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Craft: Doomgiver
Type: Star Destroyer
Length: Unknown
Weapons: Unknown
Crew: Unknown
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: Unknown
Cargo Capacity:
Assault Ships
TIE Squadrons
Passengers: Unknown

The Doomgiver is the flagship of Admiral Galak Fyyar, a military scientist in the Imperial Remnant; it is similar to a Mark 2 Imperial Star Destroyer, but with several differences- its ventral surface was made of detachable landing pods, its prow was forked in two, and it was specially modified to carry Reborn and Shadowtroopers. It also had a large TIE defense force.

It is first seen docked in Cairn Station, an asteroid base in the Lenico Belt. Fyyar used Doomgiver to transport Desann's army, consisting of Reborn and Shadowtroopers, to Yavin IV in order to destroy the Jedi Praxeum. However, New Republic agent and Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn infiltrated the vessel and transmitted Doomgiver's coordinates to Rogue Squadron, who ambushed Doomgiver above the jungle moon. 

Katarn then sabotaged the ship's shield generator which in turn shut down its deflector shields. Vulnerable to attack, Doomgiver was destroyed when Rogue Leader managed to destroy the bridge. Katarn escaped after killing Galak Fyyar in a fight and rescued Jan Ors who had been held captive. Doomgiver exploded above Yavin IV, with the bulk of the invasion force of Reborn, Shadowtroopers, and Remnant troops destroyed. 

Those that managed to land were killed or captured by Jedi and New Republic troops.

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