Issue #6


Saber Slayer Caught!

~Rahi Taam~

Ms. Kah Li an attachť to the Senate has finally been apprehended in connection to the infamous Saber Slayings.  While not formally charged as of yet, the charges are expected to be decided upon after a tribunal, headed by Imperial Chancellor Palpatine, makes its decision later this week; after sifting through the paperwork and findings of the ongoing Jedi investigation.

The investigation went on for several years as a joint venture between the Healer's Guild and the Jedi Council. The findings could finally be brought to light and the
criminal could finally be brought to justice after a great deal of effort.  When arrested last
month at her office, located next to the Imperial Chancellorís office, Ms. Li stated that she was sure that she would be cleared of all charges and that this was just some terrible misunderstanding and a miscarriage of justice.

In an exclusive interview with the Courier Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn and now Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi (who was still a Padawan Learner when the investigation
started) were finally able to bring Ms. Kah Li to justice.

"It is quite satisfying to finally see something like this come to completion."  Master Jinn stated.  "Without the extensive forensic work of Master Healer Ynana Kidul we might not have been able to identify all the intricacies involved with these heinous murders over the years.  The perpetrator always seemed to be one step ahead of us, we feel, now in retrospect because of her access to much of the same information we had."

"Also, some of the more seemingly random pattern of the murders made it difficult to track the murderer at times.  It was difficult to establish a clear motive at times and often Master Jinn and I had to split up and search out clues and track down leads when several victims showed up in different parts of the galaxy to throw off the investigation." Jedi Kenobi added.

"We will be reviewing all the evidence quite carefully."  The Imperial Chancellor said briefly in a statement to the press, as Ms. Li has worked out of his office for the past five years. She worked first as a junior senator and now as a special attachť to the Imperial Chancellorís office.  "It is of course a very serious accusation and we would hope that these charges are untrue of such a bright young mind. Perhaps she was just an unfortunate puppet of a more nefarious mind. We will pursue this as far as we need to go.  The true culprits behind this crime will not go unpunished."

For the Jedi, Master Jinn who has been on the case from the beginning as well as Jedi Kenobi, he is relieved that it was not a rogue Jedi. Master Windu, with whom the Courier spoke with months ago, also had a difficult time believing a Jedi could take a
life so callously.  It was discovered that these murders in fact went back much further than originally were suspected.  These murders could be linked to a slew of slayings in the Outer Rim that sparked more than a half dozen civil wars. If this is the case more than just a death penalty would need to be pursued.  The Tribunal is looking to see who hired Ms. Li to start these Civil Wars and to lead to such chaos in our peaceful

"If such a set of slayings was contracted for the sake of causing the downfall of certain governments to negotiate certain current affairs and Republic politics we are looking at a much more serious situation."  Master Jinn stated.

"It could prove to be disastrous for our attempts at conflict resolution with the banking clans of Muunilist and the Separatist Movement." Jedi Kenobi stated.  Kenobi who has been working closing with the Banking Community on Muunilist to try and find a peaceful resolution to the current conflicts knows first hand the difficulties of the negotiating table as he has been working there the past six months.

Only time and the Tribunal will be able to sort through the rest of this mystery. The Fate of this is in the fully capable hands of our Imperial Chancellor and his advisors now.

Final Chapter in Unveiling the Mysterious Monks

~Rahi Taam~

In our final discussion of the Jedi we will be discussing the different experiences of Jedi who are non-human species. Thank you to Jedi Master Kit Fisto, a Nautolan from Glee Anselm and Jedi Master Saesee Tiin an Ikotchi from the planet Ikotch. We are especially grateful to Master Tiin for being able to fill in for Jedi Master Plo Koon who was called away on assignment right before the interview to deal with a Separatist insurgence.

"Was it an advantage being non-human and a Jedi?"

"Being a Jedi has nothing to do with being human or not human. Working within the Force just is." Master Tiin answered.

"I think this is a difficult question to answer for us as we can be nothing but what we are. For instance you canít ask a Daffodil what it is to be a Lotus Blossom any more than you can ask a Lotus Blossom what it is like to be a Rose. All have qualities of being flowers, yet, all are unique." Master Kit tried to elaborate for this reporter. "However, being an alien in an often human majority can have both an upside and a downside. Some humans do not understand different races and close their minds to possibilities. Some humans are fascinated. Some are frightened. Some wish to learn more. It all depends on the human. Also the non-human or alien as many humans still call us often have special abilities that enable us to function better in different situations."

"In what situations would you say that being non-human has helped your Jedi studies?"

"I have been able to use my abilities to further my training and to work more with the Council. I have been able to give my complete attention to my work and focus my energy as many humans do get distracted." Master Tiin replied.

"My esteemed colleague is far too modest." Master Fisto continued. "He is incredibly talented. He is one of our valued Jedi Council members. He sits on many committees and he is highly valuable at a variety of negotiations. Furthermore he is a master with great mechanical abilities. He can use the Force to navigate through space without use of navi computers, space maps or any such help, me I would be lost rather quickly. He is incredible with people and can read them before they know quite themselves what they are trying to say."

