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Executor Super Star Destroyer

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Craft: Executor Super Star Destroyer
Type: Super Star Destroyer
Length: 12,800 Meters
250 Turbolaser Batteries
250 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
250 Concussion Missile Tubes
250 Ion Cannons
40 Tractor Beam Projectors
Crew: 279,144 Crew, 1,590 Gunners
Top Speed: 40 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 38,000 Ground Troops
Cargo Capacity:
Up to 250,000 Metric Tons
Supplies for 300,000 Individuals
3 Prefabricated Imperial Garrison Bases
30 AT-ATs
40 AT-STs
144 TIE Fighters
200 Miscellaneous Combat and Support Ships
Passengers: 38,000

Darth Vader’s personal starship, presented to the Lord of the Sith after the Battle of Yavin. At 12,800 meters long and armed with over a thousand weapons, the Super Star Destroyer was the first of its kind, meant to symbolize both the might of the Imperial fleet and the terror Darth Vader provoked across the galaxy. The Executor was destroyed at the Battle of Endor after a disabled A-wing starfighter crashed through the ship’s bridge. The wounded Destroyer spun out of control and collided with the second Death Star, exploding upon impact.

The flagship of Darth Vader’s fleet, the Executor was the first Super-class Star Destroyer and measured about five times the size of a normal Imperial-class Star Destroyer. The vessel served largely as a symbol of the Emperor’s unlimited power and resources, and was often used to frighten planets and whole systems into submission. Along with its numerous weapons, the starship carried two full wings of TIE fighters, totaling 144 ships, along with 200 other combat and support vessels; 38,000 ground stormtroopers; and enough garrison bases and Imperial walkers to destroy any Rebel base.

The ill-fated Admiral Ozzel originally served as the Executor’s commander, but he met his death at the hands of the unforgiving Vader. Immediately, Admiral Piett assumed control of the mammoth craft. Piett remained at this post until the ship’s fiery destruction at the Battle of Endor.

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