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As the weather turns warm and many planets in the Coruscanti Sector of our Glorious Empire experience the time of Ranta or Summer one can’t help but notice that the Galaxy has been experiencing a Renaissance of late. Not only has the warmer weather brought in change and hope for the seasons, but our own Emperor and his new government have ushered in a New Hope that the worlds of our Galaxy are starting to benefit from for the very first time. Finally we are able to cast off the negativity of the wars that once were status quo and open to the glory of the new Intergalactic Empire. It is with much Imperial Pride we bring you a particularly glittering report from all parts of the galaxy to update and inform on all aspects of our new Glorious Empire. You will note that many of our usual features have a particular warmer theme. We will return to our regular hard hitting undercover reporting in our next issue but sometimes it is these small stories that get overlooked by bigger news agencies. Bigger news agencies might not have the time to report on what matters to the little person in our Universe, but we here at the Courier do. This issue is dedicated to all of us who participate in all aspects of our worlds’ cultures.


~Rahi Taam~

Should we call that Baby Pinks? Senator Bail Organa appeared last month before an Imperial Subcommittee meeting on the issue of black market child adoption. He, himself, admitted to giving in to pressure to adopt a baby girl on behalf of his dying wife to fulfill her final request and wish to have a child with him. In desperation he turned to the dark side of the law when he was approached to cut through a lot of red tape. While Organa admitted to loathing the concept of buying a person as it was akin to slavery, he also hated to think of what would become of the child if he did not act on its behalf. He then coordinated his efforts with local authorities to bring in those responsible for the sale of the child while giving the child refuge. Admittedly though, after the child came under the protection of the Royal House of Organa he and his wife decided that the best that they could do for the child was keep it and raise it. Organa then went on to lend full cooperation to Imperial authorities to apprehend an even larger ring of black market criminals. These criminals were responsible for a number of smuggling and piracy violations against the Empire. Due to his cooperation and lack of malicious intent Senator Organa was given community service for his indiscretion. In addition he has set up a task force to investigate the black market trade in sentient beings and is also in charge of a new committee on adoption reforms. In addition the Senator is being considered for several new posts, not the least of which is one on intergalactic security and shipping.


In addition to the happy news that Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan would indeed be able to keep custody of his adopted daughter, Princess Leia, it was announced that nuptials would be forthcoming for the Viceroy and his former sister-in-law, now fiancée, the lovely Lady Breha Antilles. In a statement issued at this year’s Alderaanian Flower Festival King Aurelio Organa announced his blessing of the union and said he knew that when his son and the Lady Antilles started spending so much time over their beautiful adopted daughter, her love for them would surely guide them into wedded bliss. In an official statement released by Organa’s office the official date for the Wedding will be later this Summer, with a tentative date in Agostino, the traditional month of marriage for Alderaanians with the couple honeymooning at their private estate of Orinoco on Alderaan.


~Jewels Diamond~

Senator Sussnana Tarkin of Eriadu married Count Montavignon in a secret ceremony on the dark side of a moon in the Maw System. Her brother Grand Moff Tarkin gave her away in a truly touching ceremony. The happy bride and groom had a beautiful reception at the ballroom on Ord Mantell at the Imperial Palace Casino Ballroom. They will be continuing on to the Pink Sky Casino on Ord Mantell.


~ By Bamberri~

Crescent Shimmer Night Festival on the Pleasure Planet of Fantasia 6, Jennee and Rob Tipton got married in a midnight nuptials ceremony on the beach at the exclusive Lunisae resort. The bride wore a fantastic gown of mauve shimmersilk designed by the up and coming team of Bange and Farsip. The groom’s black shimmersilk suit was also designed by them-quite a coup for the young designers! In attendance were the bride and groom’s families, her best friend model Sandstar Garson, and singer Nat Jackson, who serenaded the couple at their reception, also held at the Lunisae resort. Best wishes to the happy couple and any upcoming new additions to the family! 

But the excitement of the Crescent Shimmer Night Festival didn’t end there! There were pleasurable activities of all kinds during the Festival. Classes on massage and healing led by Master Healers, demonstrations of the hot new sport Spilaga, along with live music and poetry readings drew thousands of people to Fantasia 6. Also on hand was the Star Luna Princess Jin Su Dragonstar, holding court at the opening of the hip new nightclub Supernova. Her outfit alone caused more than one club patron to have a meltdown of their own! Her escort, the gorgeous and dashing Dr. Alex Organa, provided his expertise as a Healer in some of the better attended classes at the festival. The festival was such a success that organizers are planning an even bigger event next year!

Not to be outdone, the Pleasure Planet Celenus held its inaugural Moonlight Music Festival the week after the Shimmer Night Festival. All types of music were represented there, from the native sounds of small indigenous groups getting their first exposure to the Galactic music audience, to Intergalatic opera star Ravinia Fairchild, and more mainstream bands such as Splat and Mystick Spiral. Also included were writing and business workshops, as well as many networking opportunities for the bands, music industry workers, and fans. The highlight of the festival of the nightly Moonlight Serenade concerts held in the courtyard of the Grand Celenus Hotel, where the enchanting sounds of many groups were heard, to the delight of Festival attendees across the planet.

