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If you would like to have your site considered for affiliation, here are a couple of requirements I look for:

  • Not all sites are accepted for affiliation.

  • To become an affiliate of Galactic Voyage, your site must be Star Wars related.

  • Your site must be attractive and easy to use with more than just a couple of features and sections.

  • Your site must be updated at least weekly. I have dropped affiliates in the past that stop updating their sites for a long period of time.

  • I reserve the right to overlook long periods without updating if I feel your site is exceptional and offers a lot to the Star Wars community regardless of updates.

  • A Galactic Voyage banner, button, or the phrase "Galactic Voyage" must be placed on your main page or an affiliates section and linked back to this site at

  • I will place a 468X60 banner linking to your site on the Galactic Voyage Affiliates page.

  • If your site is selected for affiliation, please feel free to pass along any events or announcements that you want other Star Wars fans to be aware of. I will post that information in the first available update.

Please provide the following information about your site:

Your Name (or screen name)

Web Site's Name

Web Site's Address

Your E-mail Address

Give us some information about your site.


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