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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries Of The Sith

Star Wars: Mysteries Of The Sith
Released: Winter 1998 (January 31st,1998)
Company: Lucasarts
Addictiveness: 5-10 Years
Compatible: PC


When Mara Jade Skywalker was first introduced in Timothy Zahn's "Heir To The Empire" many people instantly feel in love with the character. (In fact, Club Jade, a very popular blog, started out as a fan site for Mara in 1995.) Strong-willed, independent, and always opinionated, Mara Jade was always someone girl fan and boy fans a like could get attached to.

In 1998 the way we saw Mara Jade was about to change, and for the better. Introduced as a sequel (Kinda, it really is considered an expansion), Star Wars: Mysteries Of The Sith brought Kyle Katarn back to the video game arena with a new apprentice in Mara Jade. The game, while it features a few levels with Kyle, mostly revolves around Mara's training and becoming a Jedi. The plot, while not the strongest, was backed by great levels and a thrilling final battle. 

Great levels and great graphics make for wicked fun!:
SITH-Fallen Jedi? Nope, not even close. SITH is actually the engine used for both Jedi Knight & Mysteries Of The Sith. I'm focusing on graphics because MOTS had some of the best graphics on 98', and SITH certainly didn't hurt that at all. Also included was color lighting support, which was used to set a very eerie mood to the game and most levels. Speaking of levels, MOTS certainly has a few to show off. My personal favorite is actually the last level, where you are put up against a dark Kyle Katarn. The levels not only were consistent and helped the plot, but the AI wasn't that bad for a game made in 97'. 


After all is said and done, I'd have to say that MOTS is a very nice way of continuing a series destined for greatness. From Mon Mothma to Ka'Pa the Hutt, the character, plot, and game were all memorable and fun. If you haven't already, I'd check this game out either by checking Ebay or even the LucasArts store. 

SOS' Final Rating: 4 lightsabers of out 5 (Excellent)

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