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Commerce Guild Support Ship

Craft: Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. and 
Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps
Recusant-class Light Destroyer
Type: Light Destroyer
Length: 1,187 Meters
11 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
5 Turbolaser Cannons
30 Dual Laser Cannons
12 Dual Light Laser Cannons
60 Point-Defense Laser Cannons
Crew: 300
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 40,000 Deactivated Battle Droids
Cargo Capacity: 10,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: 3,000

The galaxy's lack of a standing navy served to encourage the creation of sizable private fleets by those entities wealthy enough to forge them: the commerce guilds. When Count Dooku consolidated the leading corporate interests into the Confederacy of Independent Systems, he found at his command an immense war machine ready to spread conflict across the galaxy. The skeletal Commerce Guild support ship was just one of many warships donated to the cause.

The treaty that created the Confederacy of Independent Systems strengthened the working relationships of the main industrial titans in the Separatist movement. Using the materiel resources of the Commerce Guild, the Techno Union began mass-producing capital ships for use on the frontlines. Though the ship would bear the name of a Commerce Guild support ship, it is more aptly called a Confederacy vessel.

The Recusant-class destroyer was typical of the Separatist starship development program. Relatively inexpensive to construct, the support destroyers are often unleashed in groups, harrowing individual Republic Star Destroyers in teams of four to six. It is heavily armed for its size. It features a bottom-mounted heavy turbolaser at its prow, four heavy turbolaser cannons, six heavy turbolaser turrets, five turbolaser cannons, 30 dual laser cannons, 12 dual light laser cannons and 60 point-defense lasers.

The hull of the ship seems largely skeletal -- the thin areas of superstructure only support a small habitable volume given that the ship's crew mostly consists of battle droids. The ship can carry up to 40,000 deactivated battle droids in space-optimizing stowed format.

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