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The Empire Strikes Back Cards

Series 1 (Red Cards)

This is the first series of The Empire Strikes Back trading cards issued by Topps in 1980. This card set contained 132 cards and 33 stickers which was, at the time, the largest single series release for the franchise. The cards run from numbers 1 to 132 and the 33 stickers run from numbers 1 to 33. The cards for this set were red bordered, and the stickers had a yellow background with a collection of letters and character collages.

Following a title card, 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 begins with ten "Star File" cards that profile the film's main characters. The most notable is that of Boba Fett. The next 100 cards recap the film, save for a couple of major spoilers. The legendary artwork of Ralph McQuarrie is spotlighted on 13 cards toward the end of the set before two checklists close things out.

Unlike the cards from the first Star Wars film that mixed puzzles and text on card backs, 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 uses text throughout the base set.

Inserted one per pack, 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 Stickers offer a lot of variety. The first 22 feature die-cut letters with characters inside. The idea was that collectors could decorate their books, lockers, walls or anywhere else by building their name or anything else they may want to write out. Characters take the spotlight in the final 11 stickers, although some have up to four different small ones. The stickers have a puzzle on the back.

Click on the images to see the larger picture!

Series 1 Box


Series 1 Card Pack

There were 132 cards and 33 stickers in the first series of The Empire Strikes Back cards-1980

