Issue #11

~Lucero Taurendil-EDITOR~



-Rahi Taam-

In Late Summertime tragedy struck at the Imperial test track when our Editor, Jewels Diamond met with the most unhappiest of fates.  She was researching new aircraft for a multi-part piece that would be featured in upcoming issues of the Courier, when the ship she was trying out crashed and exploded.  They are not sure what part of the ship malfunctioned, as the damage was so extensive nothing was able to be recovered.  All crew and passengers had their lifelights extinguished.  We are saddened at this tragic turn of events.  Even more so it brought to an end any support that the Courier had within the Empire.  As our many readers know, Jewels was a strong supporter of the Empire and the new Emperor’s tenure in office.  We were not sure if we should go on.  It has been within the last few months that we discussed our options and came to the conclusion that we were going to have to shut down completely and no longer offer our news services.  It would be difficult to carry the flame of hope as our inspiration had been extinguished with the extinguishing of the lifelight of our brave editor.  Our thoughts, hopes and feelings go out to all who were tragically lost on Flight 1506.

Amazingly, a new light has come to us out of the darkness of our mourning.  Intergalactic Socialite and Businessman Lucero Taurendil has bought the Courier and given it new life and direction.  It is ironic that in our darkest hour we have found a new light to guide on for a more in depth interview with our new publisher.

MEET THE NEW OWNER/EDITOR-An Interview with Lucero Taurendil

-Kahtya Millions-

It is with great excitement and happiness that the Courier is now brought to you by Forrester Productions.  Forrester Productions is owned by Lucero Taurendil International playboy and businessman, now editor, publisher and writer.  We were very lucky to have him give us a new outlook on the Galaxy.

CC:  Have you ever been involved with news and publications before?

LT:  No, I haven’t.

CC:  Why did you choose to go into it?  Did you always have a secret desire to be a writer?

LT:  Actually I wanted to produce something that I would like to read.  I get bored with the news out there as it really is unimaginative and uninteresting.  It is often controlled by special interest groups that make sure you don’t hear everything you need to know.  As a businessman I can assure you that there is more news out there than people know.  I need to know certain things and I think people want to know the truth out there, not just the truth from someone’s point of view.  As for being a writer, I don’t hold any illusions.  I will leave that up to the people who do it best.

CC:  As a Businessman what things have you seen that people might miss in their daily lives?

LT:  I am not saying that people miss things per se, but I often find that people become myopic in their views.  I want to see more and investigate the Galaxy as I haven’t been able to before.  I am sure many others wish the same thing.  The news allows us to find out things at a distance without having to go there directly.  Therefore we can contribute to making people better informed and more involved in the Galaxy.

CC:  Are you involved a lot in Galactic events?

LT:  I do what I can, just as every citizen of the Empire does.  I don’t have a lot of free time, as I am sure most people don’t.  We have lives, we have families, we don’t have time to sit around and say “what can I do today?”  The news will give us information, or rather should, that we need to best make decisions quickly and efficiently.

CC:  You mention a family, so what does your family think of your new endeavor?

LT:  I imagine they think it is a foolish endeavor.  However, no risk has ever been taken and no great feat has ever been achieved without trying first a foolish endeavor.


Lucero Taurendil

I will not attempt to bore you with minutiae about what is right or wrong with today’s holonews and newsnets, however, I will say it is time for a new way to look at the Galaxy and the way it is presented to us.  I really want this news not to be the same dead repeated information regurgitated back to me back and forth as so many other news and zine sources do all the time.  I want this to be alive and vital.  I want it to become a living entity.  I want it to become part of the world we all live in.  I want you to fully participate in that world.  To that end, I have asked a few friends, and I hope to expand that circle of friends, to submit pieces to me from all over the Galaxy.  Each issue I will ask again for the same submission.  The pieces will be reviewed by me and staff on their appropriateness and then will be entered and given to you the reader.  Soon this web of readers and writers will be expanded until the network of resources expands across the distances reaching to the Outer Rim and perhaps beyond?  The new Courier will be an experiment of sorts to see if one person or 2 or 10 can make a difference.  To that end, I ask that you read through the pieces and think about them and how they might affect you.  Then if you feel you want to submit a piece to us, do so.  That would make another person added to the web.  I hope all this is not too nebulous and ambitious, read and enjoy.


