ewoks are the largest group of inhabitants on Endor. They measure approximately 1 meter (3 feet in aw measurement) high. Their build is stocky, and they are covered with thick, soft fur. Their technology level is rather primitive compared to our standards, but they are inquisitive and learn quickly. Ewoks primarily live in villages built high in the trees in the forest, coming to the forest floor at night to hunt. Ewoks live in tribes, with a Council of Elders headed by a Chief ruling each tribe. Chief Chirrpa is head of the Ewok tribe leading the protest against Chancellor Palpatineís development proposal.

Ewoks live in close-knit, family-centered communities. Families live together for life, and few venture far from their parents. Young Ewoks, called Woklings, spend most of their early life learning the rituals and legends of their people. When a young female reaches maturity, this life event is marked with a ritual called the Festival of the Hoods. Unmarried males often spend a long time in isolation in the forest before building their own home and starting a family.

The Ewoks are very spiritual people, and live closely with nature. They believe that they are descended from the sacred Great Tree, where all life begins. Ewok legend says that the Tree of Light controls the life energy of the forests. Trees hold the souls of their ancestors, and a tree is planted for each Ewok child born. This special "soul tree" and its corresponding Ewok share a special spiritual bond throughout their lives. Ewoks are polytheistic, worshipping a number of nature oriented deities that control the elements and seasons. Highly skilled shamans can call upon these spirits for special favors if needed.

We even have a primer of Ewok Language for you:



Thank You


Come Here

















Yut ehda



What's Going On?

Kush drojh



What's that?

Kush jeeks?

Ewok warcry

Dangar Ewok!



Be careful/lookout


GROWING UP JEDI: What is it like to become a JEDI KNIGHT? (Part II of our series) With Obi Wan Kenobi

~Kahtya Millions~

Putting personal lives aside, tell me about your training. Was it hard to go through training when other kids played with their toys?

"Well, this is a difficult question. We had toys but not in the same sense as other kids I suppose. They all taught us things. They taught us about science and the ways of the Universe. We learned how to use our Force gifts when we were babies from the Jedi.

Did you even have toys?

"Yes we did have toys. My favorite one was replica ships that I could build myself. Then I went on to building ones that flew then I went on to building real ships."

What kind of games and toys did you have?

"Aside from the ships, I had volcanoes that would really erupt, models of the galaxy, different planetary systems with different atmospheres. We learned gardening and that kind of thing growing up. We had a lot of connections with nature and natural elements. We are not focused on gaining things, so we had things that taught us about the world we live in.

What kinds of memories or mementos are you allowed if you are not allowed sentimental value?

"We are not really taught to place sentimental value on anything but I have plenty of fond memories. Mostly I have memories of people. I am most sentimental about my fellow Padawan and I learning in classes, struggling through tests, learning from our Masters and waiting for the day when we would be apprenticed. Those are what I keep in my heart and soul, always.

What was it like being separated from your family?

"By asking that question you are insinuating that by being separated you seem to think the Jedi are ogres. We see our families. Being a Jedi is a path we choose. It is something we must choose. We must train. It is important to train here. Our families know that. They are proud of us. My family sent me things."

Do you still get to see your family?

"I see them as I can. Being a Jedi is like being a senator. You do not lead a normal lifestyle. You may want to pick up and just go home but you have responsibilities."

What was it like having to go on dangerous missions when you were so young?

"It was amazing, thrilling. I wish I could have gone on more. My master thought I was reckless. I always jumped in with both feet. I have no regrets."

Did you have a hard time getting into the Jedi ranks?

"I will it was very difficult. I was what you call a mediocre student. I had the Force abilities and I am smart but sitting down and doing my work and following rules, not for me."

How was studying? Is Jedi School different than other school?

"Studying was the hardest chore in the world. Jedi School is very hard because you live with your teachers. You canít pretend you didnít have time for your homework or didnít understand it. They are all right here."

What about College/University? How do you further yourself in the Jedi Order?

"Yes you can go to a sort of Jedi University. There is further education within the Jedi Order. As I am not the best student I chose to do field work and work my way up through the Order that way. Many, especially the healers like Barriss Offee, do have to study a lot more. I do not envy them. I admire what they can do they are amazing. I just hope I can assist them as much as they assist me.

What was it like working under a Jedi Master? What kind of tasks do they have you do?

"It is an amazing thing. As a Padawan you dream of the day that you get to be assigned to your very own Master. I was so incredibly proud the day I was assigned to Qui Gon Jinn. He was so legendary I did not think it was possible to get a Master much less someone such as himself. He was no longer taking on Padawan. Some Masters do feel they can better serve the Order by not taking on Padawan. Not everyone is a good teacher. He was the best teacher anyone could ask for in a Master. He was patient and understanding. He could put up with my tantrums and he helped me through my difficult years. All children grow and stretch their boundaries. He let me explore mine even if I broke a thousand rules of the Jedi. He let me make my own mistakes and unlike I am sure many Masters let me learn from them without lecturing too much. He knew I was harder on myself than he would ever be. I had very high expectations on me. I had someone who believed in me besides myself, and all of us, including my Master would not let me forget my destiny of becoming the best Knight I could be."