001.jpg (87320 bytes)
1-Title Card
001b.jpg (67725 bytes)
1-Title Card-Back
002.jpg (77695 bytes)
2-Luke Skywalker
002b.jpg (61277 bytes)
2-Luke Skywalker-Back
003.jpg (83439 bytes)
3-Princess Leia
003b.jpg (61096 bytes)
3-Princess Leia-Back
004.jpg (80689 bytes)
4-Han Solo
004b.jpg (63963 bytes)
4-Han Solo-Back
005.jpg (73690 bytes)
005b.jpg (62532 bytes)
006.jpg (90214 bytes)
006b.jpg (58950 bytes)
007.jpg (84150 bytes)
007b.jpg (59990 bytes)
008.jpg (84696 bytes)
8-Lando Calrissian
008b.jpg (61316 bytes)
8-Lando Calrissian-Back
009.jpg (86778 bytes)
009b.jpg (61065 bytes)
010.jpg (79646 bytes)
10-Darth Vader
010b.jpg (64606 bytes)
10-Darth Vader-Back
011.jpg (82007 bytes)
11-Boba Fett
011b.jpg (62708 bytes)
11-Boba Fett-Back
012.jpg (70581 bytes)
12-The Imperial Probot
012b.jpg (67032 bytes)
12-The Imperial Probot-Back
013.jpg (75377 bytes)
13-Planet of Ice
013b.jpg (65280 bytes)
13-Planet of Ice-Back
014.jpg (86479 bytes)
14-"Where's Luke?"
014b.jpg (67020 bytes)
14-"Where's Luke?"
015.jpg (88275 bytes)
15-Droids on Patrol
015b.jpg (67165 bytes)
15-Droids on Patrol-Back
016.jpg (87269 bytes)
16-The Hidden Rebel Base
016b.jpg (69319 bytes)
16-The Hidden Rebel Base-Back
017.jpg (91643 bytes)
17-New Rebel Strategy
017b.jpg (67363 bytes)
17-New Rebel Strategy-Back
018.jpg (90221 bytes)
18-General Rieekan
018b.jpg (67175 bytes)
18-General Rieekan-Back
019.jpg (87655 bytes)
19-Leia's Plan
019b.jpg (69532 bytes)
19-Leia's Plan-Back
020.jpg (79335 bytes)
20-Prey of the Wampa
020b.jpg (71739 bytes)
20-Prey of the Wampa-Back
021.jpg (86368 bytes)
21-Examined: Luke's TaunTaun
021b.jpg (70359 bytes)
21-Examined: Luke's TaunTaun-Back
022.jpg (76450 bytes)
22-"But Sir, I Mmh... Mffh..."
022b.jpg (70550 bytes)
22-"But Sir, I Mmh... Mffh..."-Back
023.jpg (78074 bytes)
23-In Search of Luke
023b.jpg (70205 bytes)
23-In Search of Luke-Back
024.jpg (77599 bytes)
24-Frozen Death
024b.jpg (68377 bytes)
24-Frozen Death-Back
025.jpg (89889 bytes)
25-Skywalker's Rescue
025b.jpg (70634 bytes)
25-Skywalker's Rescue-Back
026.jpg (79138 bytes)
26-Luke's Fight for Life
026b.jpg (71984 bytes)
26-Luke's Fight for Life-Back
027.jpg (85032 bytes)
27-Rejuvenation Chamber
027b.jpg (71066 bytes)
27-Rejuvenation Chamber-Back
028.jpg (89000 bytes)
28-Surgeon Droid
028b.jpg (74088 bytes)
28-Surgeon Droid-Back
029.jpg (83560 bytes)
29-Artoo's Icy Vigil
029b.jpg (71000 bytes)
29-Artoo's Icy Vigil-Back
030.jpg (78533 bytes)
30-Metal Monster
030b.jpg (69744 bytes)
30-Metal Monster-Back
031.jpg (86520 bytes)
31-Zeroing In On Chewie!
031b.jpg (72208 bytes)
31-Zeroing In On Chewie!-Back
032.jpg (82389 bytes)
32-Han Aims for Action!
032b.jpg (72017 bytes)
32-Han Aims for Action!-Back
033.jpg (71518 bytes)
33-Destroying the Probot
033b.jpg (70424 bytes)
33-Destroying the Probot-Back
034.jpg (86122 bytes)
34-Death of Admiral Ozzel
034b.jpg (73276 bytes)
34-Death of Admiral Ozzel-Back
035.jpg (106705 bytes)
35-The Freedom Fighters
035b.jpg (69927 bytes)
35-The Freedom Fighters-Back
036.jpg (83555 bytes)
36-Rebel Defenses
036b.jpg (71294 bytes)
36-Rebel Defenses-Back
037.jpg (90418 bytes)
37-Armed Against the Enemy
037b.jpg (70395 bytes)
37-Armed Against the Enemy-Back
038.jpg (86305 bytes)
38-Joined by Dack
038b.jpg (70158 bytes)
38-Joined by Dack-Back
039.jpg (93337 bytes)
39-The Sound of Terror
039b.jpg (71249 bytes)
39-The Sound of Terror-Back
040.jpg (90350 bytes)
40-Suddenly... Starfire!
040b.jpg (69895 bytes)
40-Suddenly . . . Starfire!-Back
041.jpg (93889 bytes)
41-Rattled by the Enemy!
041b.jpg (71824 bytes)
41-Rattled by the Enemy!-Back
042.jpg (85224 bytes)
42-Might of the Imperial Forces
042b.jpg (71909 bytes)
42-Might of the Imperial Forces-Back
043.jpg (83063 bytes)
43-The Snow Walkers
043b.jpg (69704 bytes)
43-The Snow Walkers-Back
044.jpg (78345 bytes)
44-Luke... Trapped!
044b.jpg (71159 bytes)
44-Luke . . . Trapped!-Back
045.jpg (71247 bytes)
45-Escape From Icy Peril
045b.jpg (69962 bytes)
45-Escape From Icy Peril-Back
046.jpg (80864 bytes)
46-"Retreat! Retreat!"
046b.jpg (70966 bytes)
46-"Retreat! Retreat!"-Back
047.jpg (89535 bytes)
47-Headquarters in Shambles
047b.jpg (71104 bytes)
47-Headquarters in Shambles-Back
