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Opening Title Crawl and Attack on Kashyyyk

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Special thanks to Axtmoerder for capturing and sharing the cutscene!

Opening Title Crawl and Attack on Kashyyyk are scenes from Level 1 of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Darth Vader accompanies the Imperial Fleet in invading the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, because rumors abound that a there is a rogue Jedi who is fighting in defense of the Wookiees. After battling his way through an army of vicious Wookiees, Vader eventually makes his way to a small hut, home of the rogue Jedi Kento Marek. Kento, in an attempt to protect the planet and his young son, Galen, from Vader's grasp, engages the Sith Lord. Kento, not surprisingly, loses the duel and is then killed by a force choke from Vader, during the battle however, it becomes apparent that the young son is powerful in the ways of the force. Now in Vader's hands, the young boy is taught in the ways of the Sith, is raised as Vader's secret apprentice, sent on dangerous missions by his dark master in order to test his abilities, and given the codename of 'Starkiller'. 

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