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Banking Clan Communications Frigate

Craft: Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. and 
Gwori Revolutionary Industries Munificent-Class Star Frigate
Type: Star Frigate
Length: 825 Meters
2 Heavy Turbolasers
2 Long Range Ion Cannons
26 Twin Turbolaser Cannons
20 Light Turbolaser Cannons
38 Point-Defense Laser Cannons
Crew: 200
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 150,000 Deactivated Battle Droids
Cargo Capacity: 40,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: Unknown

The InterGalactic Banking Clan employed specialized warships for the protection of the vast store of riches it was tasked to transport among its heavily fortified vaults. These huge capital ships carry enough firepower to deter even the most daring of pirates. During the Clone Wars, when the Banking Clan devoted its forces to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, these frigates were adorned with the hexagonal emblem of the unified Separatists, and were involved in major campaigns against the Republic.

Aiding the Banking Clan's rise to financial dominance was a deeply rooted culture of extreme paranoia among its highest board members. Investors felt secure that the Clan took extraordinary measures to protect its assets, including the construction of some of the most advanced war droids and military equipment. So concerned with theft and government interference was the Banking Clan that it built its own communications network separate from the HoloNet. 

A relay network of subspace and hyperwave transceivers established secure channels for financial transactions. If an enterprising thief decided to target the physical transceiver itself rather than slice the network, he or she would find an unsettling surprise. The transceivers were carried aboard large Munificent-class star frigates, immense capital ships armed with powerful weaponry.

These frigates were used to spread the Banking Clan's private network and to move solid assets between vaults and clients. When the Clone Wars erupted, Chairman San Hill brought the Banking Clan into the Confederacy fold, and committed a number of star frigates to what he believed was a profitable venture. The communications network maintained by this fleet was used primarily for military and propaganda transmission, not for finances.

A Banking Clan frigate is heavily armed, with an enormous twin prow turbolaser cannon that is slow to maneuver, but deadly to larger warships. The ship also has two long-range ion cannons, 26 turbolaser cannons, 20 light turbolaser turrets and 38 point-defense laser cannons. It can carry a complement of up to 150,000 deactivated battle droids in compressed configuration.

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