"I didnít think you could do that."

"If you are talented enough you can. Me, I am just a thrill seeker, sometimes. I do find that as a benefit though. My Nautolan nature helps me do things that even human Jedi would not do and most Jedi do not know fear by human standards. For instance, I took care of a small Fire Kraken problem for the Jedi that were a problem on a world that shall remain nameless. It was a difficulty for the people of that world to settle and farm it though and even the Jedi did not know what to do. I volunteered to help. Due to my natural water abilities I also am able to help train our water troops for our current difficulties. This helps us be prepared no matter what climate we may have to go into." Master Fisto said in a more serious tone. "This protects peoples that may not have that protection otherwise. It is the weak and under protected that we Jedi fight for most."

"Was it difficult to be raised in the Temple or were you accepted as equals?"

"I think all children find differences in themselves to see where they fit in the Galaxy. However, as Jedi we are taught that we are part of a greater whole. We are not human vs alien. There are no adversarial boundaries put up. We are all just each other as is. It is this bond with each other that allow us to work together for the betterment of our society. We do not see ourselves as any different than our human counterparts. Furthermore, due to our unique abilities, sometimes we are better suited to some situations than our human counterparts. However, that is what growing up and living in a Republic is all about, getting along." Master Fisto said.

"Do you find it more or less difficult to fight for the Republic? Do they fight for your people or only for humans?"

"We Jedi protect and serve all within the Republic, we make no distinction. We do not specialize due to someoneís pocketbook or someoneís alliance. We are here to serve. We are here to give those an equal voice in the Republic. There are those who would take that right away from our citizens, we are here to see to it that it doesnít happen. We are the Defenders of Peace and Justice in the Galaxy." Master Fisto said.

"We have been here for over a thousand years, it is our primary mission." Master Tiin reinforced Master Fistoís words with a strong conviction.

The writer would like to again thank all the Jedi at the Jedi Temple and the Jedi Council for their time and the ability to interview them for the Courier it has been a truly eye opening experience.

Where in the Galaxy

~Kahtya Millions~

Springtime is a time for new things and romance! The newly formed Pleasure Planet Guild has a planet to start a new romance or rekindle an old flame. The newly named and formed planet of Erotissimo is the place to be romantic. Opened officially on the Earth holiday of St. Valentineís day it is truly a loverís paradise. Full of Spa experiences, wonderful hotels, and other things, this reporter was given a full tour of the signature hotel on Erotissimo, Delectation.

The grounds are incredibly sculpted and the inside of the hotel is even better. It is filled with tons of artwork and imported marble from Corellia and beyond. The Security on this planet is not less impressive than that on the other Pleasure planets. All the rooms feature water features, silken sheets and the ultimate in the latest luxuries. Some rooms get even more upscale depending on your pocketbook.

My host was kind enough to show me the rooms that only the highest of elite circles can afford, complete with Marble Pool sized bathtubs, views of the mountains or the ocean, and gold faucets. The Courier does not pay for such rooms but one did have to ask her editor if she could try, even one night would not be allowed on my salary.

Extra bonus touches that can be bought are spa treatments in your room, flowers from anywhere in this galaxy, a personal chef in your room, concierge service at any time night or day, hand made candies of any type from several candy makers on the planet, and custom designed jewelry for that special someone in your life.

Yes readers the ultimate in pampering for you and your loved one is here on Erotissimo. Anything you may desire can be found here. I rate this a Five Star out of Five Experience!

Eyes on the Starz/Where in the Galaxy Combined Featurette

~Lady Asta and Bamberri~

Opening of the Hotel Keltica on the Pleasure Planet Persa was the place to be this St. Patrickís day. The ancient Earth Festival of St. Patrickís Day that celebrated being of Irish descent and eventually just being of Celtic descent in general has made it to a themed Hotel on the Pleasure Planet of Persa. Run by a young new entrepreneur named Ben Stone and co-owner Padraig McLyr, it has two restaurants, the Hibernian Cafe and the Tara Restaurant, Two cozy pubs The Hebrides Pub and The Pendragon Pub and the signature Highlander Club. The Hotel sports one of the most innovative designs on all the Pleasure Planets with an almost entirely organic structure and an entirely traditional Celtic feel. The owners wanted to celebrate their Earth nationalities and have plans to expand even further as the clubs and hotel become even more popular. In addition, they have one of the best security forces in the entire Pleasure Planet System having hired the Suhli Security Company exclusively making this not only one of the most unique experiences but one of the safest places in the Galaxy to vacation. Even other Pleasure Planet companies want to see what their secrets are. The Courier was able to obtain some of these the hottest tickets for their exclusive tickets to their star studded opening. The hotel itself with itís natural feel and authentic Celtic design rates a minimum of 4 stars while the incredible security and service and restaurants easily get its rating a five star out of five!!

