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The Giant

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The Giant is a cut scene from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. After destroying several more Imperials, Starkiller finally reached his goal; the Arena. He uses a lift to access a gateway into the arena. Kota is overjoyed to find Starkiller seemingly alive. Tarko, on the other hand, is enraged, and tells his aide to 'send out the Gorog. His aide panics, informing Tarko that the restraints of the arena had not been properly tested. Tarko insisted that the Gorog gate be opened. A Rancor enters the arena. Starkiller ignites one of his lightsabers, and looks smugly at the Rancor. Just before the Rancor could attack, however, an immense hand emerges from the floor, crushes the rancor, and pulls it below. Then, the same arm emerges, pulling with it an immense creature: The Gorog.

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