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Special thanks to Axtmoerder for capturing and sharing the cutscene!

Death are scenes from Level 5 of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Galen returns to the Executor, where he learns that the Emperor's fleet had arrived. But Vader had not lured him -- his spies had followed Galen from Raxus. Without warning, Vader stabs Galen in the chest as Palpatine tells him to kill his apprentice. The Emperor, watching the former apprentice's supposed death through PROXY, enjoys seeing Galen getting beat up, saying, "Yes Lord Vader! Kill him! Kill him!" After thrashing the powerful Dark Jedi around, despite his pleas that they could defeat him together, Vader throws Galen out the window. Vader later dispatched a droid to recover his body.

Galen later wakes up on Vader's science vessel, the Empirical, having all his scars healed. Through PROXY, Vader tells Galen to distract the Emperor's spies by gathering the Empire's enemies. After cutting his transmission, PROXY tells Galen that he had programmed the Empirical to crash into the nearby sun. Despite the holodroid's pleas, Galen saves Juno, who was imprisoned and branded a traitor.

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