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How my reviews work: Easy Instructions for understanding my Video Game Reviews

Hello there, and welcome to the Video Game Review section of Galactic Voyage! I'm your resident video game reviewer, Son Of Skywalker. You may be asking your self why I'm qualified to be giving you information on games you may or may not buy. Well, first, my writing skills come from interest in people and their behavior. I currently write for a newspaper and am working on a novel with my friend. My video game interest has been there since I played games like Jedi Knight, Rogue Squadron, and the more modern Knights Of The Old Republic and Battlefront series. I am an avid EU fan, having created the EU resource site EU, and video games are perhaps my favorite form of the Expanded Universe.

But that's enough about me; let's get to the review setup. I'm a huge fan of the Star Wars video games and I don't often dislike them, however, I do tell the truth and how I feel. If I say I don't think the game is worth buying it's just my opinion, but I am trying to give you insight on the game. As you probably noticed, I set up the reviews to be informative and easy to read. My Overview, or Introduction, basically lets you know what the game is about and what LucasArts was doing during that time period in which it was released.

The second part is the "Difficulty." I basically just let you know how the game runs on its different modes, if it has anything, and how challenging the gameplay is for the gamers. Next in line are the "Graphics;" I will just tell you what the graphics of the game look like and if they are up to the par of their hype or even other games on the platform and genre. After that we "Audio," or music, of the game. Pretty self-explaining, I just judge the background music and cut-scene and movie clarity of the game. Next up is the "Gameplay value," which is pretty much just me saying what about the game I liked and disliked in regards to level and plots. After that, if applicable, is the "Multi Player Game Value." Sneaking in after that is "Replay Value." Last, but certainly not least, is my "Final Judgment" or "Conclusion" of what I thought of the game and if, in fact, it's worth your time and money.

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