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Rebel Assault II-Entire Game Video

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(Run Time 39 Minutes)

Note: Rebel Assault II is what is referred to as a "rail shooter" game. Meaning, that the entire game is like one big video clip and you play parts of it on a pre-determined path. Most of the gameplay portion has been removed to keep this video on track with the story.

After the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader has begun a new project for the Galactic Empire. Meanwhile, in the Rebel Alliance, some rumors have grown concerning "ghost ships" attacking Rebel patrols. 

Rebel pilot Kirby with his wingman, Rookie One, receive a distress call from a Corellian Transport, while attacked by TIE Fighters. The pilot had crucial information about the Galactic Empire's new project. Rookie One's wingman is shot down by an unseen attacker, and Rookie One crash lands on the planet Dreighton where the captured transport has been taken. He escapes with the transport and its information.

In her records, the Alliance learn about a secret Imperial mining facility in the asteroid Belt of Arah and a squadron of X-wings moves to destroy it. The facility is not simply mining ore, but is instead supplying rare metals required to manufacture the new V38 "Phantom" TIE, equipped with a cloaking device invented by Grand Admiral Martio Batch. This allowed them to move through space neither spotted on radar nor by any pilot until they were ready to strike.

Disguised as stormtroopers, Rookie One and Ru Murleen board Admiral Sarn's cloaked Super Star Destroyer Terror and steal a Phantom TIE. They manage to destroy the Super Star Destroyer and the Imdaar Alpha facility manufacturing the new fighters. 

After returning to a Rebel base, the Phantom TIE self-destructs, killing no one in the process, but keeping the secret of the fighter from the Alliance.

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