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Here is the entire soundtrack created especially for the TIE Fighter video game.

The game originally used MIDI files for the music which was comprised of computer sounds to make the music. Laserschwert has taken these files and enhanced them to sound like real instruments. 95% of each track is based solely on the game's MIDI files, composed by Michael Land, Clint Bajakian and Peter McConnell. The remaining 5% are little additions here and there.

They now sound really great! Enjoy!

Complete Soundtrack

01-TIE Fighter Logo
02-Main Theme and Introduction

03-Pilot Registration

04-Main Hangar

05-Tech Room

06-Training Pod

07-Film Room

08-Combat Chamber

09-Combat Chamber Briefing Map

10-Battle Selection

11-Briefing Map

12-Secret Order Briefing


14-Jump to Hyperspace



17-Medical Shuttle

18-Captured by Rebel Forces

19-Debriefing Success

20-Debriefing Failure

21-Secret Order Debriefing Success

22-Secret Order Debriefing Failure

23-Medal Award

24-Right Hand of the Emperor

25-Admiral Harkov and the Rebellion

26-A Message of Peace

27-Vice Admiral Thrawn

28-TIE Advanced Demonstration

29-Admiral Harkov's Demise

30-The Beam Weapon

31-A Servant of the Empire

32-Admiral Zaarin's Double Cross

33-TIE Defender Delivery

34-Grand Admiral Thrawn

35-Cloaking Device

36-The Endor Situation

37-Enemies of the Empire

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