Issue #12

~Lucero Taurendil-EDITOR~



Lucero Taurendil

This is the time of year in the Galaxy when our thoughts turn homeward. It is at this very special time of year that we wanted to emphasize all that is still right with the Galaxy. Sure it is easy to focus on the negatives and all the problems we all have seen but it is time to offer new hope and understanding. It is with these thoughts that we started building this issue. So, at this special time of year, we decided to have a special issue with special features. As always we like the Courier to remain a growing aspect of the Galaxy and what is going on in it.


The latest and greatest gifts anyone would ever want in the Galaxy
~Kahtya Millions~

We interviewed both the staff and various people we knew and created the following lists of the truly wonderful and exceptional gifts anyone could possibly want. While it may not always be possible to always get what you want, it is important to keep trying to get what you want. Goals are important, no matter how high. 

VEHICLES-If money were no object and the Galaxy were at our feet we decided that we all would want a luxury yacht or speeder at our disposal. Keeping that in mind, the staff and friends and family helped put together this short but wondrous list of the most amazing vehicles around:

Our Number one pick is the Ambassador-class Luxury Shuttle 001 made by SoroSuub followed closely by the Personal Luxury Yacht 2100, and the Personal Luxury Yacht 4000. There are also a few from Corellia out there, such as, the Baudo-class star yacht, WUD-500 Star Yacht, and the ZD-9000 Luxury Liner.

For speeders there are quite a few of small speeder classes available but the most luxurious is the JG-8 Luxury Speeder which really is built specifically with luxury in mind. For the home enthusiast, there is the line of speeders from the Narglatch AirTech firm. The XJ line is the most popular with several models being the most sought after, such as the XJ-6 and XJ-4. 

For the gadget and gizmo lover in your lives Lady Asta has found the best of the best:

HOLLY-DAY GIFT Giving has never been better in the Empire – By Lady Asta

Are you tired of looking at tiny, 3 inch high holo-images of your friends and family?  Does looking at all that blue make you sad?  For those of you frustrated by the limitations of today’s standard holo-projectors, the folks at the Sharp Image Media Supersized (SIMS) have the answer.  The SIMS Company’s latest invention, the handheld personal holo-projector PHP 9000, provides full size, full color holo-messaging for the first time anywhere for the public market!  While this amazing technology has been available to the governmental sector for a short time it has now become available to a wider market. The pricetag still would not make it affordable for everyone but in a year or two it will be the only way anyone will communicate. 

In addition to the PHP 9000 there is the very desirable PHP 9000 FX3D. This model not only gives you all the great features of the PHP 9000 but it also offers full size background displays of various scenes, exciting cityscapes, and can be customized with your own favorite sites.  It’s the easiest way to travel the Galaxy without leaving home. This feature is absolutely amazing as it is full 3D of the person communicating. In addition if both users have the HP then the multi sound and lights feature can be used for a completely interactive environment even over long distances. The possibilities for reaching out and communicating with friends and family are endless.

JEWELS that Sparkle and Shimmer!


One of the hottest new finds in the jewelry market these days are exotic, multi-hued pearls from the Sinosia region.  These pearls naturally come in shades of turquoise, lavender, dark coral and even exotic reds and yellows. It takes seven years for each pearl to form, but they are worth the wait!  The pearls come in various shapes and sizes, with many people favoring the square and triangular ones over the traditional round varieties.  Currently they are available in select boutiques, but as demand increases look for them to be showing up all over. Certainly if you are looking for a unique gift for that special someone, this is something to consider!

Sparkling Shimmer Drops are just coming into the markets. Sparkling Shimmer Drops come from Lumina Prime near the Ilum Ice region. They come in Frost Pink, Cerulean Crystal, Lemon Ice, Lavender Shimmer, and Glacier Mint. They pick up any light in a room and vibrate to music and the sound of voices. The beautiful colors have started to adorn the lovely ladies from Coruscant to the Mid Rim. They come in drops, icicles and even as small as droplets. The first to start importing the Shimmer Drops was Corsuscant Jeweler Thane Ferran, known for his exotic styles and high end clientele. They are now available at fine jewelers across the sector.


