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Eclipse Super Star Destroyer

Craft: Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer
Type: Super Star Destroyer
Length: 17,500 Meters
1 Superlaser Weapon
500 Heavy Laser Cannons
550 Turbolasers 
10 Gravity-Well Projectors
Crew: 700,000
Top Speed: 40 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 150,000
Cargo Capacity:
5 Garrison Bases
100 AT-AT Walkers
50 Squadrons of TIE Interceptors
8 Squadrons of TIE Bombers
Passengers: 150,000

Emperor Palpatine was never one for subtlety. His Empire had been built on a foundation of rule through terror. When he reappeared on the galactic stage six years after his apparent "death" at the Battle of Endor, he returned to his old ways of grandiose weapons and attacks of stunning brutality. Renewed in a fresh clone body, Palpatine gathered his allies from the remaining Imperial factions and directed his forces from a new command vessel, the Eclipse.

The Eclipse was a new Super Star Destroyer that was a stunning 17.5 kilometers long: it was twice the size of the original Super Star Destroyer and over ten times the size of Imperial Star Destroyers. The Emperor’s new flagship was as much a symbol of Palpatine’s thirst for power as it was military material.

The incredible ship was deliberately designed to frighten enemy forces, for a frightened enemy is a defeated enemy. The ship was solid black, and its hull resembled that of naval warships of eras long past. The Eclipse easily achieved its objective of demoralizing enemy troops.

In combat, the Eclipse’s hull and shields were so strong that it could ram enemy vessels without hesitation. The ship was equipped with ten gravity-well projectors to prevent enemy vessels from escaping to hyperspace. Five hundred heavy laser cannons and 550 turbolasers made the ship capable of engaging entire New Republic fleets. The Eclipse carried fifty squadrons of TIE interceptors (six hundred ships) and eight squadrons of TIE bombers.

The Eclipse was also intended to devastate entire worlds. Its main weapon was a superlaser weapon, although its power was only two-thirds that of the main weapon aboard the first Death Star-it was "merely" powerful enough to crack the crust of a planer rather than destroy it outright.

For ground assaults, the Eclipse carried five prefabricated garrison bases and one hundred AT-AT walkers. With a crew of over 700,000 beings and 150,000 troops, the destroyer rivaled the Death Star in sheer manpower.

The Eclipse was stopped over the Pinnacle Moon when Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo joined Force energies to engulf Emperor Palpatine in a wave of life energy. This action stunned Palpatine, forcing him to lose control over the Force storms he had summoned. As Luke and Leia escaped from the Eclipse, the storms consumed and destroyed the vessel.

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