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MC-40a Light Star Cruiser

mc40a.jpg (35479 bytes)

Craft: MC40a Light Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
Type: Medium Capital Starship
Length: 505 meters
Various Laser and Ion Cannons
2 General Purpose Warhead Launchers
Standard Combat Warhead Load: 50 Proton Torpedoes
Crew: Crew: 3,723, Gunners: 35
Top Speed: 12 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 650
Cargo Capacity:
Starfighter Compliment:1 Starfighter Squadron
Other Onboard Craft:
Several Transports and Shuttles
Passengers: N/A

The MC40a is a faster, more maneuverable version of the MC80a. Light Calamari Cruisers are used for multiple tasks: convoy escorts, starfighter bases, support ships, etc. Sometimes they will travel in pairs or part of larger task forces, and other times by themselves.

The MC40a was the first Calamari Cruiser to be developed as a solely military vessel. The Rebel Alliance realized the need for smaller, more maneuverable vessels and the Light Calamari Cruiser was the result. Having been based on the MC80a Mon Calamari Cruisers, the Light Calamari Cruisers were very similar to the MC80a's, just on a smaller scale.

In terms of size, the MC40a is slightly less than half as long as the MC80a. A speed of 12 MGLT makes it one of the faster medium sized ships and it can easily outflank larger vessels such as the Imperial Class Star Destroyer. Firepower is nearly comparable to that of a Nebulon-B Class Escort Frigate. The MC40a inevitably found its way into neutral powers, pirates and traders. For these smaller spacefaring navies, the Light Calamari Cruiser was probably the largest vessel they could get their hands on and were placed in positions of high importance.

The New Republic Navy still uses this medium cruiser design. Serving alongside are the familiar MC80a's, MC80b's, and MC90a's.

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