Issue #15




~Rahi Taam~

Trouble erupted in the Tisanian region as the Tisanian rebel forces clashed with ruling Fa’Dann Forces on Abraxin. The small groups have been making names for themselves in the recently discovered swamp regions of the distant planet. The Tisanians want to have more control over the Cognac that is produced and exported from the planet that they claim the Fa’Dann have stolen from their private stores. So far casualties have been kept low but reports are difficult to obtain and no concrete numbers have been secured by the Courier at this time. We will keep a close eye on this area as it could be a hotbed of trade problems in the near future.

Speaking of trade problems, the planet of Zeltros has sent an official petition to the Finance Subcommittee to revoke the licenses of the Pleasure Planet Guild. They along with Ord Mantell and other Core Worlds who rely on gaming and other Pleasure Planet Tourists seek damages and the loss of the new Pleasure Planet Guild’s licenses to operate any businesses. President of the Pleasure Planet Guild Ben Stone said the request was beyond ridiculous and was infringing on his and the rest of the Guild’s right of free trade and free marketplace. Bail Organa, Chair of the Finance Subcommittee for the Senate was not available for comment but in an official statement released by the Imperial Office for Trade and Marketing has stated that the matter will be reviewed with the utmost care. We will keep you updated on any changes that may occur with these to areas as many events we cover occur in the Pleasure Planets as well as Zeltros.


~Luciana Diamanti~

Summer is here and it is time to shake off the space dust and explore the worlds for new life. New life festivals abound this year as all seem to be vying for the all important traveler’s money. So whether you are a Mon Calamari with a desire for Surfing the Volcanic Plumes of Pei-Le’ia or you are a Corellian looking to kick back and relax with a few friends at a concert for the trust of the Strellita-Princessa featuring many musical guests especially noteworthy is Saffron with special feature guest Starlight. If you go to this year’s trust concert you are in for a vivid event.

Nothing could be more relaxing than sitting under the beautiful trees on Loratia sipping Apri Nectars and watching the Strellias grow. One of the best things about the new seasons on Loratia is that each month brings a different variety of Strellia with color and fragrance in abundance. That is why Loratia is known as the Strellia capitol in our galaxy. In addition the Fluffer trees are in their prime as they start to blossom with the help of the bumblebudgies. Another great trip to take would be to Tauritius. The mighty woodlands of this forest planet have many of the hotels in the trees themselves! In addition there are wonderful nature hikes to find the elusive, albeit incredible Lynxconeum Leopard. Extinct in almost every other system, the Lynxconeum Leopard still can be seen on Tauritius. It is a site to see and many tourists flock to go on a safari to glimpse the elusive creature or try to obtain video of it. Some videos have gone for auction for as much as 3000 credits.

Speaking of safaris if adventure is what you seek then Pei-Le’ia is the place to be. The Volcanoes become most active during this season. If you want to catch some amazing action head there for the annual Pei-Le’ia surfing competition which brings adventure seekers from all over Coruscant. If you are near Pei-Le’ia you might want to job on over to nearby Chin-lois. The Crystalline Mountains provide some of the best ice climbing in those parts and have breathtaking views. In additions to being made of ice, they have underlying crystals that give each mountain its own unique color when it hit by the sun in that sector. The colors also change under the tri-moons of Chin-lois to give it one of the most breathtakingly romantic views in all of Coruscant, inspiring many to say their wedding vows here after a day of climbing.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible. Cutting through all that red tape and problems is not as simple as it looked, especially with you dull and lifeless. It is time to get out and sharpen your edges, whether it is with physical exercise or mental ones, now is not the time for you to sit around and do nothing. A drawer full of dull knives is useless, as you will be if you just do nothing for much longer. This is a call to action, so get out there and walk that razor’s edge once more for no one does it quite as well as you do!

