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Part II: The newly opened Imperial Academy Training Center for the Imperial Fleet and the Star Ship (Destroyer Class):  Retribution

~Rahi Taam~

While we originally started our interview with the ever gracious Commander Crimson Draconia on Corellia at the New Imperial Training Academy, we were allowed a new tour of the latest in Destroyer class ships and one of the best in the fleet is the one they call Retribution.  It is headed by none other than Commander Draconia and his crew.  He is both Commander of the ship and he is also media liaison to the Emperor in one of the newest offices on Coruscant in the former Senate Chambers, now the Imperial Offices for the New Republic.  The Media Center is indeed the center of all media that goes in and out of the Chancellor’s office and of course the newly formed Imperial Alliance Offices and Imperial Senate Chambers.  The Restructuring has given the Media Offices/Center many new challenges to face and hurdles to overcome.  We gratefully thank the Chancellor’s office and the Imperial Media Center for their time in helping us with this article.  

CC:  Can you explain how the new Media Center works?

Cmdr. Draconia:  It is very simple really.  Since there is so much information coming in and out of the offices of the Chancellor and all of the other offices, we organize it here so that everyone has someone they can go to when they need questions answered.  I have handled a lot of media relations for the Chancellor’s office when I was working my way through the ranks so I was an obvious choice for the position as Interim Director of Media Services and Information.  Of course the Chancellor will want someone with more experience in this position which is why I have the dual appointment with the Retribution.  As soon as my replacement is named my crew and I can get out there and really make a difference, which is what we all want.

CC:  The Retribution is a beautiful ship, but why do we have Star Destroyers if the War is over?

CD:  That is an excellent question.  These ships are more than mere star destroyers as you call them.  They are really like moving planets.  We have a rather large crew which is able to take supplies to worlds in the Outer Rim Regions where it is most needed.  The artillery that is on the ship is for the protection of both the crew and civilians on the ground as we distribute supplies.  We also hope to accompany other supply ships to much needed areas.

CC:  That sounds like a tremendous humanitarian effort.

CD:  It indeed is.  It is very costly and difficult to get this humanitarian aid moving.  This is another reason why I was especially chosen to do a double duty both in media relations and as commander of this ship.  It is important for consistency in situations like our Empire’s so that no one gets left behind.

CC:     What does that mean for the Holonet news and other media?

CD:     The way we look at the media must change.  Media is not just something to be played with.  It is imperative that the people in the Empire take back their media coverage and not be washed away by millions of bits of information.  They need to know what is most essential to them.  Then after the most important information is gotten to them first they may upload any amount of programming they desire from the latest resources available.  However, the Chancellor feels that information is essential to running the Empire and the people need that information.  No more will we see secret meetings in dark alley ways.  Information will all be yours at the touch of a button.

CC:     How does that provide even more of an “open market” for news?

CD:     Simply put there is no “open market”.  We are right here and now on the cutting edge of “news” as you put it.  We are re-defining what news is and isn’t.  We are in control of our destinies and futures.  We will decide what we want to know and what is important to our families.

CC:     We talked about the Military training, can you tell us about the Medical training corps?

CD:     That is one area that the Chancellor is most proud of his accomplishments.  At one time, Medicine was almost impossible to go into due to high costs.  It was exceptionally risky and difficult.  Even if one had the aptitude for it, most students could not become a healer or doctor.  Now under our new programs, the Medical schools are open to all who show aptitude.  No public University will turn away a student if they show the aptitude for medicine.  Then the students will re-invest their education by giving their time back to the Empire and serving the Empire on Core worlds that could really use the help.  It allows everyone to participate and make our Empire even stronger.

CC:  Won’t this flood the market and end a need for doctors?

CD:  We hope it does.  We hope that every sentient being in the Empire never needs for any medical attention.

CC:  Are some schools better than others?

CD:     All public Universities in the Empire will be funded the same.  They will have increased staffing and all students will have equal and fair access to their education.

CC:     With that wonderful vision in mind we thank you for your time.

CD:     Our doors are always open for questions.


~Rahi Taam~

Part II of our In-Depth interview was done with Rahi Taam.  The Coruscant Courier and staff would like to thank Senator Organa for meeting with us and taking time out of his schedule.

CC:  Politics have changed quite a great deal over the last decade or so.  You have been a Senator for about that long.  What do you see as the role of politics in the new Empire?

SO:  The re-organization of the Republic into the new Imperial set up has many advantages.  It has quite a few for smaller systems that want to participate in ways that the old system did not allow for.  The Imperial Chancellor’s vision allows for many to join the Empire and make this galaxy even more grand than it once was.

