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Seeds of Darkness Soundtrack

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Jason Graves created an original soundtrack for the fan film called Seeds of Darkness. It is a Dark time for the Republic. Senator Palpatine has declared himself Emperor and has begun to systematically eliminate the Jedi. However on a remote planet in the outer rim territory there is a lone Jedi Master who knows secrets about the Emperor and his resurrection of the Sith. The Emperor has foreseen that this Jedi could be his downfall.

A Sith Lord has been dispatched to destroy the fallen Jedi master before he has the chance to align himself with the lowly rebellion. The Rebels themselves have sent a Squadron including a young padawan named Mira Naolos in attempt to lure Master Rotal back to the "good side".

Here is a preview of the songs from the soundtrack.

01: Prologue

02: The Fleet and Adun's Assignment

03: Exploring and The Bounty Hunters Attack

04: Engage The Cloaking Device

05: Evasive Maneuvers

06: Adun Appears and The Ambush

07: Outmaneuver Them?

08: Tricks of the Dark Side

09: Fantsy Overture

10: The Face Off

11: The Sinister March

12: Zoilus' Defeat and Jump to Hyperspace

13: Master Rotal's Demise and Rescuing Mira

14: Finale and End Credits

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