-Diego Reyes-

SAFFIRESTAR Corp announced its biggest profit gain since the war years.  Many investors are usually shy about investing in weapons and ship manufacturing after a war ends, but the investment community has been surprised at SAFFIRESTAR’s bold moves forward not only to keep on manufacturing but to come out with newer updated models of already popular brands of weapons.  The moves have proved quite successful as the relatively young corporation has been able to buy up some of the larger, older corporations and become one of the largest manufacturers of both weapons and star ships in the Galaxy.  They now hold major shareholdings on many planets allowing the plants to stay open and the economies of these smaller core worlds to stay afloat.  In addition this is great news for the Empire who just awarded SAFFIRESTAR most favored status and gave them the largest contract in both weapons and ships which will be handled through smaller subsidiaries of the corporation.  “Saffirestar understands the difficulties facing the Coruscanti Union at this time and is more than happy to accommodate its needs to the greatest efforts of its ability.”  Lady LuLani Keahina, spokeswoman for the corporation in this sector stated in an official release by the company.  In the next quarter it is rumored that the weapons manufacturer is to release the MDK 5000, 7000 and the much anticipated MDK 9000 models.  These weapons were highly praised at the recent tradeshow on Ord Mantell but release dates have yet to be determined.

In other Finance news, many avenues of revenue have been re-electrified by the Empire’s multi-part taxation system which was just unveiled by the Ministry of Finance.  The Committee on Finance has been working on a new tax package for the last 18 monti along with the Emperor and other Banking and Finance Advisors at the Ministry.  This will be the first new piece of legislation brought to the incoming Senate this year and the first new banking/tax relief to help unburden the weight of the war years in the Galaxy.  In a statement issued by Wort Hunzul, co-chair of the Committee, “The new legislation should move quickly through the Senate as everyone would like to open up trade and get the Economy moving again.”

JUEGI (SPORTS) of all Kinds


-Măt Seastorm-

The Intergalactic Piedi Council has banned 5 players for failing to pass random spice testing.  After the successful completion of the upcoming draft process many Outer Rim planets had called for the testing of the highest paid players in the “Supra Liga” of the Inner Core worlds.   Their petition for the testing of players, cited the corruption and high profit margins of the Liga and alleged that this blocked their “Prima Liga” from successful bids on players for their leagues and worlds.  Inner Core worlds previously had denied these allegations and blocked this testing, stating that if the Outer Rim wanted to afford the players they would have to pay just as much as everyone else.  However, when it was discovered late last season, after the Piedi Playoffs, that the high pay coupled with the intense pressure to perform could lead players to unethical behaviors (as cited in a report from Piedi Star and soon to be Doctor Diegon LaTierra of Duro) the Inner Rim and Mid Rim Worlds conceded to the testing of their top players.  Tomos Santosan, Joaquin Titaner, Tiwe Ruderre, Patr Citidorf and Sustan Jordana have all pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of addiction to the spice by-product “Volcano Dust”.  They are undergoing rehab and hope to be back playing at the end of the first quarter if they pass their next round of tests.  The Outer Rim worlds have now called for a cap on salaries to allow them to enter better bids on higher skilled players and to decrease the allure to this lifestyle.  In addition it would allow players from the mid-ranks to make bids into the different leagues.  The Intergalactic Piedi Council is looking into this matter along with the Imperial Council on Ethics which is chaired by Senator Bail Organa.  In a statement issued from the review committee, Senator Organa stated that no player is above the law or ethics of the Piedi Code no matter how good they are or far they feel they have come.  He wanted all players and teams to be aware of the law and rules of the game not just as a sport but as an example to sentient beings all over the Galaxy to uphold the highest of ethical standards and to give their playing their best efforts.  “It is important that our heroes whether they are on the field or in the Senate remember that others look to them as examples on how to lead their lives.”  Senator Organa said.


-Cedric Duir-

While the ball is not on fire the players feet seem to be.  It moves so fast that it seems to end almost before you can extinguish the flames!  Fireball season is well underway with the pre-season roundups looking great.  Kitan Korandra shot 43 points in the last match he played and looks like he isn’t slowing down yet.  Fast on his heels is the bright Torch Forward Simba!  He is awesome and no one can seem to catch him.  In the Altra liga the specialists seem to be Bobby Aurer and Simes Nicho.  As the flames grow higher stay tuned for all the action in the months to come.  Games will be broadcast for the first time over the newsnets and the holonews in SIMULVISION to capture every piece of the action.


