Brave New Terror
by: Jedi Jin Su

Disclaimer. I do not own any of the Star Wars Characters.  All original SW characters are owned by Lucasfilm.  I have adapted them for the purposes of my piece.  I do not make any money off this piece.  I just want the story to flow more fluidly.

CHAPTER I-Meeting Shadows of the Past

Coruscant was a bustling metropolis of a planet.  It was a planet filled with technology and information.  Senator Bail Organa did not seem to notice nor appreciate the fast paced society at the moment.  He was looking for a peaceful respite from his hectic and stressful life.  Senator Organa paced in his office wondering what he was going to do.  If he was ever found out he would be tried and killed as a traitor to the new Empire.  That was if he would be lucky enough to make it to a “trial”. He was sure some form of an accident would befall him before he even got that far.  If he wasn’t so influential as a Senator he might not have gotten this far already.  He had to calm his shattered nerves.  He put everything at risk with this plan of action.  What was he thinking when he agreed to it?  He was thinking of the future.  He looked at his chronometer and paced some more, this was absolutely mad.

Senator Organa had to have faith in the plan.  He did not have faith in the Empire.  He had the droid scan for listening devices and cameras again.  He had just checked this morning but one could never be too careful.  He couldn’t meet with anyone at his home it would look suspicious.  Anything out of the ordinary would.  Everything had to continue as it had before.  He had to just center himself and remain calm.  He could do this.  Once he straightened everything out at the office then he would be fine.  Finally Rita arrived.

Senator Ritaranova Vim Monetsanascu otherwise known as Mon Mothma walked into his office with an air of calming peace about her.  She always was calm when he was a bit stressed.  They didn’t always see eye to eye on things as he tended to be a bit more conservative and willing to work things out with the current system but a while ago they had both decided to go rogue as she called it.  Something he was starting to regret but could never go back on.  His eyes had been opened to the way of the world now.  The world that the Empire was building…

“Hello Rita.”  He said as he offered her a chair.  “Cory will you hold my calls?  We’re meeting about the finance subcommittee and this paperwork gets a bit bothersome.”

“Yes sir.”  His assistant said to him.  Cory was a good kid and didn’t need to be mixed up in any of this.

“What is it?”  She said to him noticing her co-worker was not himself.

“Can I get you a drink Rita?”  He asked.  He needed a drink himself to calm his nerves and this would keep the conversation light and social.

“From the way you’re acting I might need a small one.  Limonata neat.”  She said.

He poured her a small glass of a greenish yellow liquor and set it next to her.  He poured himself some Avuca and set it down on his desk.  “I have to go away for a bit.  I am taking an extended leave or rather a sabbatical.  My wife and I just had a little girl.  It was a long time that we have wanted a daughter.  It was unexpected but happy news.  However, my daughter is here a bit soon and it was a difficult time for my wife so she needs me right now.”  He said.  The lie was not entirely wrong but mostly for the child’s benefit.

“Bail that is wonderful news!  I know how long you and your wife have wanted a child.  Congratulations!”  Rita said.

“Rita um, there are or rather have been some things that have happened over the past few months that have been rather ugly of late.”  He said.

“I am well aware of certain things.”  She said.  It was not wise to discuss these kinds of politics in the Senate Halls anymore.

“I know but there is more than you know.  This latest horrible edict about the Jedi issued by the Chancellor is beyond anything I can comprehend.  I have worked with the Jedi closely and I cannot fathom how this has all happened.   You know as well as I that for corruption like that to have taken place that it must be so deep rooted in the very systems we are sworn to uphold.”  He said.  The droid was still scanning the room.  It had detected something.  He nodded and looked at her and she noted that the droid had found something as well.

“You know Bail that is why it is so important for the good citizens of the Empire to work together instead of panicking and being at each other’s throats.  Your wife needs you now.  You will be missed.  Your work is always so valuable to the goals of the Galaxy.”  She said.

