Issue #14




Cornucopia/Harvest Festivals

~Kahtya Millions~

As Festival seasons abound we see more and more Harvests showing us the amazing bounty that is around the Galaxy. Here are just some of the few fabulous Otonnal Specialties that we can all look forward to this season.

The first and by the best of the Otonno festivals is the Cornucopia festival of Osarian Space. Every city in every port has some sort of participation and special meal. It is a night full of dancing and foods from around the sector. Be sure to sample the local fare such as roasted Dracofeur, super spicy and still made by the exquisite hands of their renowned chef Xeot-ulyt!

Another great festival to attend is the Anrueff-Yequ Festival in the Central Core. The best part is the midnight racing (racy indeed for those in the know, some of the most elite in society get their tickets 2 years in advance!!) on Aquella 11 in the Canyons Of Eliunt. It is a super fast race with some of the most elite of Coruscanti Society going to the races. One of the most notable fanciers there, was none other than Senator/Playboy Simon Greyshade of the Vorzyd sector. He has been coming to the races for the past few years now and his entourage just keeps growing as does his popularity which increases the popularity and prices of those exclusive tickets. Giving the Senator a run for his money this year will be the latest entry from developer Maximillianus Ostermann from Tigra 9. We will see how these monetary power houses square off as politicians, entertainers and more can be found at the celebrity parties until the wee hours of the next morning. We will be sure to keep you up to date in Eyez on the Starz!!

Whether your Harvest Festival is full of food, fun, family or all of the above, have a great one from all of us here at the Courier.

The Rise of the Bounty Hunter

~Rahi Taam~

Bountiful Harvests can be had in a variety of definitions these days as the Empire has issued a new directive to find the last of the Jedi Order. It was released in the past few months that finding Jedi Fugitives could be a lucrative career for those interested in it. A reliable source that has asked for anonymity has shared with us information about the new avenues available to the Bounty Hunter. In past years this position has seemed to be outside the realm of traditional law enforcement. The Empire, seeing more and more escaped Jedi slip from their reach, have sent directives to the Outer Rim to increase patrols for the dangerous and usually armed Jedi so that no civilian targets will be harmed in apprehension of the outlaws. The Official statement from the Imperial Security Force (ISF) has been issued to apprehend any and all of the Jedi with as little difficulty as possible by whatever means necessary to secure the areas affected by their infiltration. The Empire has started to hire bounty hunters to help them in apprehending the Jedi to make sure that the Imperial Officers have time to patrol the Space Lane superways and keep transportation and shipping free from troubles.


~Maxentious Niphredil~

If you knew we are discussing the latest craziest race around the galaxy, called The Ultimate Quest (formerly known as the Ultimate Galactic Challenge) then you are one of the millions of fans of this addictive challenge. Racers start at one end of the Galaxy and make their way around from star system to star system filling up their crafts with things they must obtain from their list. However, this is no ordinary scavenger hunt. The items must be obtained by fulfilling tasks in a certain order, and only then will you be given the prize and able to move on to the next system. These racers often have to rely on cunning and skills to break past barriers of language and customs to win their prizes. Now in its 5th year the race has become so popular that they have had to limit teams to just 25 teams running it. The first team to collect all items and return them all to the finish line wins the grand prize.

You can check out all of the starting teams and locations dual casted on both the UQS (Ultimate Quest’s Satellite Direct) or the IMD (Imperial Media Division) Satellite Feed. The UQ has given some interesting bits to the Imperial site that they do not have on their own and vice versa. This way some games and items can only be found in the exclusive content areas on the sites. They are both worth a look. If you are lucky enough to be in a Star System hosting an MP (or meet point) then you can meet up with all the racers as they come in to check in and rest. We hope to see all of the UQ’s aficionados regaling us with the inside track on this truly awesome Ultimate Quest.

Searching for Truth in the Senate

~Rahi Taam~

A new Senate subcommittee was formed recently to investigate the new acts passed by the Senate. It seems that Corruption is rampant and some of the most vocal of our Senators seem to be the guiltiest of violating these corruption laws. In a report that was released just last month the findings of the Security Subcommittee on corruption has named several key Senators in a plot to overthrow our current Imperial Government. Of those mentioned, many have since been questioned by the Subcommittee.

STAR Festivals Shining Bright

~Kahtya Millions~

Soon after the Harvest and Cornucopia Festivals we have the brilliant and shining Star Festivals upon us. The thing I like most about the Star festivals is all the light everywhere. It celebrates the stars we live on and travel by and the light in our worlds. It is also a great excuse to go out and find all the fabulous sparkle that is around the Galaxy at this time of year. We just put together a short listing of some of the festivals, check for Star celebrations in your area.