-Angeliqua Tassina-

~Editorial Note:  Nourishment is a powerful image across the ages for all beings.  Smells, tastes and even time of year can evoke feelings, memories and loyalties.  In this section we will try to bring the best of the Galaxy and its dishes (and people).  Here is a sample, just a taste of things to come…~

Avocado Angel Eggs

Serves:  24Bottom of Form


  • 1 dozen large hard cooked eggs, peeled (any kind you prefer, chicken or even thrancil, etc.)
  • 2 ripe Avocados
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • ¼ Tbsp coarse ground garlic powder
  • 2 Tbsp finely chopped shallots or green onions
  • 2 tsp capers mashed, optional
  • Garnish, slivers of red or yellow bell pepper (optional)


  1. Slice each egg in half lengthwise removing egg yolks.
  2. Use egg yolks in another recipe.
  3. Cut avocado in half and remove seed. Peel avocado and cube.
  4. In bowl combine avocado, lemon juice and garlic mashing to blend. Stir in shallots or green onions and capers, if desired.
  5. Fill each egg white with avocado mixture. Garnish with bell pepper.
  6. Serve.

As we head into colder weather in most of the Galaxy here is a traditional favorite of mine from the Alderaan-Caamas zone

Hot Chocolate

Makes 4 servings
This is rumored to be from the human settlers that first came to this area before the records.  Each family has their own spin on it but here is one from a dear sweet friend that is sure to please.  The histo-holos date it back millennia to a Castillian-Spanish Hot Chocolate/Cocoa recipe.  The consistency of the finished product should resemble chocolate pudding that hasn't quite set.  Yes, this is a thick, rich and velvety luxurydrink!

Ingredients needed:

  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cacao/cocoa powder (We here at the courier highly recommend the Dagoba Organic Chocolate-Dagoba’s warm swampy climate is ideal for growing some of the richest cocoa around and the Dagoba Chocolate is Fair Trade). 
  • 1 cup sugar (You may use traditional sugar or raw cane)
  • 1/8 cup cornstarch
  • 1/2 water
  • 4 cups milk or milk substitute of choice (another recommended favorite is a soy chai to add some extra spice to it!)


  • Mix cacao powder and sugar together.
  • Dissolve the cornstarch in the water and combine with the cacao-sugar mixture in a medium sized saucepan. Stir this until it is a smooth paste.
  • Begin heating this mixture, continuously stirring it with a whisk. Gradually pour in the milk. Continue stirring as you bring to a simmer.
  • Allow simmering, stirring often, for about 10 minutes. The drink is ready when it thickens and is glossy and smooth.

Whipped cream and chocolate sauce makes this extra yummy as well as a bit of cinnamon added on top of that as my friend always says, cinnamon is good to warm the heart.



-Editorial Note-We left the scopes in as they are so fun, we hope to expand some of the more fun aspects as well as the more serious pieces, Bamberri does a great job with these.-

Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible. You are called upon to be the VIP at many ribbon cuttings and openings.  Why not?  You are the most qualified for the job.  Try not to slice off more than you can handle as you need to keep you health in mind as the weather on most planets changes.  However, if it fits in your schedule there is no reason to turn down an invitation to the party and be the sharpest one there!

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes.  Dipping into your pools of resources has been quite handy of late as you have had much time to have fun and relax with friends and family.  Now it is time to return to reality as the tides turn to the Harvest moons.  Never one to be gloomy you return to your constant and steady ways.  It will be smooth sailing through the end of the season if you focus your thoughts on the matters at hand.

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees and reach out to touch the skies.  Leaving things to the last minute can make you feel overstretched.  Try to remember all the details that you have been avoiding or wish you could avoid, they will be important later.  Make a list of things that still need doing before you are ready to hibernate in the upcoming months.  While the holidays are not always the best of times for you, your friends, family and loved ones are always nearby to support you. 

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything.  Normally bright and sunny you are used to being the life of the party.  Your fire has burned out.  You need a bit of recharging.  Try a spa holiday or mid-autonno get away to rekindle your flames.  Don’t get stuck burning out for the whole rest of the season with your same routine.

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded.   While you are a grounded and normally solid person, lately you feel detached and cut off from your regular earthly bounds.  This can be disturbing for your general calm.  It also can feel like a curse.  However, it can be both a curse and a blessing.  I say it can be a curse as it is likely to throw you for a loop and leave many things upended in your world, which is not a great feeling for anyone.  It can be a blessing as sometimes things have to completely change in order for true change to happen.  A deep change is just what you have been working towards over the last few months, and your hard work, though disconcerting will finally come to fruition.  Always remember, change is what we make it.  It never is all good or bad, it just is change.

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