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We relocate! The most exciting news in the Galaxy for the Courier has been the sale of our news feeds to the multi national conglomerate company FFR. While we adored our last Editor and Owner Lucero Taurendil, and we appreciated his keen eyes and even sharper mind, everyone knew that the news business is just not like a job in Coruscant’s financial sector (nor is it like traveling to exotic adventure vacations that our former owner and editor fell in love with after our last issue). So it was with great regret that we looked for new offices in a new sector with a new owner. After considering several buyout options we have settled in deluxe offices on a nice quiet moon in the mid-rim. This way we have plenty of access to everything without all the traffic of the Central Core.

We then set back to the work of reporting the news. What is the greatest thing on everyone’s mind in the galaxy lately? Piracy. The latest addition to the Pleasure Planets has a theme of Piracy and Deception. Check out our "Where in the Galaxy?" section for a review of the new Pleasure Planet, where Kahtya brings you all of the latest info on what to see and where to see it. In addition to that we take a more daring approach to our Piracy issue by having one of our reporters bring us some of her best pieces yet. She has secretly gone deep inside the wild, dark, dangerous and very real world of Piracy here in the Empire. That’s right, she has gone undercover to speak with the Pirates, share their stories, their code, and find out why and how they do it. Her name has been concealed to protect her and those she speaks with, but the Pirates she names are all too familiar from the newsfeeds everyone had been hearing about. Finally, we do give equal time to the Imperial Government and what they are trying to do to protect their citizens from Piracy. We interview several levels of Core officials some on the record and off in a multi part piece to explore this other world and expose what we can about how the government is or is not taking steps for our protection. One final question on everyone’s mind that we will be investigating, are there any truth to the rumors of magical powers that the Pirates have? Are they really wizards or do they just use greater technology than we know about?


Piracy and its effect on Imperial Shipping and Trade

~Rahi Taam~

While it seems almost impossible to believe but even the central Imperial government has its problems. If you thought getting your items from other sectors was difficult before, the new rules and regulations regarding Posts and Posting of items have just gotten harder. In an edict from Core Postal Systems the Imperial Governors are being given increased authority to patrol the shipping and trade routes to and from the Inner Core. According to the Security Council’s findings one in five envoys are troubled by piracy! While the government has assured us that the Security Council’s initial findings are based on a very small survey of highly susceptible routes it is alarming that piracy and smuggling are gaining in popularity. According to the Interstellar Council they have called for a larger report on multi-lanes to find out if the smaller shipments and areas are at risk. At this time the official word is that the report will be considered at the next meeting of the Imperial Senate and then referred to the Security Council.


~Kahtya Millions~

The latest and greatest of the Pleasure Planet worlds has got to be the area known as Caribana. It is a relatively small area with 2 primary planets and a couple of terra-made moons. Each planet has a distinctive theme. The bigger planet, Caribana Rica is warm jungle like planet. It has many beaches with every kind of resort and spa one could imagine. Beach sand comes in every color imaginable, from red, coral, white, and black to the more exotic turquoise, lavender and pink sands. One can get a private villa with servants or a small beach hut or go to a mega hotel with spa. The spas on the planet are the most advanced to date with body scrubs, warming stones, and massages of every type imaginable. If that was not enough, there are more sports and recreational activities than many of the other Pleasure Planets. This planet does have some of the gambling casinos that the other planets have, but it also has fishing, gaming, hiking, climbing, sailing, and anything one can imagine to do outdoors. This is a shift from traditional pleasure planets that tend to focus on luxury indoor vacations. The owners say that the change in this planet was due to the popularity of the extreme sports movement and the desire by patrons to do something besides just sit in a casino for their whole vacation. Many vacationers, according to Jurgens de Steinmans manager of Crystal Bay de Caribana, want to have something of their vacation memories to bring back with them. They do not want to have to say they did nothing but gamble. This also allows Caribana to have centers that can cater to families as well as just adults. It makes them more versatile in the Vacation market. The smaller planet Adriatico Lusso is a bit pricier and geared toward those looking for a luxury vacation of a lifetime. If you seek the rich and famous then this is the place to be. It is rumored to be the ultimate in star watching and hobnobbing with the well heeled aristocratic layer of our society (no matter what society you are originally from).

So what about the moons in this area? There are only 2 moons for Caribana Rica and 1 for Adriatico Lusso. Each moon has its own unique flavor as well. The moons tend to be off the beaten path compared to the planets directly and do not cater to tourists as much. However, some of the smaller, quieter places located on these areas might be just what you are looking for if you want to avoid all the commercialism of the bigger planets.

So where should you stay? Glad you asked! With so many options all over the Pleasure Planet system, these new sections leave no one looking for a room. From grand to relaxing they have it all. I have grouped the areas by price and luxury depending on what you are looking for:


Super-Luxury with everything (you don’t need to lift a finger)-I would highly recommend Crystal Bay de Caribana. It is lovely and the waters are clear to a light aqua. The sand is white to almost diamond crystal and the days are always warm and sunny with a light misting of dew every evening to watch the rainbows play across the waters at sunset. It will cost you a lot of your credits though, so make sure you can afford the cost.

Relaxing-Although not as expensive as many of the other resorts on the planet I found the best was the Villa Princessa Roselita. It is a mid-range hotel and spa on the pink and coral beaches on the far side of the planet near the planets second moon of Selina. Each beach villa opens onto the pink sands and goes into the lovely sea of the angels. At night the water and sands warm to brilliant pinks and corals until the moon comes out to a spectacular dinner served at the Main Villa’s dining establishment Estrellita. Everything is decorated in pinks and silvers and is just breathtaking. The spa has many wonderful treatments including their signature pink sugar scrub to help exfoliate your skin and rub your muscles to relaxation.