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  Now is not the time to be wishy-washy. It is time to decide which way the river flows. Follow the flow of the stream but as you know going against the current is difficult. It doesn’t matter which way you choose, but you must now choose. You will drown if you do not. A fish out of water only dies. If you learn to live with the tide you will find the fortune that has been elusive to you up to this point. You know where it is now you must swim to get to it.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees and reach out to touch the skies. The winds of change are blowing your way and you must obey them. As a tree you know that leaves rustle and blow and sometimes losing a few things lead to new growth and change. However, also you know that if you do not bend you will break. Flexibility is your greatest asset right now and you must learn how to let go of the dead leaves in your life in order to make way for the buds of Summer. You must also learn to bend or the changes coming your way could break you and change you in ways you did not anticipate. Now is not the time stand strong but allow the breezes of change to show you the way you need to lean.

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Lightning and you have a lot in common. Your temper flares just like a storm and before you know it the problem is out and gone. However, your temper could flare and start a fire that could get out of control. Just remember what to you may seem like a little flare up may set someone else off and scorch and burn without hope in site. Temper those anger flames before you let your anger get out of control. Once you do that you will shine with the happiness and warmth of everyone’s friendship that you always knew you had.

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. Do not let anything dampen your spirits now. It may seem like someone is trying to rain on your life and create a muddy picture for you from something that is simple. You know what is strong and true and you should stick to what you know. Plant the seeds for your future as you know what you want and how to get it. When everyone else is wondering what to do you will have a bountiful harvest ready to take in for you already planned ahead, as usual.


~Aditi Walawak~

Hello everyone! We have been busy trying to keep up with the celebrity goings on in this vast galaxy of ours! The Intergalactic Singer Search has brought the top 8 finalists to Coruscant for the final phase of the competition. While Nubian singer Sinara Rieve is clearly a favorite, the recent surge in popularity of Mon Calamari’s entrant, Oleg Treporin, means that this will not be an easy win for anyone! Dark horses Russo and Xenia are not out of it yet, so keep watching. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites as often as you can!

The singers were on Coruscant to help break ground on the new Imperial Arts Center. Emperor Palapatine is enhancing his repuatation as a major arts patron with this venture. The Center will include practice space, recording facilities, classrooms, and performance areas. Grants and scholarships will be available to artists, personally chosen by the Emperor, from all fields to study at the new Center. As Palpatine mentioned in his speech, sponsorship of the arts is a way to promote unity and healing throughout the vast reaches of the Empire. Also at the ceremony were Imperial Poet Laureate Carimbane Lausworth and composer Flavio Timbale, who have been commissioned to create new works celebrating this new era in artistic achievement .

Glamorous super couple Isitta Belman and her husband Divan Murdoch, held a baby shower for their adorable new born twins, Solstice and Equinox. The well attended public debut for the twins was attended by their friends Luara Petri, Enobio Hestridge, Ursla Saliern, and Bindia Phlox. Even with all that star power, the twins managed to keep the attention centered on them! Many deluxe baby gifts were given to the happy couple, including a spa package to the Pleasure Planet Sulis, the latest in high tech toys from hip baby store Faoshwarz, and designer baby clothes from fashion house Pruccio. The couple has stated to numerous friends that they are overjoyed at becoming parents, and will definitely be welcoming more children to their family soon. Rumor has it that Isitta is hoping for triplets next time!

Red hot actress Kehlane Pele was seen out with her new love, Vaz Graham. Both were displaying sparkly Commitment Bands for all to see. Can a wedding be far off? We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything! Also rumored to have made a love connection recently are actor Jacinto Narewa and writer Maurais Lavela, seen together at the wrap party for Jacinto’s latest movie. Summer is certainly a wonderful time for a new relationship, and we’re sure more stars will follow suit in the next few months!

Philanthropist Zylfa Trowbridge hosted a fundraiser recently for the Galactic Environmental Fund, which is busy helping to repair the heavy environmental damage caused by the recent war and providing basic services to regions hardest hit by fighting. With the needs of so many planets so great, it is important to remember how much repair work must be done all over the galaxy. Give generously and give often!

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