“That is why I have asked you here.  I am giving you my notes on the Finance subcommittee and I will be working from home on Alderaan.  Do not hesitate to call me.  I will be available for voting and for consultations.  I just won’t physically be here.  I have sent most of my files via a special courier just this morning.”  He said.  “Cory Sunrider, my assistant will be here during regular work hours.  I will be sending someone in my place for a few weeks to handle day to day items.  If anything comes up that is out of the ordinary please feel free to let me know.  I know the votes that I have pending won’t be for about six weeks so I can work from Alderaan with very little difficulty.  I will be commuting once in a while as well.”  He said.

“Who are you sending in your place?”  She asked.

“I will be sending Ciro Organa.  He is one of our top Economics Ministers.  He will be especially helpful with consulting on the Finance committee.” Bail finished.  “He is a cousin of mine.  You probably missed him at Padme Amidala’s funeral.  He’s quite capable.”

“I’m sure we’ll get along fine.  The Finance Committee will look forward to working with someone with such a great background.”  She said.  “I will miss you, your input on committees is always invaluable.”

“I appreciate that, but I am sure the Empire is in very capable hands now with our new Imperial government.  I have nothing to be concerned about.”  He said.

“Quite true, we can all sleep better now that things are returning to a safer more stable time.”  She said.  She nodded at him knowingly.  “Good luck with the baby and your wife.”

“Thanks for coming by today Rita.”  He said.  He nodded at her and handed her a folder containing information that she would need in the upcoming weeks.  He showed Mon Mothma out of his office.  It was going to be difficult to balance everything.

That night Bail Organa went home and went to dinner at the new Governor of Zalzzibar Shakshiva Outpost Station of the Empire, Governor Cain Brutmore.  Senator Organa felt it was so strange to act like he did not know what was going on.  He spoke with people and laughed and discussed the arts and literature.  He did not once let his deeper worries surface.

Later that evening the Senator returned to his penthouse.  He checked his chronometer and it read that it was about Midnight.  A chill went through him as he knew the meeting time drew near.  There was no going back now.  He had agreed.  He had been approached by the contact and agreed.  Why had he agreed?  He had family to protect.  No, this was far more important than family.  This was for a new world order.  He could not stand by and watch while innocent people were slaughtered at the whim of the Empire.  He had to do something.  It was for the future.  If for nothing else it was for Padme’s daughter, his daughter now, to fulfill his promise to Leia and the Jedi who left her in his care.

Bail showered and changed into a comfortable outfit of casual trousers and a silk tunic all in black.  He put on some black boots and checked his weapon.  He checked to make sure the piece was serviced and ready to go.  He had practiced with it on his home world of Alderaan.  Ciro felt that he would need the practice if he was going to carry a weapon.  Bail was not known for carrying weapons for any reason.  He knew how to use them, but he just felt there were better ways to do things.  Perhaps peace was also an antiquated idea.  He had no idea what he would be facing at his meeting so it was better if he brought his weapon, just in case.

It was actually amusing when he was learning to use the new weapon how incredibly easy he had found it to use.  At first he was completely against carrying a weapon.  It was very expensive and very dangerous.  He made sure he had a permit for it.  He was entitled to carry it.  The MDK 5000 was one of the most advanced weapons put out in the Coruscanti System.  It was just introduced six months ago by the Mordant Technologies Corporation.  He had heard his youngest cousin Alessandro talking to his other cousin Roberto about the piece.  Alex felt that Roberto could use such a weapon at his nightclub on Coruscant.  Alex explained that the technology was highly advanced.  Roberto didn’t want to invest so much money in such an item when he had bouncers.  It was too expensive.  However, Alex felt it was a wise investment.  Alessandro was no fool.  He was in both the Healer’s Guild and a trained Physician at the Prestigious Imperial Medical Center so Bail checked into obtaining a weapon, just for protection.  The company had a solid business background.  They produced a lot of weapons for the Empire.  Bail decided to invest in a piece just a few months ago.  Little did Bail know he was not the only person needing protection.

He strapped on the piece and looked at its dark metal gleam in the light as it sat in its holster.  He didn’t know what he was thinking sometimes.  He knew he had to protect himself though.  He had to be ready to protect and serve just as his Jedi friends had done so many times for him and his family.  That was before the Empire and the new wave of terror they brought with them.  The new order changed everything. 

