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Revelations Soundtrack


Chris Bouchard created an original soundtrack for the fan film called Revelations. The destruction of the Jedi Temple is devastating. Accusing Separatists of the attack, Emperor Palpatine declares martial law on Coruscant. As the Imperial presence spreads to most systems, Palpatine calls the scattered Jedi order ineffective. Their protests are denounced as treason, and all Jedi are declared traitors and are now fugitives of the Empire.

Looking for a way to turn the tide in this battle, both the surviving Jedi and the Empire are looking for a mystical Jedi artifact said to give the bearer great power...

Here is a preview of the songs from the soundtrack.

01: Star Wars Revelations Opening Titles

02: Old Acquaintances

03: Corellia

04: Journey Through Coronet

05: Bounty Hunter Vision

06: Raux's Theme

07: The Chase

08: The Corellian Shipyards

09: Questions and Answers

10: Imperial Matters

11: The Emperor's Hand

12: Imperial Escort

13: Zhanna's Theme

14: Trust and Betrayal

15: Prison Planet of Keishing

16: The Holocron

17: Approaching Quarran III

18: Sukaal's Vision

19: Temple of the Seers

20: The Holocron Unlocked

21: Dangerous Negotiations

22: Choices

23: Escape from Quarran III

24: Reunions & Realizations

25: Fate of the Jedi

26: The Rebellion Begins

27: Credits Revelations Montage

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