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CR70 Corvette

(Sundered Heart)

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation's CR70 Corvette
Type: Corvette
Length: 130 Meters
Weapons: 4 Light Turbolaser Cannons
Crew: 30-165, Depending on configuration
Top Speed: 60 MGLT
Troop Capacity: Up to 180, Depending on configuration
Cargo Capacity: 1,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: Up to 180, Depending on configuration

The Sundered Heart, a CR70 corvette, was captained by Raymus Antilles. The CR70 was a predecessor of the CR90 corvette, produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

The CR70 was introduced to the galaxy as a corvette-class capital ship and a benchmark of luxury. Unlike later ships in the CR series, the CR70 was primarily created to be a diplomatic and transport vessel only and was designed to meet the needs of the upper class on many levels. Designers believed that in this role the ship would never have any reason to travel outside the Core, where at the time, piracy was almost nonexistent.

Instead of installing weapons systems, the CR70's designers made full use of its power core in other areas. Extra available power allowed for a special acceleration compensator to be added to the engines which increased the sub-light speed of the ship and reduced the distracting vibration of the engines. The results were engines that made the Corvette as fast as fighters a tenth its size while maintaining a smoother ride than other ships in its class; its speed often gives it the ability to outrun enemy ships.

The sub-light engine was not the only area where the additional power is diverted on the CR70. It also boasts an impressive sensor array, a military grade shield generator and a slightly larger hyperdrive unit, which gave it a small boost over its sister ships.

Another added benefit of not having weapons installed on the CR70 is that the space normally taken up with a weapons system was given over to a larger passenger capacity and several more escape pods. The extra capacity enables high society to transport their entourage and a multitude of servants, while still maintaining enough cargo room to support them on extended trips or diplomatic missions.

When production of CR70s was eventually halted to make way for the CR90, a retrofit was made readily available to owners to upgrade their CR70. At some point, the Sundered Heart was modified with the Vanguard c20 retrofit suite, as well as a more powerful engine bank than standard. With the advent of the Galactic Civil War, and the increase of piracy due to the lack of a stable government to stop those who would prey on others, most owners felt that the ship presented to tempting a target to be left in an unmodified state. For those who could afford it, the upgrade was done and it is for this reason that CR70's are rarely seen in the galaxy.

Raymus Antilles received the Sundered Heart as a gift for running aid and medical supplies past several Imperial blockades. The ship participated in the Battle of Kuat, where it destroyed six of the Imperial shipyards that orbited the planet in order to begin the operation of stealing the X-wing prototypes. She also rescued many Incom scientists as they were heading for the spice mines of Kessel. Then the ship participated in the Battle of Atzerri.

Raymus Antilles was Captain of the Tantive IV while on an official task during the battle over Tatooine. Raymus Antilles was killed and Tantive IV captured. The fate of the Sundered Heart after the death of Captain Antilles is unknown.

The CR70, while rare, can still be found and is often considered a collector's item for those who can afford it.

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