It was getting close to one am when Bail slipped into his car and drove to the designated area for meeting.  He was not sure who he was meeting.  The directions he had been given were not very clear.  The weapon at his side reassured him and calmed his nerves, even if it was only for a little bit.  He did know that he risked a lot to go through with this.  As he stepped from his parking slip he saw a tall figure leaning against the slip across the way.  It moved silently and appeared to come from no where.  At first it didn’t bother him much.  As the figure came into the light, the blood seemed to drain from his heart and he could hear the traffic rush by as Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn appeared before him.  His mind raced trying to think of a logical explanation.  It was not possible Qui Gon had died many years ago.  Bail had attended the funeral of his long time friend with great grief.

“Hello.”  Bail said quietly not trusting his own eyes.

“Let’s walk.”  Qui Gon’s deep but soothing voice said to his long ago friend.  He could feel the distrust in Bail and could see the distrust in his eyes.  He knew this was not going to be easy.  He tried to tell the others of such a difficult situation but all would be revealed in due time.  He had to faith in the mission now.

Bail fell into step next to Qui Gon.  Neither man said anything for a while.  The car park was not a bad place to leave Bail’s speeder.  It was in a secure area.  Soon the neighborhoods got more and more rundown, not uncommon on Coruscant, especially depending on the levels you traveled.  Soon they arrived at a set of stairs which Qui Gon took down to a lower level and then an even lower level still.  Bail soon realized that he was decidedly overdressed.  He supposed it wasn’t his fault as he was really not in his element.  He didn’t usually travel the underground parts of Coruscant City . 

“It gets a bit chilly down here.  You might need something warmer.”  Qui Gon said handing him a cloak that was decidedly worn and used and would cover the Prince of Alderaan and Senator quite nicely.  No reason to draw more attention to themselves than they needed to.

“Thanks.”  Bail said.  Bail noticed that the man that looked like Qui Gon wrapped his own robes around himself.  He did not look like the Jedi Master that Bail once knew him to be.  As they walked Bail evaluated his outfit.  While he did not look impoverished he also did not look like an upstanding citizen.  He couldn’t quite place him.  His robes looked worn and used too, but his boots were decidedly expensive.  Bail didn’t say anything but just followed.  They had been walking for what seemed like a very long time.

Finally the two men got to a bar and went inside.  The man that looked like Qui Gon went to the back and motioned to the bartender who buzzed him through a back door.  That led to what looked like a meeting room with a table with several chairs.  Qui Gon, or the man that looked like him sat and motioned for Bail to do the same.

“It was good of you to accept my invitation Bail.  We have quite a situation on our hands.  I am not quite sure how to handle it.”  He finally said.  “Can I get you something for your nerves?”

“How about your name first?”  Bail replied.  He wanted to appear curious but firm in his stance.  He hoped he did so at least.

“Well, if I gave you the name Qui Gon Jinn would you believe me?  What has it been 10 years?”  The man that looked like Qui Gon said.

“Qui Gon Jinn died almost 14 years ago now.”  Bail said.

“Well, yes I guess it has been that long.  Strange how time escapes you when you don’t keep track of it the same way as those of the Skyworld.”  He said.  “I go by Malloch Descartes now.”

“Malloch Descartes?  The Underworld Crimeboss?”  Bail asked.  It was not a name unknown to him.  As part of the Security Committee they had tried to build a case against Mr. Descartes without much success.  He did not want to bring the man up on charges only to have them dropped by a lower court and have a criminal run free and throw it in his face.  He had been working on the case for almost five years now.

