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Liberator Carrier-Cruiser

liberator cruiser.jpg (13955 bytes)

Craft: SoroSuub Liberator Carrier-Cruiser
Type: Carrier-Cruiser
Length: 398 Meters
24 Heavy Turbolasers
20 Ion Cannons
Crew: Minimum 50, Maximum 291
92 Gunners
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 1,250
Cargo Capacity:
5,000 Metric Tons
36 X-wings
24 Y-wings
12 A-wings
Passengers: 1,250

Designed and built by SoroSuub, this small capital ship was often underestimated by its enemies. The sleek, V-shaped design was compact, yet heavily armed with ion cannons and heavy turbolaser batteries. The interior of the Liberator was large enough to transport three full regiments of troops and six starfighter squadrons, making the Liberator one of the most advanced warships produced during the height of the New Order. The SoroSuub Liberator's slender hull disguises the fact that it can carry a large sum of troops as well as six full squadrons of starfighters. For a capital ship, the Liberator is diminutive of size, but still finds room to host a formidable weapons complement consisting of ion cannons and heavy turbolaser batteries. Utilizing state- of-the-art hull armor, new shielding and drive unit technology, the Liberator is one of the most advanced warships in the galaxy. The Liberator itself came to be a very versatile design and SoroSuub later fielded the Liberator missile frigate which was based off of the same hull as the original carrier- cruiser was. However, to reduce construction and maintenance costs in the missile frigate version, SoroSuub downgraded the shields and removed several of the weapon emplacements.

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