CC:     That’s a nice notion but really, how can a Senator in the new Empire accomplish what a Senator of the Republic did?

SO:  You’re looking at things all wrong, the new Empire and the old Republic are in essence entirely different yet the same.  First, we have not moved or changed, we are still the same people, still trying to do the same job.  Second, most of the Senators all want what we’ve always wanted, that is peace and unity for our people.  The Imperial Chancellor has consistently campaigned on the fact that he has brought peace to our galaxy.  The difference with our new Empire is that there are some subtle Administrative changes.

CC:  Weren’t you on the opposition side of the Imperial Chancellor?

SO:  Politically speaking we are still on opposing sides.  He believes in certain types of business practices like an open market, where I am more conservative in my views and feel the government should be more active in regulating and taxation.  Just because one does not agree politically does not mean that we can not work together.  This is not a dictatorship.  While I did support many measures to change some things in the current structure, I also support many things to remain in the current structure.  I am here to preserve the foundations of our society.  I believe strongly in what the Imperial Chancellor has tried doing.  It is not an easy task and there is no one answer to all of our problems.  If there was, there would be no need for all of us.  In order for the government to govern effectively it takes a variety of people working together.

CC:  Is there anything else you would like to add?

SO:  Just that running a government is not what it looks like.  It is not just giving orders and getting results.  There are a lot of difficult decisions made every day.  Everyone must work together to make our galaxy the best it can be and no one person can hold all the answers.  I know I don’t have all the answers and that is why I always encourage my constituents to contact me with any questions or concerns.  That is the true way any one can help his people, whether he is a Senator, or a King or an Imperial Chancellor.

CC:  Thank you for your time Senator and we wish you good luck in the upcoming sessions.


~By Bamberri~

Things have really been busy all over the Galaxy.  Renowned poetic heartthrob and actor Rob Tipton has broken hearts yet again as he has announced his upcoming engagement to none other than Actress and Singer Jennee Turnown from Calypson 8.  The nuptials are planned on the Crescent Shimmer Night Festival on the Pleasure Planet of Fantasia 6.  It will be a star studded event to be sure.  Rumor has it that it must be held soon for Jennee has the good news of a few set of feet coming into the lives of her and Rob!!  A source close to the couple said that Jennee just found out that she might be having a baby soon so that the nuptials had to planned sooner rather than later.

Actor Paris Troy seems bound and determined to take up the slack left by friend Rob Tipton as he was seen out almost every night over the last three months with a different female or two at the popular nightclub Erotic Descent.  He has also been romantically linked with his costar Starshine Autumn who will be with him in his latest film-“When the stars called your name”.  The film will debut at the Pleasure Planets Film Festival later this season.  Be sure to catch all the latest star studded action on our live feed.

Upcoming actor Nick Drake caught the eye of more than one female as he made his own Erotic Descent for the first time this past month at Coruscant’s hottest nightclub.  At the shockingly well attended Night of a thousand Sins opening their new levels of sinning, Erotic Descent was home to the Galaxies hottest and most dangerous people.  The hostess for the Evening that was never alone, Nick Drake hanging on her every word, was the Diosa della Noche, the Princess Jin Su Dragonstar from Star Luna System.  The Princess just had her coming out party and apparently the owners of Erotic Descent liked what they saw.  They asked her to host the evening in a scandalous outfit, an outfit scandalous even by our jaded Coruscant standards.  The Princess had two attendants as well as admirers.  One was the infamous badboy of the Piedi playing world Diegon LaTierra and the other was none other than the Marquis of Alderaan and Dr. Alex Organa.

Speaking of the Royal Court on Alderaan, gossip abounds as the new Imperial Senate is about to re-convene.  Senator Bail Organa is now facing an investigation about black market adoption charges in regards to his daughter Princess Leia Organa.  In addition to his baby blues the very handsome and much sought after Viceroy from Alderaan has been seen in the company of several new candidates for wife and future Queen of Alderaan, including his former sister-in-law The Lady Breha Antilles, Twilek Actress Krystah Skyblade, Junior Senatorial Intern Skye Taa, Queen Carena Sekhmet of Gyptan, and the Princess Jin Su Dragonstar of Star Luna (who is almost 20 years his junior).  If he were to pursue marriage with any of the aforementioned females, it could cause the Senator no amount of problems (see full article below for more information.)

