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Subjugator Heavy Cruiser


Craft: Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps and
Pammant Docks Subjugator-class Heavy Cruiser
Type: Heavy Cruiser/Battleship
Length: 5,000 Meters
2 Ion Pulse Cannons
5 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
2 Medium Turbolaser Batteries
500 Twin Turbolaser Batteries
5 Point-Defense Light Laser Cannon Batteries
2 Tractor Beam Batteries
Crew: 25,350
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 60,000 (Battle Droids)
Cargo Capacity:
144 Vulture-class Droid Fighters
48 Hyena-class Bombers
Several Droch-class Boarding Ship
Soulless One (Malevolence Only)
Various Support Ships
13,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: 60,000 (Battle Droids)

The Confederate Navy's most powerful battleship class, it had some design-similarities to both the Providence-class carrier/destroyer and the Recusant-class light destroyer, but was larger than five Jedi cruisers and totaled more than 5 km in length. The class was based around its ion pulse cannons, a weapons-system not used onboard any other warship class, due to its unique power-generation needs.

Despite its status as the Confederacy's most powerful battleship design, eclipsing pre-war models like the Lucrehulk-class, the model was classified as a heavy cruiser and was one of the largest designs that came from the Confederate shipyards.

The battleship was fitted with the aforementioned gigantic ion cannons which were charged with plasma rotors and fired a focused and directed ionic pulse at Republic capital ships, completely neutralizing their power systems. The weapon needed a significant cool down period after each shot, to let ionized particles be cleaned out of the cannon before the next firing sequence.

The Subjugator-class was also armed with considerable amounts of standard secondary weaponry to destroy the ion cannon's victims. Turbolasers were fitted to both its sides and dorsal superstructure, being clustered in large banks to defend against any ship that avoided the main ion cannons. They consisted of at least two different types - light and heavy dual turbolaser cannons.

The battleship was covered with armor so thick it could receive heavy turbolaser bombardment from multiple enemy capital ships without being knocked out or even suffering any major damage, even with its shields disabled. Sixteen thrusters were positioned at the vessel's stern. However, it seems that the section connecting the ion cannon to the ship itself wasn't as durable and bombardment to this area caused the weapon to overload during its firing sequence. Anakin Skywalker and his squadron attacked the Malevolence in this manner and it resulted in the destruction of both ion cannons and considerable damage to the ship, knocking out its hyperdrive as well as number of other systems, shields included.

The warship carried several Vulture-class fighter and Hyena-class bomber squadrons, which could launch from multiple hangars on the side of the warship, right behind the ion array. The hangars had their own dedicated firefighting droid teams, which could quickly respond to any emergency in the bays.

The ship was large enough to have its own dedicated internal rail jet transportation system. The rails transported both passengers and materials on several levels and were connected with the various hangars. The rail-jet car design was similar to that of the Multi-Troop Transport.

A communications array was located towards the stern, similar to the one found on the Providence-class. The command center was also located in this tower, which had a multi-storied structure at the top, defended by multiple turbolaser batteries.

This bridge contained a single raised platform in the center where the commander of the ship resided. A holographic terminal was present to allow the captain of the vessel to communicate with others. There were at least five circular computer screens with four stations in a semi-circular pattern where crew were stationed at and controlled the mighty ship. Two turbolifts were present at the back of the bridge allowing for access to other levels in the ship.

The Subjugator-class heavy cruisers were built on the Quarren world of Pammant. Their construction was kept secret, with the simultaneous construction of the Providence-class carrier/destroyer being used as a cover.

The Malevolence, designed by Ruggle Schmong, served as Separatist General Grievous's flagship during the early months of the Clone Wars and managed to destroy dozens of Republic task forces before being destroyed by a joint effort of fighter strikes and internal sabotage. The malfunctioning navicomputer caused the Malevolence to crash into the Dead Moon of Antar which was one of two uninhabitable moons of the gas giant Antar in the Prindaar system. The Devastation was involved in a conflict that concerned Dathomiri Nightsisters.

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