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Introduction and Part 1 Cutscenes

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Special thanks to Darth Klaus for capturing and sharing the cutscene!

This is the Introduction and Part 1 Cutscenes for Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire which is an action/adventure game set between the time of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. In conjunction with other Shadows of the Empire releases, the game was released on the Nintendo 64 platform in 1996. Later, in 1997, it was released on the PC platform.

The first chapter takes place during the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. Dash Rendar is trapped on Hoth when the Imperial forces attack. As the player, you have to pilot a snowspeeder in the Battle of Hoth destroying AT-ATs, AT-STs and Imperial probes. Then you must fight your way through Echo Base back to your ship the Outrider. After escaping Hoth you must fight your way through the Hoth Asteroid Field and the several waves of TIE Fighters before escaping into hyperspace. 

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