048.jpg (79243 bytes)
48-Solo's Makeshift Escape
048b.jpg (71164 bytes)
48-Solo's Makeshift Escape-Back
049.jpg (77509 bytes)
049b.jpg (70908 bytes)
050.jpg (81600 bytes)
50-Vader and the Snowtroopers
050b.jpg (67611 bytes)
50-Vader and the Snowtroopers-Back
051.jpg (87999 bytes)
51-Snowtroopers of the Empire
051b.jpg (68080 bytes)
51-Snowtroopers of the Empire-Back
052.jpg (84351 bytes)
52-Millennium Falcon: Getaway Ship!
052b.jpg (67289 bytes)
52-Millennium Falcon: Getaway Ship!-Back
053.jpg (96440 bytes)
53-Emergency Blastoff!
053b.jpg (70160 bytes)
53-Emergency Blastoff!-Back
054.jpg (96311 bytes)
54-Battle of the Star Destroyer
054b.jpg (67725 bytes)
54-Battle of the Star Destroyer-Back
055.jpg (85784 bytes)
55-Fix-it Man Han Solo
055b.jpg (68523 bytes)
55-Fix-it Man Han Solo-Back
056.jpg (84619 bytes)
56-A Sudden Change of Plan
056b.jpg (71121 bytes)
56-A Sudden Change of Plan-Back
057.jpg (81433 bytes)
57-Misty World of Dagobah
057b.jpg (79264 bytes)
57-Misty World of Dagobah-Back
058.jpg (76141 bytes)
58-The Creature Called Yoda
058b.jpg (67570 bytes)
58-The Creature Called Yoda-Back
059.jpg (91600 bytes)
59-"Welcome, Young Luke!"
059b.jpg (65502 bytes)
59-"Welcome, Young Luke!"-Back
060.jpg (89028 bytes)
60-Journey Through the Swamp
060b.jpg (68699 bytes)
60-Journey Through the Swamp-Back
061.jpg (82677 bytes)
61-Yoda's House
061b.jpg (69672 bytes)
61-Yoda's House-Back
062.jpg (89657 bytes)
62-Artoo Peeking Through
062b.jpg (68306 bytes)
62-Artoo Peeking Through-Back
063.jpg (89926 bytes)
63-The Secret of Yoda
063b.jpg (68360 bytes)
63-The Secret of Yoda-Back
064.jpg (86761 bytes)
64-The Princess Lends a Hand
064b.jpg (66282 bytes)
64-The Princess Lends a Hand-Back
065.jpg (89899 bytes)
65-Repairing Hyperdrive
065b.jpg (69281 bytes)
65-Repairing Hyperdrive-Back
066.jpg (82362 bytes)
66-Star Lovers
066b.jpg (63990 bytes)
66-Star Lovers-Back
067.jpg (93779 bytes)
67-"Pardon Me Sir, But...Ohhh!"
067b.jpg (67640 bytes)
67-"Pardon Me Sir, But . . .Ohhh!"-Back
068.jpg (77001 bytes)
68-Mysterious and Deadly Chamber
068b.jpg (70337 bytes)
68-Mysterious and Deadly Chamber
069.jpg (83816 bytes)
69-Attacked by BatLike Creatures!
069b.jpg (69040 bytes)
69-Attacked by BatLike Creatures!-Back
070.jpg (87420 bytes)
70-"Use the Force, Luke!"
070b.jpg (68141 bytes)
70-"Use the Force, Luke!"-Back
071.jpg (90615 bytes)
71-Raising Luke's X-Wing
071b.jpg (69333 bytes)
71-Raising Luke's X-Wing-Back
072.jpg (89725 bytes)
72-A Need Beyond Reason
072b.jpg (69199 bytes)
72-A Need Beyond Reason-Back
073.jpg (89197 bytes)
73-A Gathering of Evils
073b.jpg (67360 bytes)
73-A Gathering of Evils-Back
074.jpg (92374 bytes)
74-The Bounty Hunters
074b.jpg (66640 bytes)
74-The Bounty Hunters-Back
075.jpg (93147 bytes)
75-IG-88 and Boba Fett
075b.jpg (66929 bytes)
75-IG-88 and Boba Fett-Back
076.jpg (84720 bytes)
76-Enter Lando Calrissian
076b.jpg (65926 bytes)
76-Enter Lando Calrissian-Back
077.jpg (81388 bytes)
77-Warm Welcome for an Old Buddy
077b.jpg (65618 bytes)
77-Warm Welcome for an Old Buddy-Back
078.jpg (74059 bytes)
78-Conniving Pals
078b.jpg (66427 bytes)
78-Conniving Pals-Back
079.jpg (86171 bytes)
79-"Greetings, Sweet Lady"
079b.jpg (69167 bytes)
79-"Greetings, Sweet Lady"-Back
080.jpg (77983 bytes)
80-Calrissian's Main Man
080b.jpg (68661 bytes)
80-Calrissian's Main Man-Back
081.jpg (78732 bytes)
81-Pretty as a Princess!
081b.jpg (66805 bytes)
81-Pretty as a Princess!-Back
082.jpg (87907 bytes)
82-A Swarm of Ugnaughts
082b.jpg (69273 bytes)
82-A Swarm of Ugnaughts-Back
083.jpg (80354 bytes)
83-Threepio... Blasted to Bits!
083b.jpg (69611 bytes)
83-Threepio . . . Blasted to Bits!-Back
084.jpg (79279 bytes)
84-A Pile of See-Threepio!
084b.jpg (67457 bytes)
84-A Pile of See-Threepio!-Back
085.jpg (89185 bytes)
85-Escorted by Lando
085b.jpg (66199 bytes)
85-Escorted by Lando-Back
086.jpg (90763 bytes)
86-Dinner Guests
086b.jpg (65232 bytes)
86-Dinner Guests-Back
087.jpg (86948 bytes)
87-Host of Horror
087b.jpg (66637 bytes)
87-Host of Horror-Back
088.jpg (90571 bytes)
88-Deflecting Solo's Blasts
088b.jpg (70248 bytes)
88-Deflecting Solo's Blasts-Back
089.jpg (89813 bytes)
89-Alas, Poor Threepio!