Leading the magical worlds is the Faerlim Glimmer Shine Festival on Ninainu. Listen for the Glimmering Bells to ring the exact number of times as the fair ones sparkle that evening as the event will tell you just how special your night will be!

Another great event is the Antiwoch festival on Saclas. Remember the battlecry "Qu'mpeil Geh KN’CH!!!" You will go far with that one! It is a favorite amongst the Ocsinin people hosts of the Antiwoch festival at this time of year. It celebrates the stars they originated on and their glorious return to them.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible. Flexibility is always seen from a certain point of view. Some view you as very rigid with a sharp edge and even sharper tongue. Some view you as a sharp mind cutting through the mire of lies. You will be called on for more than one incident to show your true flexibility when tempers flare at your holiday gatherings. You will need to show that metal not only is sharp and brilliant but can bend without breaking or giving ground. Be wary, be wise and be ever flexible. That is when you truly shine!

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  Sinking into the murkiest depths of your soul is where you really want to be. Curling up in a mud bath or getting into nice warm bath salts seem simply like heaven. The world has too much planned for you to just coast. Be sure to let off plenty of steam before it shows too much. You need your down time just as much as anyone. However, with carefully planned timing you will be brimming with happiness and overflowing with joy.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees and reach out to touch the skies. The beauty of those of in wood years is that they are both strong and flexible. This time around others will be looking for your calming strength to be the pillar that holds them up. Chaos is always happening at holiday time but you seem to bear it with such a calm resonance that not a leaf is out of place. You just bend with whatever way the need is most. While sometimes it feels as if you can’t keep up you know that deep down in your roots is where you are planted firm. You can hold up others and will be just the helping hand they need to get by. Be strong and giving as only you can and your kindness will bear the special fruit of the happiest of holiday seasons.

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Fires and stars burn brightest in the darkest of the dark places. It is time that you light the way for others now instead of just shining for yourself. Be that homing beacon that others look to this holiday season and you will reap the rewards for many cycles to come. You could volunteer your time for your favorite charity, donate to an auction, help those less fortunate than you or call someone that you haven’t seen in awhile. Whatever light you decide to give, it will shine brightest when given without any strings or covers to snuff it out. Show the Universe your spark and burn brightly as you always do!

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. You are known for nourishing the soul inside and out. It is time to nourish you too. Whether it is a much needed vacation with family or just staying home and doing what is most cherished to you. Dig in and serve up extra helpings of comfort for your Holidays. Those that are closest to you will enjoy all the benefits of your renewed strength as well as some great times with you. Go ahead - you deserve it more than anyone!


By Aditi Walawak

So what is going on with the rich, famous, and powerful on Coruscant these days?  In short, plenty of them have been spotted at various events as the holiday season fast approaches.  Emperor Palpatine was present at the lighting of the new Unity Tree in the main square outside the Senate building complex.  This tree is meant to symbolize peace and unity amongst all the members of the Galactic Empire.  Also unveiled was a War Memorial to honor the millions of beings that died in the recent war. 

A much more festive mood could be found at the opening of the hottest play in the galaxy, Falling Stars.  Making his theatrical debut in the starring role is none other than a soon to be Eyez on the Starz regular, Sterling McSweet.  Contrary to the title, Sterling’s star is on the rise!  Reviews of his performance are hot! (As is his relationship with his co-star, Tananda Harwicke)  The play is breaking records here on Coruscant, and rumors of a touring production with Sterling and Tananda are flying.  Seen at the premiere were actors Ustin Petrov, Francito Lerwas, and Shilay Mirvan.  Actress Carine Grant and her twin sister Marine – set to make her movie debut soon - were seen working the crowd, and artist Zindart was hoping to garner some interest (and investors) in his ambitious new art project, wrapping the Senate buildings in sheets of shimmersilk.  We’ll keep you posted on whether that project gets Imperial approval. 

On the music front, the recent experimental music festival, On the Rise, brought together the elites of the music world, including star producer Kwincee Johannes, talent manager Esmira Sandflower, and superstar singer Sonrise, with new and emerging performers.  Considerable buzz surrounded the multi-world music collective FreeSpace, and solo artist Yiki Inex.  Fashion designer Diana Veltaro even had time to show off some of her fall collection, with actresses Olani Firestar and Ives Grandew wearing designer originals at the kick off party.

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