Who knew the Senate was such a hotbed for great gossip?  Senator Jar Jar Binks has officially resigned his position after not returning from rehab from last year.  After Senator Padme Amidala died it apparently affected him on a very deep level and the other Senator was never able to fully recover.  Some sources close to Senator Binks say that their friendship went well beyond just their working relationship to almost a soul bond.  The Senator from Naboo has retired to his homeworld in reclusivity.  No news of a replacement for him as of yet.

Finally rumor has it that Senator Sussnana Tarkin of Eriadu has announced plans of marriage to Count Montavignon which was quite a surprise as it has been long assumed she would marry her friend and long time companion the Lady Genvieve Rotelescue Courtesan of the Chandrilan Court .


The Black Market Baby Adoption racket

~Rahi Taam~

Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan whose first wife died of Niphrylhydremia has been seen in the company of his wife’s sister Breha constantly for the past few months.  Now with the new session of the Imperial Senate, Lady Antilles will just have to wait to see if there is more than just a brotherly love in his heart.  In addition to the scandal that would rock the royal house of Organa if he were to take a second wife so soon before the traditional mourning period is over, Senator Organa has had to deal with the discussion about his baby daughter, the ever beautiful Princess Leia.  Official photos of the baby have finally been released by the Court on Alderaan and the baby is more than happy and healthy.  However, sources that could not be disclosed said that it is quite possible that the baby is not an Organa at all and may even be adopted.  Sources say that the late wife of the Senator would not and could not have had a baby at the time of her death.  Senator Organa has also been rumored to be seen in the company of known Underworld leaders.  At the time of press no official word has come from Senator Organa’s office.  Why would so successful a Senator as Senator Organa risk everything he has to adopt on the black market?  Why would he risk the problems of his office and royal house by re-marrying so quickly to deal with a baby?  These questions came to the attention of the Imperial Ethics committee recently along with the allegations of the mysterious appearance of his daughter.  While the Senator deals with the Ethics Committee, we did some investigative work and in our next issue we will have a detailed report of both the findings of the committee, Senator Organa’s plea and sentencing and what this black market is all about.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible.  Even the sharpest of razors get dull with over-usage.  Why are you always right?  Do you feel like the only one who knows what they are doing?  Are you clairvoyant or do you really have the ability to forecast the future?  No use telling those around you what their flaws are as they will not listen at all.  It is time to take a much needed rest and invest in you.  What have you been putting off that you really wish you had time to do?  Get to it.  No time like the present to cut through your own myriad of reasons.  No one will help you unless you start helping yourself.  Now is the time for change.  Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a new house on Corellia or that new speeder that just came in?  Go ahead, you’re worth it.  Who knows how much those coins may add up to in the future!

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  You can feel to the depths of the oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow.  Like the shimmering rainbow festival of Aurelion 9 you are ready to dance the magical dance again.  As it is time to rejuvenate to your deepest core.  You need healing at all levels.  It is time to invest in some serious pampering and primping.  Have you been holding everyone else up with no thought to yourself?  Have you yet again lost touch with the most sensitive side of yourself?  It is time to re-discover the world beneath your surface and reconnect to the great universal being that created all and awaken yourself anew.  Be sure to invest in every color and indulge in every need you have.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees and reach out to touch the skies.  You have been patient long enough.  Your time has finally come to feel the warm of the Spring upon you at last.  You will be greatly attracted to the warmth of a fire, but remember that if you get too close to them you could get burned, temper it with a cool water friend.  You might consider trimming some of the excesses in your life with a wonderful metal friend as they can get through the things you miss faster than anyone.  Finally, if you’re looking for any long term goals, evaluate things and firmly keep yourself planted.  Perhaps you should think of consulting an earth friend as they are the most reasonable when it come to helping make decisions.  Whatever way you want to branch off, don’t be afraid to stretch out and try new things, dare I say go out on a limb?

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Spring is your time to shine!  The dreariness of Winter has finally ended and you are ready to just burst onto the scene with your magnificence!  Don’t hold back this has been a very hard time of late and you need to break free and share your passions with the universe.  Burn with the light that you instinctively shine for everyone and be the beacon that everyone will follow.  Dance brightly and the universe will find you.

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded.   Even though you are normally happy to just sit back, relax and hibernate, Spring has sprung and it is time for you to get moving.  You feel restless and tired of being cooped up.  It is time for exotic adventures to far off lands.  Normally you are calm and reserved and grounded but it is time to shake off the old dust in favor of exotic soils.  Try the lavender sands of Rubakesh or how about scaling the heights of the Tungstin Mounts at Siantung Holy Lands?  Whatever you choose and wherever your sojourn takes you make it a memorable one with a fire friend or even an adventurous wood friend wanting to stretch their limits!

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