089b.jpg (68062 bytes)
89-Alas, Poor Threepio!-Back
090.jpg (84965 bytes)
90-The Ordeal
090b.jpg (65734 bytes)
90-The Ordeal-Back
091.jpg (83596 bytes)
91-The Prize of Boba Fett
091b.jpg (64726 bytes)
91-The Prize of Boba Fett-Back
092.jpg (84981 bytes)
92-His Day of Triumph
092b.jpg (63598 bytes)
92-His Day of Triumph-Back
093.jpg (89260 bytes)
93-The Carbon-Freezing Chamber
093b.jpg (65121 bytes)
93-The Carbon-Freezing Chamber-Back
094.jpg (92895 bytes)
94-End of the Star Warriors?
094b.jpg (66907 bytes)
94-End of the Star Warriors?-Back
095.jpg (80911 bytes)
95-Pawn of the Evil One
095b.jpg (67248 bytes)
95-Pawn of the Evil One-Back
096.jpg (91948 bytes)
96-"No! This Can't Be Happening!"
096b.jpg (67846 bytes)
96-"No! This Can't Be Happening!"-Back
097.jpg (87120 bytes)
97-The Fate of Han Solo
097b.jpg (67916 bytes)
97-The Fate of Han Solo
098.jpg (79825 bytes)
98-Boba's Special Delivery
098b.jpg (62511 bytes)
98-Boba's Special Delivery-Back
099.jpg (83535 bytes)
99-Observed by Luke
099b.jpg (65617 bytes)
99-Observed by Luke-Back
100.jpg (79253 bytes)
100-Luke Arrives
100b.jpg (67741 bytes)
100-Luke Arrives-Back
101.jpg (74892 bytes)
101-Ready for Action!
101b.jpg (66902 bytes)
101-Ready for Action!-Back
102.jpg (96534 bytes)
102-The Search for Vader
102b.jpg (68495 bytes)
102-The Search for Vader-Back
103.jpg (95696 bytes)
103-"Where Are You, Skywalker?"
103b.jpg (66801 bytes)
103-"Where Are You, Skywalker?"-Back
104.jpg (83274 bytes)
104-Dark Lord of the Sith
104b.jpg (68059 bytes)
104-Dark Lord of the Sith
105.jpg (81156 bytes)
105-Weapon of Light
105b.jpg (66715 bytes)
105-Weapon of Light-Back
106.jpg (86284 bytes)
106-The Confrontation
106b.jpg (68906 bytes)
106-The Confrontation-Back
107.jpg (79212 bytes)
107-Duel of the Lightsabers
107b.jpg (68312 bytes)
107-Duel of the Lightsabers-Back
108.jpg (88790 bytes)
108-Escape From Their Captors
108b.jpg (66239 bytes)
108-Escape From Their Captors-Back
109.jpg (83549 bytes)
109-Lando... Friend or Foe?
109b.jpg (67094 bytes)
109-Lando . . . Friend or Foe?-Back
110.jpg (90613 bytes)
110-Leia Takes Control!
110b.jpg (66669 bytes)
110-Leia Takes Control!-Back
111.jpg (87485 bytes)
111-Blasting the Stormtroopers!
111b.jpg (68120 bytes)
111-Blasting the Stormtroopers!-Back
112.jpg (82130 bytes)
112-Artoo to the Rescue!
112b.jpg (67672 bytes)
112-Artoo to the Rescue!-Back
113.jpg (87683 bytes)
113-Spectacular Battle!
113b.jpg (67171 bytes)
113-Spectacular Battle!-Back
114.jpg (88902 bytes)
114-"Embrace the Dark Side!"
114b.jpg (67779 bytes)
114-"Embrace the Dark Side!"-Back
115.jpg (89196 bytes)
115-"Hate Me, Luke! Destroy Me!"
115b.jpg (69139 bytes)
115-"Hate Me, Luke! Destroy Me!"-Back
116.jpg (89724 bytes)
116-Luke's Last Stand
116b.jpg (67319 bytes)
116-Luke's Last Stand-Back
117.jpg (97520 bytes)
117-"Do You Have a Foot in my Size?"
117b.jpg (68253 bytes)
117-"Do You Have a Foot in my Size?"-Back
118.jpg (88611 bytes)
118b.jpg (58415 bytes)
119.jpg (90873 bytes)
119-Falcon on Hoth
119b.jpg (60884 bytes)
119-Falcon on Hoth-Back
120.jpg (91282 bytes)
120-Snow Walkers
120b.jpg (61310 bytes)
120-Snow Walkers-Back
121.jpg (78638 bytes)
121-The Pursued
121b.jpg (61637 bytes)
121-The Pursued-Back
122.jpg (82971 bytes)
122-Darth Vader
122b.jpg (61235 bytes)
122-Darth Vader-Back
123.jpg (84902 bytes)
123-Swamps of Dagobah
123b.jpg (60734 bytes)
123-Swamps of Dagobah-Back
124.jpg (85233 bytes)
124-Cloud City
124b.jpg (62778 bytes)
124-Cloud City-Back
125.jpg (80612 bytes)
125-Lando's Greeting
125b.jpg (63341 bytes)
125-Lando's Greeting-Back
126.jpg (89700 bytes)
126-Threepio's Destruction
126b.jpg (61081 bytes)
126-Threepio's Destruction-Back
127.jpg (82730 bytes)
127-Luke Battling Darth
127b.jpg (60009 bytes)
127-Luke Battling Darth-Back
128.jpg (87779 bytes)
128-The Final Stand
128b.jpg (59841 bytes)
128-The Final Stand-Back
129.jpg (75868 bytes)
129b.jpg (61750 bytes)
130.jpg (83710 bytes)
130-Ion Cannon
130b.jpg (58451 bytes)
130-Ion Cannon-Back
131.jpg (96580 bytes)
131-Checklist 1-66
131b.jpg (68511 bytes)
131-Checklist 1-66-Back
132.jpg (101306 bytes)
132-Checklist 67-132
132b.jpg (68585 bytes)
132-Checklist 67-132-Back