How could someone who is older get into being a Jedi if they wanted? Is that even a possibility?

"It is difficult. An exception to the rules would have to be made. I suppose it could be. I am not sure how it would work. That is a better question for Master Windu I would suspect. He knows about these things. However, I would think it difficult because the discipline of the Force is important. We are taught that our whole lives. We are taught the code, we live the life of the Jedi. However, someone who is older would have a difficult transition to that. There are Jedi that have done it though, historically speaking that is. So I imagine it is possible in theory.

In our next issue, read about Growing up Jedi: a femaleís perspective with Bariss Offee.


~Kahtya Millions~

The New Pleasure Planet System

The Pleasure Planets North of Coruscant have decided to band together into the New Pleasure Planet Guild or System. They are a group of planets dedicated to show everyone a really good time. There is something here for everyone. From families to adults, this is the place to vacation. Each Planet specializes in a theme so that you can choose which one is best suited to what you would like to do with your time.

The first Planet of the system we will feature is Persa. We are interviewing Broos a young Suhli who is just starting his own security business here.

"I Suppose you are wondering why we are asking you questions instead of the big club owners?"

"The thought had crossed my mind." He answers good naturedly. Broos even looks scary at 7 feet 6 and blue and furry but he is highly intelligent and well schooled. I would not underestimate him.

"Well, I figure since you are in charge of security you could give us an overview of whatís available and what is good on the planet. More of a regular personís view instead of a sales pitch."

"Ok, that sounds like a fair assumption. There are many clubs here. This planet is for adults. There are gambling casinos, there are nightclubs, dance clubs, dinner clubs, supper clubs, fancy hotels, spas, villas on the lush beaches and more. It is a very nice place. Because it all caters to tourism there is not much of a local life here. There is a lot of security so the tourists do not have to worry about theft or worse. They are punished quite severly and then banned from the planet. I tell you I would not want to be a thief caught on this planet.

"You run a security company what kind of people do you hire?"

"As you may or may not know the Suhli home world has been ravaged by war. Since we are quite large, larger than Wookies, humans tend to be quite frightened of us. Even though we are well educated and advanced that does not change humans prejudices so it is difficult for us to go places and find work. We need to live and feed our families. So I hire Suhlies to do security. Weíre quite intimidating and many of the club owners like security you can see."

"Are there places you recommend?"

Oh yes, believe it or not, we Suhlies live a very good life here. There is wonderful weather. Wonderful housing and the clubs and shopping are great. The clubs and hotels are all brand new. The owners really want it to remain top of the line so they reinvest into the clubs and pay top dollar to all the workers. There arenít the abuses you see on other planets. They also donít cheat the customers or charge to high for their items. I would recommend the Golden Sunrise Hotel it has beautiful views of the ocean. There are two spas that are wonderful, Quiet Heart and Healing Waters. All the Nightclubs are great couldnít recommend just one. I have even been known on my off days to frequent them and dance a few nights away.

"What about restaurants?"

"The restaurants are the best! What food do you like? They have food from all over the galaxy. They are opening new restaurants all the time. I have tried a lot of things I never knew existed. I am personally excited because being a Suhli we eat rather plain food. So this is the most fun I have had living here."

"Thank you very much for your help and what is your Security firmís name?"

"Blue Aegis Patrol is our company. There are a few others, but we really are the best."

Thank you to Broos and the Blue Aegis Patrol for their help with our article on the new Pleasure Planet Persa.


Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible.  You are working too hard now. Your blade is now dull. It is time to recoup your losses and rest. You will rust if lay dormant too long but you donít want to break in half either. A good balance between work and play is what you need now.

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  You can feel to the depths of the oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow.  You feel the cold growing in the seasons and the crispness in the air. Do not let ice form in youíre your rivers veins. Keep moving. Keep in contact with your friends and family. You need to keep active at this time in order to feel as if you donít become stagnant. The change in seasons can be great and motivational or you can incur many blockages. You are the one that can keep you path clear. Be active and flow.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees.  You know how to see and listen without causing too many rustling leaves. Normally this is the time for rest and quiet contemplation for you. Take time to do this but also take time to enjoy quiet times with close family and friends. Large gatherings may not be your scene by a quiet night by the fire might warm your roots. Remember those roots are important for the upcoming Holiday season.

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Your passions can get you into trouble. Sometimes it is better to count to 10 than to say what is on your mind. The key to negation is not always aggressive negotiation. I know you always get what you want. That is the nature of Fire, but now is not the time to push peopleís buttons. Perhaps give it a rest and try to negotiate deals that are best for everyone in the long run. It will make your life much easier later.

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. Usually cautious and practical you donít like to cause waves. However, when you are right you are right. Do not be stubborn but also do not sell your self short. You are valuable to everyone and remember that. You are in a good spot for negotiations. Your time for family and friends is now.

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