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I.M.P.S. The Relentless Soundtrack

Chapter 1-Davenport Gateway


Andy Garfield created an original soundtrack for the fan film called I.M.P.S.: The Relentless. Join a patrol squad from the Imperial Urban Army on their final assignment for the day. Not a job for the light hearted, these hardened soldiers put their lives on the line as they clean up the dark streets and dangerous corridors of Davenport Gateway.

Here are the songs from Chapter 1.

01: Blacksheep Productions Logo

02: 2003 FX Reel Teaser/Audition

03: Intro/IMPS theme – Take One

04: Overture, Intro and Entry Into Davenport–Final-Version One

05: Teaser Music

06: Teaser Music

07: Overture, Intro and Entry Into Davenport–Final-Version Two

08: “Sloppiness Loses Lives”

09: “Did You Hear That?”

10: “Stop That Ship!”

11: Teaser Cue 03 & Epilogue

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