Issue #8




Part I:  The newly opened Imperial Academy Training Center for the Imperial Fleet

~Rahi Taam~

Located on beautiful Corellia is one of the most ambitious projects of the newly formed Galactic Empire to date, the Imperial Academy Training Center for the Imperial Fleet.  The Courier was lucky enough to get an exclusive tour with one of the designers of the new facility, Commander Crimson Draconia of the Imperial Fleet and media liaison to the Chancellorís office.  

CC:  Last time we spoke to you which was just a short time ago you were a Lt. Commander werenít you?

Cdr Draconia:  As a matter of fact I was.  I was just promoted due to my work on this project and my help in organizing the change over to the new Imperial Galactic Policy.  

CC:  Then congratulations are in order.  

CD:  Thank you very much.  My family and I are very proud that I serve the Empire so well.  There is room for everyone to advance in the Empire no matter what their background.  If they work hard and they can easily move ahead.  That is what is so exciting about this new training facility.  When the army was first formed and the fleet, it was all run by clones.  Now, anyone can join and if you go to the Academy on Corellia, you can get your University Education paid for, you have a degree when you come out and you enter into the military right as an officer.  It is brilliant really.  We need smart citizens of the Empire to step forward and seize the opportunities that are being handed to them here.  

CC:  You seem especially proud of this facility.  

CD:  I must admit I am.  I helped design part of the training facility.  When I was asked what I would like to see in a training facility the Chancellor sat down with me and took notes.  That is the best thing about being involved with the Empire.  They listen, youíre not just a number here.  I have been able to visit my facility and see it materialize.  

CC:  That must be an exciting moment.  

CD:  There is not greater feeling to know that what you have set out to do is now accomplished and can be enjoyed by others.  

CC:  Why Corellia?  

CD:  Corellia is known to have the best pilots in the Galaxy, it is only natural that our training facility be set up here.  

CC:  Any plans for other facilities?

CD:  Actually yes.  This facility is the first of its kind.  We already have a medical facility to train doctors being set up on Coruscant and we have other universities on board to work with us across the Galaxy.  It is a partnership within the community that the Government can work hand and hand and help people work together in order to make better worlds for us all.  

CC:  How does one get into the Academy?  

CD:  There are entrance exams of course.  One can obtain an application at our site or one can write to the ministry here.  

CC:  Weíre sure that the Galaxy will be far safer with such a place.  

Next Issue the Newly formed Imperial Medical and Healing Facility on Coruscant.  


~Kahtya Millions~

Part I of the extensive interview with Senator Organa was with Kahtya Millions, and Part II of our In-Depth interview was done with Rahi Taam.  First and foremost we would like to thank the very busy Senator for meeting with us taking this time out of his schedule.  We know that finding time to meet with the media is difficult.  

Senator Organa:  Actually my door is always open.  I do what I can to have the most open policy in the Galaxy.  I feel there is no such thing as too much information and there is no such thing as a taboo subject.  Anyone from anywhere can see me whether they are a resident of Alderaan, Coruscant or anywhere else.  

CC:  That is very liberal.  Many Senators would say they have very busy lives.  Donít you have a very busy life as well?  

SO:  Of course I do, we all have busy lives.  However, my life is dedicated to serving the public.  I am here because the public has elected me to be here.   My people expect me to be here and they expect me to answer for my work and views.  That is what being in politics is all about.  If I did not believe that then I would not have gone into politics.  

CC:  Arenít you the Viceroy of Alderaan?  Which then doesnít that make you a Prince or some other royalty?  

SO:  In actuality yes.  However, just because one is born into a certain station in life does not excuse one from doing oneís duty.  I am an elected official.  I worked hard to get the job as Senator.  I was in the Junior Corps just like every other Senator here.  I studied at University just like every other Senator here.  When it came time to elect a Senator to come to Coruscant for my first term it was not a clear victory.  There was a bitter battle for my seat here.  I was willing to step down but the King of Alderaan at the time, my father, wished that I remain involved and that combined with some negotiations won me my seat.  Since then I have never lost an election.  

CC:  If youíre the Prince wouldnít it just automatically go to you?  

SO:  We have several branches of the royal family on Alderaan.  Our branch that is currently ruling on Alderaan has a long tradition of democratic rule.  We have had a democratic monarchy going back about three hundred years.  However, just because one is a prince does not give one an automatic right to the job of being a Senator.  One does need to be elected and one still has to do work.  

CC:  You said the King at the time; does that mean there is a new King now?  

SO:  A new King has not had a coronation no.  The King passed away some time ago and the future of Alderaan has been discussed.  As we are now part of the Empire the future of the monarchy is an issue of much debate on Alderaan.  

CC:  Would that job go to you?

SO:  That would remain to be seen.  The job of leadership is for all elected officials and is important to all the people in the Imperial Republic .  My job is to make sure that I answer to my constituency as it always has been.  

CC:  Speaking of the Imperial Republic, what do you see as Alderaanís role in the new Imperial Republic?  

SO:  I think the re-organization of the Republic will be an interesting time for all involved.  It will create opportunities for many and will allow the Chancellor to be able to better organize things so that all citizens in the Republic can be safe and secure.  I know for my own family I am hoping for a more safe and secure future.  

CC:  Your family Senator?  We were under the impression that your wife passed away recently.  