Luxury does not even begin to describe every hotel there. Some of the best of the best are as follows:

Il Reino Del Sol-The Kingdom of the Sun bathes you in rich golds and deep blues of the waters and hotel. The most luxurious item to get for yourself is their "Golden Bath". It is a bath complete with solid gold tub, golden tinged bubbles, champagne and gold and chocolate dipped desserts. The price tag is high but rumor has it that some of the most famous of Coruscanti Society have celebrated birthdays here as well as a wedding or two…(see our Star section for more).

Empresse del Mar-is a floating hotel in the middle of 2 huge oceans. It is a round hotel with sea or water views from every room. There is a round beach around the building. The only way to or from the hotel is through private boat or flight. You must go to the mainland and contract for a private transport to the Empresse. The guest list is so tight we could not even find out if anyone we know has stayed there but we were told that it was not unusual for the occasional royalty of various worlds to stop by for a weekend and rent the entire island hotel.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible.  All that glitters is not gold, no matter how pretty it is! Don’t be so gullible. It is great to learn the finer points of fencing but remember the old adage, the hotter the flame, the sooner the metal melts and burns. This can be said of romantic entanglements as well as friendships as well as business partnerships. Stay sharp and remember to slice through the rhetoric to the central essence of a situation.

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  The waterwheel turns every faster as your life flows quickly by. Try to slow down and take it easy instead of always rushing around, or you could be headed towards the steep and deadly falls. When you slow down and meander a bit, you notice things that you might not have seen before. The side turns your life can take may turn into rainbows.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees and reach out to touch the skies. Sometimes you must bend to the will of others and then there is the time to stand firm and stay where you are planted. The seeds that you have planted this year are finally coming to fruition. While the sway of others seems persuasive, you know down in your deepest of roots in the heart of the tree spirit where your path lies. Do not let anyone deter you from you foundation or path. Stand tall and proud like the great and mighty tree kings of old, then you will be crowned with the glory that is rightfully yours.

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  You sparkle with excitement, could those be stars in your eyes? What or who has caught the heart of the fiery phoenix? Do not reveal all your passions too quickly or it may engulf and burn you. A slow steamy flame is the way to your heart’s desire. Planning and patience would be your brightest hope at this moment. However, that glimmer of hope may not exist as planning and patience are not your strength. If you need help learn how to ask for it. Then once you have what you are seeking, nothing will extinguish the flame of your enthusiasm.

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. Doubts can shake your terra firma as strong as an earthquake. The most difficult choices are made by those who do not wish to make them. It is time to make that choice and put your foot on the pathway that you have so carefully contemplated these many months. The decision feels as if you are squeezed between that rock and even harder place. However, once the decision is made, the decision will shake the very foundations of your World.


By Aditi Walawak

The Galaxy is such a busy place these days, it’s hard to keep track of all the goings on with our favorite celebrities! Therefore, we will be seeing many new contributors to this space to keep everyone up to date.

First, we have the shocking arrest this week of Rocket Tennis player Simone Chardonne for possession of banned substances while playing at a tournament on Valdettin . While there is no official word on what the banned substances were, Simone’s official explanation is that she was unaware that there was a ban in place on Valdettin. A full screening test for all banned substances has been ordered, and the results will be known in a few weeks. Depending on the test results, criminal charges could be filed, and a suspension or ban from competition could happen as well.

Kicking off a big party week on the aforementioned Caribana, the opening of chic new nightclub the Rum Runner featured a free concert by hot new band Big Damn Heroes. Spotted at the concert were rock singer Rhodes Taylor and visual artist LaBonne, whose latest installation will debut at the new art gallery, Antigua, in the heart of downtown. Caribana is a fun, friendly, and exciting place. You will never run out of people to see or things to do!

But there’s more to the Galaxy than just Caribana! The Inner Core has seen plenty of excitement. To celebrate the anniversary of the War’s end, a huge festival was held two weeks ago on Coruscant. A military parade thanking the troops for their hard work as well as displays of the new ships and weapons ready to defend the Empire made for quite an impressive site. Many Imperial Generals-including Supreme High Commander Cesarin, Ambassadors (Clave Horvat, Wylvane Serow) and Senators (Orn Free Taa and Jusvina Trunchon) were in attendance to lend their support. Also in the crowd were many that had initially opposed the War, but have seen the value that the New Peace and Prosperity has brought to their planets.

New Senators have been elected to the Imperial Senate, and they were warmly welcomed to the Senate at a lunch hosted by Emperor Palpatine himself. The new Senator from Naboo, Jassamyn Gerou, was of particular interest to the Emperor. They spent much time discussing the latest events on their shared home world. We will see if Senator Gerou takes similar positions to her predecessor, Padmé Nabierre, or if she shares the views of the Emperor.

A new club has opened on Coruscant, and it might give top night spot Erotic Descent a run for its money. The club is called Vudu, and its owners promise that it will be hotter, sexier, and even more decadent than its main competitor. That is quite a tall order! The opening night party featured music from singer Calais, and a performance by the dance troupe Sassi Kats. Actress Annissya Triomphe, perpetual partier Gaston Blakewell and club co-owner Miss Bianca were all partying until dawn – or well past it, in some cases. Looks like the club is off to a great start!

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