01.jpg (21766 bytes)
1-F O
02.jpg (19247 bytes)
2-R I
03.jpg (20023 bytes)
3-A E
04.jpg (18420 bytes)
4-B X
05.jpg (19736 bytes)
5-U I
06.jpg (19522 bytes)
6-W U
07.jpg (22046 bytes)
7-M N
08.jpg (21618 bytes)
8-C D
09.jpg (19495 bytes)
9-O U
10.jpg (19276 bytes)
10-H E
11.jpg (20177 bytes)
11-E O
12.jpg (20618 bytes)
12-Y U
13.jpg (17663 bytes)
13-A K
14.jpg (20639 bytes)
14-A V
15.jpg (20364 bytes)
15-E S
16.jpg (16929 bytes)
16-Q L
17.jpg (16429 bytes)
17-A I
18.jpg (17227 bytes)
18-I O
19.jpg (18415 bytes)
19-Z T
20.jpg (18573 bytes)
20-G J
21.jpg (16143 bytes)
21-E I
22.jpg (18044 bytes)
22-A P
23.jpg (18521 bytes)
23-Montage - Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, C-3P0
24.jpg (18340 bytes)
25.jpg (20366 bytes)
25-Luke with Yoda and Han Solo on TaunTaun
26.jpg (15786 bytes)
26-Stormtrooper and Boba Fett
27.jpg (19684 bytes)
27-Trooper Luke Skywalker and Yoda
28.jpg (18313 bytes)
28-Montage - Too Onebee, Bossk and Lobot
29.jpg (21257 bytes)
29-Montage - Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca
30.jpg (15728 bytes)
30-Boba Fett
31.jpg (17346 bytes)
31-Stormtrooper and IG-88
32.jpg (19816 bytes)
32-Montage - C-3P0, Lando Calrissian and R2-D2
33.jpg (18192 bytes)
33-Darth Vader

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