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Force Commander


Insights from Project Leader, Garry Gaber

When I started Force Commander, I knew that the genre we were entering had a certain style of music that didn't necessarily fit the mold of the previous Star Wars games we had produced as a company. When Peter McConnell and I first starting talking about Force Commander back in January, 1999, we both had ideas about how the music should sound. I wondered out loud, "is there anyway we can do something a little different with the classic Star Wars music?" And Peter, with a big smirk on his face replied, "As a matter of fact, I've been wanting to do that for a long time." So now what you have in your hands is one of the most original treatments of the Star Wars music from the Classic trilogy since John Williams first composed the pieces. In listening to each of these themes and Dave Levison's amazingly deep remixes, Peter and Dave were able to evoke what it was that originally made me fall in love with William's themes, while adding a new element to fall in love with as well. I'm sure you will all feel the same. . .

Here are the three most popular songs from the Force Commander video game.

Imperial Rage Leviathan Remix

Redemption at Abridon

Imperial March Rage

Complete Soundtrack

01 Opening
02 Master Screen

03 Imperial March Rage

04 The Rebel Alliance

05 Alliance Mission Briefing

06 The Empire

07 Imperial Mission Briefing

08 Listen Up

09 Into Battle

10 Success

11 Failure

12 Tatooine
13 Desert Training
14 Assault On Ruul

15 Crisis On Sarapin

16 The Trap At Yavin IV

17 General Veers

18 The Battle Of Hoth

19 Darth Vader

20 Surprise At Endor

21 The Ewoks

22 Escape From Kalaan

23 Redemption At Abridon

24 The Walker Gambit

25 The Alliance Strikes Back

26 The Siege Of Coruscant

27 Ending It

28 Imperial Rage Leviathan Remix

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