“Is that what they know me as up there?  Hmmm…that is interesting.  Obi Wan has never brought me the news holos.  You know, I never have been much of one for a scrapbook.  I used to be known as Qui Gon Jinn, Jedi Master.  Awhile ago now it became apparent that there were some things that were changing in our Galaxy.  More recently those thing have turned to a darker side, they are not entirely legal or just or honorable.  I don’t know how long ago now a great master had a vision of a very dark future.  The Council met and decided that something must be done.  A few trusted Jedi were asked to volunteer to change their lifestyle.  In order for me to go undercover I had to shed my entire personality and start over.  It was difficult at first because only Mace and Master Yoda knew of the disguise.  Unfortunately I ran into Obi Wan one day while he was on a mission.  He was not happy with not being told of my survival.  Understandably he had to be brought in to the informational loop of things.  The good news is that the Force guided us well on that one.  Obi Wan was able to help us with our mission.  He started doing some investigative work on his own.  He was able to foresee some of the problems and help alleviate some of the damage.  That was maybe five years ago.  However, he was betrayed by his Padawan who had alterior motives.  Obi Wan started getting shipped to the Outer Rim more.  As the Emperor’s power grew and his influence over the boy grew, Obi Wan’s disappointment grew.  He got a negative taste for politics.  This is where your name enters the picture.  While the Senate was more and more influenced by the Emperor there were few Senators to stand against him.  Obi Wan had a kind word to say about you though.  Mace and Yoda always trusted you as well.  Oddly, your activities are monitored on all levels of our society.  I can’t say whether I trust politicians any more than anyone else but I do know that you are a man of principle.  I also know that in the past year you have helped us in far more ways than I can ever repay you.  You deserve information.  You deserve loyalty.  However, in return for our loyalty you and those you love will be put in more danger.  This is where the favor comes in that we asked you here about.  Before we speak of Business and taking on more responsibilities, do you want that drink?”  Malloch aka Qui Gon said setting a bottle of Avuca 25 on the table in front of Bail.

Bail Organa looked at the man and tried to evaluate his revelation.  Was he really Qui Gon?  Was he telling the truth about his past and present?  If he was Malloch Descartes there were a lot of questions that came to mind.  Bail’s mind swirled with questions without answers.  “I think that would be appropriate.”  He said.  He sat down gently so that he could still have access to his gun.

Mal smiled at him.  “Don’t worry about the piece at your side.  I still carry a saber.  I wouldn’t touch you anyway.  You’re safe enough here with me.”  He smiled at Bail as he poured them both drinks and he drank the Avuca down.  Avuca 25 was not easy to get anywhere, much less on Coruscant.  That was why he offered it to Bail.  It was a drink they used to have in their younger years when the Senator would visit them at the Jedi Temple .  He knew he would recognize it as an offer of good faith.

Bail accepted the drink and sipped the Avuca.  Time was running very late and Bail wanted to leave soon.  It was nearing almost dawn and he could not explain his reason for being in this sector of town after a certain point should he be stopped by patrols.  “We don’t have enough time to test loyalties or theories.  If you are either of the two people you say you are then we need to get down to the real reasons you brought me here.  You want to use me as a contact for people in need of my help.  I can’t guarantee the safety of anyone unless I get a bit more proof from you.  I need to know that the people you are involved with are really people that I trust and am loyal to.  Obviously you appear to be many things but fooling me would not be much of a challenge at the moment.  Give me something to work with and we can work together.  If you can offer me nothing then just lead me back to a place where I can safely return to my life.  I already have put a lot on the line just offering to meet with you and I am not comfortable with these terms so far.”  Bail said.

“That is a fair enough summation of the events that have taken place.  As you know I have asked you here because I have someone in need of medical care.  This is urgent medical care that it cannot go through any system.  I contacted you because you might have the right connections.  We have tried our own medical attention but this is beyond what we have available.”  Malloch said.

“I’m not sure I have any connections in the medical world.  I tried to tell that to your contact when they first spoke with me.  Just because I am a Senator does not mean I can contact just anyone.  Medical supply ships are being watched as are those that use any facility.  I might be able to introduce you to some people but I need more time…”  Bail started.

“I need to see someone as soon as possible.”  Mace Windu’s voice said weakly as he came from a side room or someplace.  Apparently he had been listening to their conversation.

“Mace…you’re alive?”  Bail looked at his old friend who looked barely alive, a ghost really of his former self.  He could not believe his eyes.  It had been several months since the reports of Mace’s murder had been out.  The news said he had attacked the Chancellor unarmed in an attempt at a military coup.  Bail did not believe it.  Looking at Mace now he was stunned speechless.