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Shadows of the Empire Soundtrack

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In 1996 Joel McNeeley wrote a soundtrack to go with the stand-alone Expanded Universe novel, Shadows of the Empire. The book was the first of the Bantam Spectra series to depict events within the Trilogy's timespan, i.e., between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. All the other products, ranging from Hasbro's Kenner Star Wars action figures to Nintendo 64 cartridges, would use Perry's novel as a starting point and expand the story somewhat, sticking to the essentials of the story of the Falleen crime lord Prince Xizor's scheme to avenge his family's death after a bio-warfare experiment directed by Darth Vader results in a lab accident, forcing the Empire to sterilize part of Xizor's homeworld by Star Destroyer bombardment. Xizor plans to bring Vader down in the most painful manner -- by killing the young Jedi Knight-in-training named Luke Skywalker, the most dangerous threat to Emperor Palpatine...and Vader's son.

Here is a preview of the songs from the soundtrack.

1-Main Theme From Star Wars And Leia's Nightmare

2-The Battle Of Gall

3-Imperial City

4-Beggar's Canyon Chase

5-The Southern Underground

6-Xizor's Theme

7-The Seduction Of Princess Leia

8-Night Skies

9-Into The Sewers

10-The Destruction Of Xizor's Palace

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