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I am trying to put together a comprehensive list of official web sites for people who have either stared in, or have been involved with Star Wars. Please help me locate these official sites so that we can provide other fans a "One Stop Shop" for finding people involved with Star Wars. Please send the links to official site links. Thank you for your help and contribution to Galactic Voyage! Together, we can make Galactic Voyage one of the best fan sites on the Net.

Jedi Power

Now on with the sites...

Star Wars Characters

Admiral Motti (Episode IV)- Richard LeParmentier

Admiral Ozzel (Episode V)- The Official Michael Sheard Site

Aurra Sing-Bounty Hunter (Episode II)- Michonne Bourriague's Official Website

Barriss Offee-Jedi Apprentice (Episode II)- Nalini Krishan

Biggs Darklighter (Episode IV)- Garrick Hagon

 Boba Fett- The Boba Fett Fan Club (Site no longer available)

C-3PO- The Official Anthony Daniels Web Site

Chewbacca- Peter Mayhew

Count Dooku- The Official Christopher Lee Web

Darth Maul- The Official Ray Park Website

Darth Vader- The Official Dave Prowse Website


Jar Jar Binks- Ahmed Best

Jawa that shot R2-D2 (Episode IV)- Hal Wamsley Official Website

Luke Skywalker- International Mark Hamill Fan Club

Luminara Unduli-Jedi Master (Episode II & Episode III)- Mary Oyaya

Mara Jade- The Official Shannon McRandle Web Site

Nien Nunb (Episode VI)- Mike Quinn's OFFICIAL Website

Princess Leia- The Official Carrie Fisher Website

R2-D2- Kenny Baker's Official Website

Retah the Ewok (Episode VI)- The Worlds of FeLiX SiLLa

Rystall (Episode VI)- Mercedes Ngoh Official Website

Sabé the Queen's handmaiden (Episode I)-

Tessek or "Squid Head" and the Mon Calamari Officer (Episode VI)- Gerald Home

Tusken Raider and Choreographer- Peter Diamond

Uncle Owen (Episode IV)- Phil Brown Official Website

Wicket the Ewok (Episode VI)- The Official Warwick Davis Web Site

 X-wing Pilot Red 12 (Episode IV)- John Chapman (Site no longer active)


Others involved with Star Wars

Composer of the Star Wars music- John Williams

Star Wars Conceptual Artist, Designer- The Art of Ralph McQuarrie

Design Director for the Star Wars Prequels- Doug Chiang

Concept Design Supervisor for Episode II & III- Ryan Church

Star Wars Artist- Drew Struzan

Star Wars Artist- Joe Corroney

Star Wars Artist- Matt Busch

Star Wars Artist- Thomas Hodges

Star Wars Writer- Aaron Allston

Star Wars Writer- Bill Smith

Star Wars Writer- Kathy Tyers