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~Rahi Taam~

All in the name of Progress or have the Pleasure Planets gone too far?

In the midst of great protests and calls for its closing before it has even open, the newest and biggest pleasure planet is about to open. TETU is now on the map, though if you are going to visit go soon as it may not be open for long. They say that politics make strange bedfellows and TETU has been putting together some of the most unusual pairings to date. Hotter than celebrity dating pools the controversies surrounding this latest addition to the Pleasure Planet holdings are growing larger than their banking accounts.

How is TETU different from other pleasure planet in the area? This latest planet has been a departure of the older pleasure planets because it is a completely man-made structure. Most of the other pleasure planets were moons or larger orbiting objects asteroids or other such items that were altered to be habitable. The new planet will be the center piece of several larger planets that will also be terra formed. This new science is a synthesis of genetics and hydrofarming being worked on these past few decades by a company called Metamorph. All of this has created a huge stir in across the Galaxy.

Opponents to the new technology are calling it an abomination against the heavens. The most vocal of the groups is a group called the League of Concerned Citizens of the Empire. The League’s mission is to end corruption on all levels of the government and to instill strong moral values for tomorrow’s youth. The LCCE said in a many statements over the past few months that the Guild has been playing "God" and that by terra forming planets they are violating all ethical boundaries and hurting the very essence of Imperial life.

However, if you think conservative groups are the only ones concerned, think again. Environmental and Social Justice organizations have petitioned the Emperor and the Senate to take action against terra forming especially in the Outer Rim where the eco systems are delicate and so varied that all of the changes are being made are being felt in even some of the remotest planets. In addition with the increase in tourism to the area the areas that were once more beautiful are inundated with pollution and noise of the people escaping the inner core. The Center for Intergalactic Environmental Law has cosponsored a petition with the Interplanetary Environmental Investigation Agency to further investigate the problems associated with the terraforming stability for long term issues. In addition, Planetary Justice along with the Xeno Rights Council have petitioned that the jobs created in these worlds help ease the burdens of war ravaged areas and that work visas be more accessible to those that need it most.

The Imperial Senate subcommittee on Ethics has not declared whether or not they will suspend any of the permits that have allowed the various clubs and hotels to be built on TETU. The subcommittee has issued a statement saying that they will be reviewing the objections raised by these groups and that if they find that the allegations are true, trade sanctions and fines may be pending for the increasingly powerful Pleasure Planet Guild.

In response to harsh criticism of the new planet the Pleasure Planet Guild has stated that no Environmental Hazards have been found and that they are perfectly safe to travel within. Ben Stone, current president of the Guild could not be reached for comment but a statement was sent to this office saying that the Guild hopes see an increase in traffic and that people should come to see for themselves what the fuss is all about. There is no lack of business on the new planets with many clubs from Coruscant seeking outlets in these havens for the rich and beautiful and those wishing to see them. The Erotic Descent Nightclub will be opening two new outlets one on TETU and another planet to be named later. Lussuria opens at the Grand Opening ceremony next month with Invidia opening as soon as terra forming and building is complete. Many of these super luxury resorts cater to the very wealthy and decadent lifestyles that the Pleasure Planets have been known for in the past but on an even larger, grander scale.

Border skirmishes with Imperial Troops rock Outer Worlds

In other news the planet of Ulicia saw skirmishes near their borders as Imperial troops arrested several notorious Jedi (Yes there are still some around!) hiding out in the outer planets. Ulicia broke away from the Republic several years ago but increasingly outposts like this are hotbeds of action for traitors to the Empire. The Office of Intergalactic Security has issued several statements warning citizens of going too close to these outlying areas for trade or other reasons. If you know of any problems in that area please feel free to contact the Office of Galactic Security.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible.  There is no need to slice through everyone that tries to offer you advice. While it may look as if you have to battle your way out of every situation right now you really just need to listen to someone besides yourself. Good advice is yours if you will listen and bury the hatchet, preferably not in your opponents back. By practicing calm resolutions you will have a much easier time attaining to your goals and finding that pot of gold you are looking for right now.

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  Your emotions and feelings are rushing over you like a waterfall. You need to find a safe haven to allow yourself a bit of time to catch your breath and dry off. It is great to go through the rapids but we all need time to make sure we haven’t acquired too much baggage for us to carry in our vessels. Take some time out and re-evaluate what you need and what you truly want. Are there things you are holding on to that could pull you under? Is it time to get rid of the stagnation? It is time to sink or swim? Decisions now will decide if you have stormy seas or smooth sailing in the months ahead.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees and reach out to touch the skies. You know your own mind like you know the change of the seasons. Stick to what is in your heart and you can put down new roots that will grow strong and true. Reach further than you have reached before and you may just reach the stars that you see overhead each night. Nothing can stop you from fulfilling your destiny. As the acorn grows into the mighty oak, any new roots you send forth now will grow tall and strong.

