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Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Released: Spring 2002
Company: LucasArts
Addictiveness: 5-6 months
Compatible: PC, Xbox, and Gamecube


It was the year 2001, and LucasArts was in a good place. With the profits of TPM games, what better time to expanded the Jedi Knight series, most people probably were thinking. Well, apparently so were the good people at LucasArts and Raven Software, because in 2001 they announced Jedi Knight II: Jed Outcast. A sequel to the 1997 hit Jedi Knight (and its expansion, Mysteries Of The Sith.), the game was destined to be something special. In fact, its official site was actually one of the best and most updated LucasArts had to offer back then. Since that time a sequel was released, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and talks of a Jedi Knight 4 are now becoming more and more frequent as 2008 approaches.

Romantic Sub-plots and kick butt action makes my day:

In 2001 I didn't care much for romance in Star Wars; after all, it's called Star Wars. My mind would change, however, when Jedi Knight II introduced the love story of Jan and Kyle. Though still not complete, the love story was essential to the overlying plot and theme-protect the ones you love. What made the game even more fun, of course, was its ability transform from a blaster fighting game to a button mashing, high-flying, lightsaber dueling game. The graphics, using a Quake 2 Arena engine, were nothing to bat your eyelashes at either. 

After playing the game for its 5th anniversary last March, I realized that the game, while not the best of the saga, was certainly a great game in its own right. A well put together and followed plot, awesome action, and graphics made the game my favorite of '02, and certainly is still in my top 10. If you haven't bought it already, go get the Best Of PC pack from LucasArts or buy it from their store, or even Amazon; it's a game you don't want to miss out on. 

SOS' Rating: 4 Shiny Blue Lightsabers of out 5

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