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Vigil-class Corvette

Image created by Ansel Hsiao from Fractalsponge and used with permission.

Craft: Kuat Drive Yards' Vigil-class Corvette
Type: Heavy Corvette
Length: 255 Meters
3 Double Turbolaser Turrets
5 Double Laser Turrets
2 Tractor Beam Projectors
Crew: 126
Top Speed: 72 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 80
Cargo Capacity:
5,000 Metric Tons
4 TIE Fighters
4 TIE Interceptors
2 TIE Reconnaissance Fighters
1 TIE Lone Scout
1 TIE Fire Control Fighter
4 TIE Bombers
Passengers: 80

The Vigil-class Corvette was a heavy corvette for escort, reconnaissance, and utility duties of the Galactic Empire. Often classified as a frigate, the Vigil-class was designed for patrol and escort duty.

A large parabolic dish was used to intercept signals and triangulate enemy positions. Three large double turbolaser turrets are installed on the dorsal hull. Five double laser turrets with fast track targeting are installed on both the dorsal and ventral hulls. A small hanger on the ventral hull could house up to sixteen starfighters. Normal deployment was a mixed squadron of recon, light bomber, and Interceptor fighters. Two tractor beam projectors are used to capture smaller ships for boarding. A small company of stormtroopers act as both security for the Vigil-class Corvette and assault troops when boarding captured vessels.

Many of these Vigil-class Corvettes were used by the Imperial Security Bureau as heavy transports for ISB Officers. These ships also served as command vessels for Sector Police and assisted in operations with customs enforcement.

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