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Jump To Hyperspace-Star Wars Fan Club Trailer

Jump To Hyperspace-Star Wars Fan Club Trailer

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Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club was Lucasfilm's worldwide fan club for Star Wars fans. It was given its name in 2003 when it merged with the subscriber feature of, the official Star Wars website. 

The Club required a regular subscription fee for membership and in return gave subscribers special privileges. Members were given exclusive access to a special Hyperspace section of the official Star Wars site. For a time, members who lived in the United States received a free subscription to the Star Wars Insider magazine, though that perk was later removed. 

Hyperspace members were able to create a large range of Star Wars avatars that appeared on any of their blogs and posts on the forums. They were also given the exclusive use of the Star Wars Blogging tool, periodic offers for discounts and other deals on Star Wars products and memorabilia, and access to write entries for the Databank. They also had access to exclusive video, and the opportunity to chat with actors and creators from across the Star Wars Saga.

On May 5, 2010, announced that the Hyperspace Fan Club would be discontinued in 2011. The service ceased to exist when the site was reformatted in late 2011. Enjoy!

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