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Hapes Nova Battle Cruiser

Hapes Nova Battle Cruiser.jpg (13751 bytes)

Craft: Hapes Nova-class Battle Cruiser
Type: Battle Cruiser
Length: 400 Meters
25 Turbolaser Batteries
10 Laser Cannons
10 Ion Cannons
Crew: 1700 + 90 Gunners
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 600
Cargo Capacity:

2 Squadrons of Hapan Miy'til Fighters

Passengers: 600

Hapes Nova-class battle cruisers are fast combat cruisers designed to supplement Hapan Battle Dragons. These battle cruisers are four hundred meters long and bristled with weaponry; they often command task forces charged with guarding the boarders of the Hapan Cluster. Hapes Nova cruisers maintain sufficient supplies for a year of continuous operation. These fearsome ships have proved powerful enough to discourage many pirates and smugglers from trying to enter the Hapan Cluster.

The Hapes Nova battle cruiser is less than a decade old and incorporates the latest Hapan breakthroughs in technology- not to mention a number of advances that were stolen from Imperial corporation such as Kuat Drive Yards and Sorosuub. The result is a cruiser that is exceptionally swift at sublight and light speeds.

The Hapes Nova battle cruiser's main weapons are twenty-five turbolasers utilized for engaging capital ships. Ten laser cannons are mounted to handle fighters and small freighters, and another ten ion cannons are added to enable the ships to disable and capture enemy vessels. The Hapes Nova battle cruisers carry two squadrons of Hapan Miy'til fighters and six Hetrinar assault bombers. They can carry drop ships or landing barges as well as ground troops and combat vehicles, but normally Hapes Nova cruisers are assigned to escort large troop ships for planetary invasions.

Because of Hapans' limited turbolaser technology, Hapes Nova cruisers must choose their battles carefully. Since the Hapan turbolaser take nearly three times as long as Imperial turbolasers to recycle, a Hapes Nova cruiser can find itself incapable of returning fire at the most inopportune time. To counteract this weakness, the Hapans often assign Hapes Nova cruisers in groups of three or more ships. Hapan captains tend to favor swift, brutal assaults, intending to destroy all enemy ships with the first attack. This approach has added to the Hapan's reputation for vigorously defending their borders.

Taking a cue from Mon Calamari designs, Hapes Nova battle cruisers built in recent years have added backup shield generators. These newer ships also have been refitted with larger power generators so that they do not suffer from the power shortages that tend to plague Hapan Battle Dragons. However, these additions take up a great deal of the ship's interior space, eliminating the second squadron of fighters.

Prince Isolder, in his quest to earn Leia's hand in marriage, offered to give a Hapes Nova battle cruiser to Han Solo if he would cease his efforts to win Leia's heart. Solo refused, instead kidnapping Leia and spiriting her away to the distant world of Dathomir.

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