What a star filled night it was! While Bamberri was off touring the hotel with our lusciously handsome young co-owner Ben Stone, I was busy checking out opening night at the Hibernian Pub. Dreamboat actor Rob Tipton was the master of ceremonies, decked out in a traditional Celtic costume. Now that Robís single again (more on what sheís up to later), he attracted plenty of attention, leaving all the ladies at the opening to speculate what really is on under that kilt! Also in attendance were actresses Kirah Tawne and Rela Sideau, singer Maru Yenag, twin models Cera and Pera Couloni, and painter Ravis. The Bands Toucan, Antrim, and Black Dubh played, bringing their own modern twist to some of the traditional music heard that night.

Although Senator Bail Organa was called away on last minute business with Imperial Chancellor Palpatine, his table was occupied by the exotic, much sought after and beautiful Princess Jin Su Dragonstar and Bailís frequent companion, the beautiful Master Healer Ynana Kidul. The two women attracted a lot of attention of their own kind. The princess had a one of a kind designer original Celtic themed velvet gown that was rumored to be hand sewn for the event just for her, and Master Kidul had a themed outfit fit for a princess or a queen as she was decked out in an emerald satin gown with emeralds and diamonds. Glittering jewels of the pub that required the full attention of security and their own personal body guard in the form of the other gorgeous club co-owner Padraig McLyr for the entire evening. Itís a tough job, but someone had to do it!

The Princess and Master Healer were not to be outdone on the second night either as they seemed to be as much of an attraction as the clubs and pubs of this new hotel. Many of the men, famous or not, tried to gain an audience with the two women. Master Kidul the second night chose to go for sapphires and diamonds with deep blue satin for her gown. The Princess who entertained more than her fair share of the men (and rumor has it dear readers that Rob Tipton is entirely smitten with the Princess, another in her long line of would be suitors) was decked out in the traditional hunter green of the Celtic lands with intricate woven patterns woven into both gowns from Friday and Saturday. The Princess seemed to enjoy the company of co-owner young Ben Stone quite a bit. Does this mean the end of her time with Senator Organa and his nephew Dr. Alexander Organa?

The second night also saw more stars come out to see the opening of these new pubs and club at the Keltica Hotel. It saw the opening of the Highlander Club, attended by none other than Troy Paris, Robís co-star in the upcoming movie Warrior Unleashed, and his friends, the dynamic duo, actor Ian Sharpe and artist/writer Fyn Randers. Not to be outdone the women always seem to glitter at these events with such beauties as actresses Neve Starling, Kitty Parker, and Siobhan Crawford. Siobhan had on a huge ruby and diamond ring - a present from her long time love, Tisa Graves. Perhaps we will hear wedding bells for the two of them soon!

If the hotel, restaurants, pubs and club of the Hotel Keltica can keep attracting such big name guests, it will be quite a success indeed!

For those of you wondering how Rob Tiptonís ex-girlfriend, dancer Anya Fugen, has been doing, she was spotted with her new love, actor Didier Camille, at Coruscantís new nightclub, Bailar. They spent lots of time dancing, and hiding up in the VIP lounge cuddling between songs. Nice to see Anyaís back after her rough breakup from Rob!

Also at the club that night was model Nema, but only briefly. Word is that she was coming in the VIP entrance when she spotted another woman wearing the exact same dress! Nema dashed out the back way to avoid the photographers, and wound up at a different club across town. Maybe next time you should just bring an extra dress and save yourself all that trouble Nema.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible.  You need to allow yourself to shine as brightly as you can.  Finding the Gold at the end of the Leprechauns Rainbow was no problem for you! Be sure to invest if wisely or it will surely become a foolís gold and folly and April Showers will become a downpour of bad luck. However, if you do invest wisely you will be looking at May Flowers in bloom soon!

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  You can feel to the depths of the oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow.  Flow with the currents and you will move around any boulders that come in your way. Fail to flow and the boulders will cause a dam and block your ability to move. Try to see around any thing that seems bigger than it is. Remember the oceans can break free of anything over time. You just have to let them.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees.  You know how to see and listen without causing too many rustling leaves. As the winter finally dissolves away and you feel the warmth of the sun reach out and connect to the greater good. Invest your time now into planting new seeds such as family or new projects. They will blossom and take root in the months ahead.

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Only donít burn yourself out of house and home. Learn to listen to others hopes and fears as well as your own. We all know how impatient you are to break free of the bonds of the winter, but stay in for a bit longer and soon your time to burst through the clouds will be here and the time of your Sun will be upon us. Just a few more months of rest and relaxation are important. Now is the time for you to be supportive.

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. Time to kick the dust off your heels and SPRING CLEAN your world. Re-organize and open up your house. Check off those things youíve been meaning to do and do them. You will be glad you did and you will have a renewed sense of self. Hook up with Fire and/or Wood friends and family to really get things done completely!

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