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Passionate nights and starry skies are in your near future. Are you planning a trip to the stars? Do not hesitate to spend time on your favorite sunny beach or out amongst the stars as a passionate union will await you. No matter who you reach out to you are sure to make fireworks (and if it is with a water sign-even the dampest of spirits will create the warmest of steam with you!). Let the stars shine and trip the lights fantastic, wherever the Galaxy may find you.

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. You have laid the ground work and you are now ready to plant your seeds. You may have felt like your fields were barren but they were just getting prepared for planting season. Now is the time for things to grow and if you go forth with your plans now you will see rapid growth in you near future that even carries on into the distant future. Plant your seeds wisely. You do not want any weeds to grow in your magnificent garden. Make sure any old weeds are gone and you are ready.


~Branduff Penmawr~

It is play off season and not a moment too soon. Piedi semi play-offs are happening in the next month with the greatest teams trying out for the top spots. Already we have seen the demise of some of the biggest names in the leagues but the best and brightest are still there including the Elite Eight! That’s right folks we are down to the final 8 weeks and 8 teams of competition. Each match is win or go home and that is just the way this reporter likes it. There is no place for second best here. Coruscant is leading the group with two teams in the Elite Eight. The Coruscant Piedi Club will be playing the Corellian Blues in this weeks Core showdown. The Inner Rim is also represented in the best match of the series and the one that surely no one will want to miss, and that is the oldest and most respected club on Coruscant, the Coruscant Athletics Piedi Club playing against the venerable Alderaanian United Piedi Intergalactic Club. United has not had the injuries that the Athletics have had. Intergalactic Star Forward Diego Flamini will be burning the field with his light touches and power plays along with teammate Jamie del Rey. In other playoff action the dream team from Rishi United will be playing powerhouse Gala Galactic. This fairytale season for the outer rim team may come to an end when it plays against one of the biggest and best teams in the galaxy. Last, but certainly not least the noblest of the noble games will be played in Axum as the Axum Piedi club hosts the Selonia Stars Piedi Club. All of these games promise to give spectators an edge of their seat exciting whirlwind of Piedi perfection!

On your mark, get set, go…the Talusian Marathon will be coming up in the next few weeks. Runners from all over the galaxy arrive on Talus and run for the best run of their lives. It is an annual tradition that helps raise funds for the charity of choice. This year’s theme is Wildlife Conservation. Co-chairs of the Marathon Theme committee will unveil the trophy at the opening ceremony this upcoming Lunestes. There will be a feast and a ball to follow. Then the runners have one day to rest before the big event. The winner takes home a prize of 250,000 Imperial Credits and their name is inscribed on the marathon’s cup along with a commemorative cup for them to take home. The rest of the proceeds made will help support various wildlife charities around the Empire. For a full list of charities see the marathon’s website.


~Branduff Penmawr~

Where is someone to go when he (or she) needs a quick fix on the latest scores and updates of the best (and even the smallest) games? ATHLETICA! Yes, this is the place to be. It is a resort for the super sports enthusiast. It has multi level gaming and betting as well as all vid feeds from every game imaginable and it is located on the pleasure planet of Aurelia.

I hear you, as a diehard Piedi fan you want to be at every game for the play offs? You can do that with the all new Piedi Power ticket brought to you by Interstellar Financial. It not only gives you tickets to the games but also to any one of the premier hotels in the area that will be hosting the Piedi finals. To obtain the PP Tickets checkout the official Piedi website and click on Piedi Power!


~Lady Asta~

While we usually bring you on all the gossip we can find, this time around we’re going to focus on celebrities rebuilding our war torn galaxy.  Celebrities of various types can be found making the rounds of various fund raisers, charity balls, and opening night photo ops.  For some, their involvement ends there.  For others, their involvement goes far beyond that…

Axum’s most popular opera singer, Trilonia Yowst, has been working hard rebuilding devastated areas of her home region.  She has given 500,000 Imperial Credits to the relief effort, and has spent the last month building homes for refugees.  Trilonia hosted and performed at a special thank you concert honoring her fellow relief workers.

Actor and animal lover Dalnen Bitrez has been actively involved in rehabilitating injured animals of all types at his large ranch on Corellia.  He has also worked on rebuilding the animal welfare facilities there, and has even added a few rescued animals to his ever growing menagerie.

Moved by reports of refugees and devastation, Solanja Paloing, daughter of media mogul Adisi Paloing, made the bold move to adopt three orphaned children and their beloved pets.  She is now starting a charitable foundation to help reunite families separated by war, and is urging her friends and family to open their hearts and their homes and their hearts to the victims of war.

We will certainly keep you updated as we are always happy to share the good things that the celebrities do!

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