SO:  She did pass away but before she passed my wife and I were blessed with a daughter. My wifeís sister, Breha DeFelice, has been especially wonderful throughout my wifeís battle with Niphylremia and she has helped so much with the baby now.  My sister Rana, and my sisters-in-law Celeste and Theresa Organa have also helped me more than I can possibly thank them.  I donít know what I would do without them really.  My family means so much to me.  My daughter and I rely on them very much right now.  

CC:  Arenít the chances of conception during Niphylremia almost impossible?  

SO:  My daughter was born as a preemie.  She did struggle but her will to live must be very strong.  Here she is amazingly, wonderfully healthy and happy despite all the odds against her.  My wife would have wanted no less for her.  She is a miracle.  She definitely has at least one angel looking after her if not a whole multitude of them.  Children show you how amazing the Universe is and how blessed we really are.  Something so delicate and fragile can fight so hard and have so many people believing in it.  She is like the symbol of our Democracy really.  She is a Survivor.  

CC:  You do seem to be truly blessed.  We wish you and your daughter the best of luck.  

-Next issue, the role of politics in the new Empire and Senator Organaís answers to other questions brought to you by Rahi Taam.  


~By Lady Asta~

Things have really been busy on Coruscant recently, and I have been trying hard to keep track of all the activities!  First off, there was the official parade celebrating the end of the war.  The Imperial Chancellor was generous enough to close official government offices for the day to allow everyone to attend. And what a spectacle it was.  Troops from all over the galaxy were welcomed as heroes.  There were speeches by many prominent government officials, and performances by members of the new Imperial Artists League.  

A few days later, the latest play by newly named official Imperial Playwright Herno Bogual opened to enthusiastic reviews.  Senators Taa, Froshuk, and Yafru accompanied the Imperial Chancellor to his box and were seen applauding enthusiastically at the end of the heartwarming drama.  Bogualís next play will be about the war, according to his agent.  With so many stories to tell from this war, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.  

The next night, I dashed over to the latest gallery installment by multi-genre artist Fyn Randers.  In addition to the paintings and photographs on display, the centerpiece of the exhibit was a large free form sculpture that must be seen to be believed.  The exhibit included smaller pieces, such as metal work, pottery, vases, and original jewelry designs available for sale in the gift shop.  Naturally, the gala event was quite full of stars Ė including Fyn ís friends Paris Troy (who I saw sneaking off into the corner for some hot kisses with his new girlfriend Mischa Warlun) and Ian Sharpe. Rumor has it that Ian spent lots of time looking at the jewelry, and even picked up a few decidedly delicate items.  Who might they be for?  Perhaps we will soon find out!  Tisa Graves and Siobhan Crawford were there, happily chattering away about their wedding plans.  It promises to be quite an event.  Look for a full report in an upcoming issue!  

I had a chance to chat with the charming and gorgeous artist, and he said he was very excited about the installation, and the opportunity to show so many of his different pieces together.  ďIt shows that Iím more than just a pretty face.Ē  He said, with a twinkle in his eye.   For someone who started his career as an actor before moving on to exploring so many different art forms Ė and doing it so well - I would have to agree!  



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible.  Fall is the time to sit back and count your earnings.  Donít spend too foolishly you might need those coins and credits you have from those adventures this Summer.  If you havenít been saving now is the time to save.  Donít spend.  You need all the gold and silver you can scrape together in the upcoming cold winter months that you will be seeing.  Perhaps you will need to invest in home improvements or gifts at Holiday time.  Whatever the reason, now is the season for savings.  Be a bit more miserly than usual and think to your own bank account this Fall. 

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  You can feel to the depths of the oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow.  Summer seemed to take you on a wild ride and all you seemed to want was peace and quiet.  The good news is that is all over with and your dance card is about to be filled with fun and fancy as your nightlife livens up.  Parties, receptions, dinner parties and more abound as the festival season seems to come early for you.  Take people up on invitations to as you never know when you just might meet that special someone at the next get together.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees.  You know how to see and listen without causing too many rustling leaves.  Summer was a wild time for you as well as you branched out to all sorts of people and planted lots of seeds.  Now is the time let those seeds rest and see what grows.  You need to wait for your harvest as you seem stuck and even though you might want to move forward your branches are all tangled up in each otherís autumnal winds.  Avoid going to too many festivals and high end occasions as you are just too burnt out.  Save your energies for the Holiday season coming up which is when will be your true time to shine and when you will really know how well your seeds did. 

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Autumn is when we look to candles and candlelight to lead our way.  Snuggling up at home with a  warm fire and someone special is a nice idea.  You will have plenty of opportunities to have a good time but remember to also keep in mind to make time for yourself.  Summer was one great party after another and Fall just keeps those fires burning bright, but one on one time cozy together is a warm place to be too.

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. Autumn is the best time of year for you as the days grow longer and the darkness starts to really make you feel at home.  Not that earthy people like the dark, but there is something more comforting in this season for you.  You are in your element now playing host or hostess to a myriad of occasions be they big or small.  Donít be surprised if a calming water sign helps you plan your event with the best guest list in town or maybe you can finally get that metal sign to pay the bill for that extravagant party you want to throw.  Whatever the case reach out and do just that.  Enjoy yourself and have fun between now in the New Year looks great for you. 

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