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E3 Deceived Cinematic Trailer

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This is the E3 Deceived Cinematic Trailer for the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic developed for the PC as a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game or MMORG. The game is to be released on December 10, 2010. The game takes place more than 3,500 years before the rise of Darth Vader and approximately three hundred years after the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR).

The Sacking of Coruscant. It was the crowning achievement of the Sith Empireís ambitious military strategy and the moment that changed the history of the Old Republic forever.

Republic leaders have traveled to Alderaan to engage in promised peace talks with the Sith Empire. The most powerful Jedi have accompanied them to safeguard against an Imperial deception. The Empireís real motive, however, was simply to lure the Republicís strongest defenders away from Coruscant and set the stage for an audacious attack. Under the command of Lord Angral, the Sith fleet approaches the Republicís capital planet for the first time in centuries. In advance of the fleet, the strongest Sith Warriors have flown a stolen Republic ship into Coruscantís orbit. Their mission is critical Ė to destroy the planetís defense grid mainframe hidden in the heart of the Jedi Temple.

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