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Acclamator II Star Destroyer

Craft: Rothana Heavy Engineering's Acclamator II Star Destroyer
Type: Assault Ship
Length: 752 Meters
12 Quad Turbolaser Cannons
24 Point-Defense Laser Cannons
4 Turbolaser Batteries
2 Heavy Proton Torpedo Launchers
Crew: 20,141
Top Speed: 10 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 3,200
Cargo Capacity:
156 V-19 Torrent Starfighters (In Fighter Carrier Mode)
16 LAAT Gunships
10 AT-TE Walkers
8 SPHA-T Walkers
64 74-Z Speeder Bikes
10,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: 3,200

The Acclamator II-class assault ship was a warship first used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.

Second in the Acclamator series of warships, the design was mainly aimed at planetary bombardment proficiency, converting the Acclamator I-class assault transport into a fully-fledged warship. As a result of this, ships of this class had 80% less space available for troops. Therefore, most fleets would only include one or two of these for orbital strikes while the majority of a given planetary assault fleet would be made up of the troop carrying LAAT/is.

The heavy proton torpedo launchers used were earlier models of those of the later designed Torpedo Spheres. They were designed to breach planetary shields but could also target other capital ships.

Throughout the Clone Wars, Rothana Heavy Engineering produced several different designs based on the Acclamator assault ships, some of which functioned as true warships compared to the original design, which was meant for troop transport. One derived design was the Acclamator II-class.

It was primarily used by the Republic during the end of the Clone Wars, but it also served the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. It was often being used to reinforce the defense of Cardan-class space stations. At least two were also used by the New Republic at the Battle of Mindor.

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