~Kahtya Millions~

Ardiwuawua Mania Hits the heart and office of the Inner Core-
If you think you have the greatest pet in the world, think again. While most pets are wonderful and can do the most amazing things, not all of them can travel with you and even stay on your desk! Just in time for the upcoming Holiday season Carys Corporation presents the one and only ARDIWUAWUA (pronounced Ar-dee-wah-wah). The Ardis (as aficionados like to call them) are a cross between a canidae and marmotini named from the Odawa tribe. They are omnivorous and will eat most anything that a human would eat or any like species. 

“They are so popular we have trouble keeping them in stock.” Nicodemus Candlemas spokesperson for the company said. “It does take a bit of time for incubation and then they must have time for proper growth and nutrition before they can be shipped. People love having them in their offices. They provide companionship in our very busy society.”


~Lucero Taurendil~

When one thinks of luxury trips, spas and pleasure planets come to mind, but the latest name in trips is Adventure! Combining interests, luxury and some unique locations, the epicurious and epic-curious can find the best of the best through Arktique tours. You can travel all over the Galaxy but never will you have an adventure like the folks at Arktique can give you.

Developed from an idea of wanting something different and unique, the owners of Arktique set out to find the most unique expeditions in the Galaxy. They made sure that there was something for everyone and still included the most in luxury and pampering while giving the Arktique Explorer memories of a lifetime. For this Holiday season they have a brand new tour, exclusive rights to the frigid world of TOOLA!

Games of EPIC proportions-Special Exclusive from Arktique tours holidays and the Coruscant Courier-Well, the Courier is not sponsoring the tour but we did take one. Our brave editor went to the world of Toola in the Kaelta system and checked out the games first hand. The games run from the first of Diciembra to the New Yahres (or until after the Holiday season for those that want to still make the trip).

The locals call it games but frankly it could be a life expedition. Over tundra and up mountains the participants compete in the most grueling efforts to compete for the coveted red and green jeweled “Cup of Life” called the “Cupolas di Vive” This jewel encrusted cup comes with a multi-million credit bonus as well. Teams of 4 must compete in 4 rounds. The first round consists of an endurance test across Toola’s famous Tundra where teams on Sledges are pulled for days through the vast wastelands to the next stop, the mountains. Once they get to the Mountain stop and rest for a few days the teams continue to the next task, they must all climb to the top and retrieve their next “Souvenir” and then go down the other side. They then must cross the sea rowing for miles to the next shore. From their teams fly to their next destination and ride wild mot-mots to the finish, that is if they catch one first. All teams end at Ithaqua station which is right outside the capital city of Ithaqua on Toola. The team that has all team members alive and arrives the soonest wins the cup and over 5 million credits are awarded to them (That is 1.3 million credits per team member). Teams from all over the Galaxy compete. Some teams have competed before and some are brand new putting them into the “Novice” class.

Native Toolans, the local, Whiphids, are hoping this race will garner even more tourist traffic for them now that the shipping and tourism lanes have been opened up by the Empire. In addition to advertising this year’s race on the Intergalactic Sports Network ICSN they have built several hotels and even the new plush Ice Spa called Freyr’s Palace. It is beautiful with spires made out of ice and roasted Caraboose (a delicacy here) on the menu. The shops are now carrying Tuggle coats! Having seen these white soft coats I can say that normally I’m not one for fur, but since the animals are a sustainable resource it would appear that farming them both for the romantic sledges and the coats is not that bad. I might be buying one myself for someone special this Holiday Season. 

In Addition to the Games, the Local Regional Governor of the area, Nicholas Klauss has come up with some new ways to bring in tourism dollars by recruiting top marketers from the Alfin Guild. The Alfies have come in and re-organized the banks and manufacturing sectors allowing for higher production levels (GNP) for the Toolans. This is good news for those that want to come here for vacation but still need to get in that last minute shopping for exotic goods. They have hand made items available for every price range and taste.

If you have a chance to take these tours I would definitely take it, it is a trip of a lifetime.


~Angeliqua Tassina~

Filling Ingredients
1 cup cooked pumpkin
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 Tablespoon butter
1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice (equal amounts of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves ground together)
1 tablespoon of rum (optional)
2 tablespoons vanilla (optional)

Cook all filling ingredients together until thick and then cool.
Crust Ingredients:  
2 1/2 cups flour
2 Tablespoons sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 cup cold butter
8 to 10 Tablespoons very cold water
Cut together all ingredients except water with a pastry cutter and then add enough water to form dough.
Roll out the dough using plenty of flour so it doesn’t get sticky on your rolling pin and cut into 2 1/2 inch circles.  Put a teaspoon of filling on one half of each circle and Brush with a mixture of 1 egg and a teaspoon of water beaten together. Fold over the other half of the circle and press edges with a fork to pinch dough together.  Brush tops with remaining mixture of egg and a teaspoon of water beaten together.  Sprinkle with decorator sugar or cinnamon if desired. Bake them in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or until lightly golden.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible.  Do you hear what I hear? It is the bells tolling for thee. You need to stay sharp and try to be flexible. It is not easy to remain sparkling and shiny when you spread yourself thin but during the Holidays it is difficult to say no. Your time is in high demand. Remember to listen to the bells ringing and keep in mind what the season is truly about. It isn’t always saying yes to every invitation no matter how tempting. You need time for yourself too in order to truly sparkle and shine at Holiday events.

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  This Holiday season, your ships have come into the harbor of your community. You enjoy the bounty of the season with family and friends galore. The food is good and the drinks will flow as your plans all come to fruition. You are the Captain of the Vessel, spread the wealth this season with others as you have rarely enjoyed such a wonderful season in recent times. Remember the frozen tundra and glaciers of last year are melted and have not come yet for the season. It is a free flowing time for you! 

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees and reach out to touch the skies.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! While others are out in the storms you enjoy warmth inside the homes of family and friends. Throw an intimate gathering for the closest of family or friends (or even that special someone you may have had your eye on) and watch the popcorn really start to pop! The cocoa is warm and the fires really start to melt the reserve of someone close to you as new avenues start to show for the normally hibernating wooded person. Show them the quiet nature of the trees and you could have a playmate come Spring!

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  It is the season to shine for you and you are the Star! You are the Star of Wonder and Royal Beauty as songs have been written and people worship you. Your ability to keep everything together and make the parties sparkle is beyond compare. You are the life of the party and nothing would be the same without you. It is a necessity to have you. Remember not to burn yourself out by going too far but is there really such a thing for you? 

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. You have the lists and have already checked them twice. You know who has been naughty and nice. Which ones are you inviting to your Holiday festivities? You already know that too! Never one to shy away from responsibility you’re the one with the place everyone wants to be seen at this season. Be careful of fast friends as they will promise you the moon just to get on that fantastic list of yours. You knew that already though as you are quite good at getting to the truth of the matter. No one has a better idea of who is really worthy of your wonderful foods and parties. Just make sure there is a deed to a few dozen worlds that comes with the promises made in this season of giving.


Lucero Taurendil

Occasionally I will run across a thought, phrase or conversation that strikes me as the embodiment of the moment I am in. This area is where I will share just one phrase that embodies the spirit of what we do here on behalf of me and the staff of the Courier. The Ancient World of Venuptian was a beautiful place. You may visit the ruins near the moons of Alexxia Seven. Truly a more beautiful and civilized world we might never know. Luckily the world was archived before it was destroyed and we can read the histories and look at what once was. We can ponder the possibilities of our worlds and see if we could achieve such purity of thought and form and rise above our current levels of chaos. Here is one of their proverbs that they would use at this time of year which was called the Time of Light and Sharing:

“Whatever is beautiful, meaningful and brings you happiness and joy, may you find it this Holiday Season and may you be lucky enough to keep that with you throughout the upcoming year.”-Ancient Venuptian Proverb, attributed to the historical philosopher, LaChere el Nuada, 664 bd (before destruction).

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