Actor Paris Troy and Starshine Autumn have called it quits after a brief fling during filming their last film together. Paris Troy was voted most eligible bachelor of the Coruscanti Quadrant in the Coruscanti Realm. The prestigious award has been held by Actor Rob Tipton, Prince Vantros Primos, Minister Blake Harrisford, Artist Liet Riderstrom, and many others. Look for the upcoming zine at media outlets near you or see the exclusive pictures right here at our site dedicated to the ceremony.

JUEGI & SPORTS of all Kinds

The Intergalactic PIEDI Playoffs bring fans and players from all over our wonderful Galaxy to see the best that Piedi has to offer. This event which is held every three years was held on KUAT this year. It was a wonderful turn out as the Finals on Corellia are sure to shine later this Somden Season. 

The “Dolces” or “Sweet 16” that made the playoffs were Corellia, Duro, Alderaan, Coruscant, Tynna, Balmorra, Naboo, Bothawui, Chandrila, Borleias, Ord Mantell, Osarian, Gyndine, Falleen, Sernpidal, and of course host Kuat.

VIPs abound at the Playoffs!! Playoffs always seem to attract not just the average fan of the game but even those of the upper echelons of society. 

Ambassador Kitera Chanteura was rooting for her favorite homeworld team of the Balmorran Bengal Bleus with her husband and six children. Even the latest addition to the family little Kittaren was wearing a baby Bengal Bleu outfit in his bassinet.

King Vigorinsk of Minska from Helska was in attendance with his son Prince Vlad who is a big fan of the Coruscanti Reds.

Senator and Viceroy Bail Organa found time to attend several of the games with the Princess Jin Su Dragonstar who was special guest of Diegon LaTierra the star forward for Duro. Diegon and the Princess have dated off and on for several months while she has dated the cousin of Senator Organa, Dr. Alex Organa. It was rumored that the Viceroy and Princess might be romantically linked a few months back but it has shown that the Viceroy has been acting as chaperone for the young Princess and trying to curb her more wild outings by steering her to more acceptable pursuits than nightlife on pleasure planets a source close to the Senator said.

Aside from people watching the sport to indulge in is watching Piedi! The games were strongly contested and well played. The usual suspects easily taking the lead as Alderaan, Chandrila, Coruscant, Duro, and Naboo easily won their games and went to the next round. Continuing also to the next round were Balmorra and Gyndine. The surprising twists in the matches were the downfall of Falleen and meteoric rise of Sernpidal. In addition this Cinderella story has it’s very own Prince charming as Sern’s own Prince of the Piedi Pitch Inigo Lunelle scored four goals the first round alone! Falleen usually a favorite to win in most Piedi circles lost to Sernpidal and Balmorra to last place in their group. 

In the second round things were shaping up nicely for everyone until the final bells sounded and the points were added. Alderaan, Coruscant, Duro, and Sernpidal were all that remained after the dust had settled and the bodies were carried off the field. The last round of the tri-game playoffs left just two long time rivals to go to the finals next month on the glittering moon of Safyra off the coast of Alderaan Territory. Coruscant and Duro will be playing for the title of Piedi Primaries.


“Is everybody ready to rumble?” is the cry heard on a thousand worlds. This “bloodsport” while it originated to the death in ancient civilizations has been revitalized in Outer Rim worlds and has started making a comeback. It has moved its barbaric talons into our Core Worlds and is taking its grip as the next big thing. The blood may no longer be real but the fight to the finish is. We caught up with some champions of the ball recently to find out what the appeal is and just how it got as far as the latest championship playoffs being played next month at the Imperial Gold Arena.

“CRUNCH” is one of the biggest and best players of Rumbleball. Rumbleball is a sport where two players are locked in a spinning wire cage that is tossed in the air between two targets. Each player is to try and capture their opponent while smaller electronic balls are inside shooting small electric shocks into the players. Once the player stops his opponent he can shut off the moving giant ball which then stops the motion and shocks of the smaller balls. Crunch says that it is strength that wins but “CHOPPER” says it is speed that wins the match. Chopper is a smaller man who is very nimble and is almost undefeated. We spoke with Crunch and Chopper two of the champions competing next month.

“In the original sport, it was anything goes for the win. If the opponent died, then so be it. Today the rules are just to shut down the ball. It is a lot more civilized.” Crunch explains.

“It really doesn’t need to go to the death, though killing your opponent does help get through the electrical shocks and makes the game go faster.” Chopper said. “However, with the new league starting up rules had to be laid down, otherwise there would be no one left to compete except Crunch and me.” 

The game moves fast enough for us and for many in Coruscanti space. The Emperor himself is going to be in attendance at the upcoming Championship Games held next month at the Imperial Gold Arena.



Metal - If your birth Year ends in a 0 or 1 you are strong like steel and just as flexible. While you enjoy being serious just as much as the next person it is time to cut through the ties that bind. Someralia Festivals are the best outlet for kicking back and having a good time. What about an exotic trip to a locale of a Water friend’s choice? If you’re up for anything go even further and leave the planning (well part of it) to a Fire friend and see the fireworks fly! 

Water - If your birth Year ends in a 2 or 3 you are able to flow and change like the rivers and lakes. You can feel to the depths of the oceans and see all the colors of the rainbow. Traveling seems like it will be your best bet to find new adventures. Fire friends quickly warm to the idea of a long boat ride while a metal friend along can cut through all the red tape involved. Why not explore the depths of the Kuangiati River trail or go Zorbing with a group down the falls in Albareyes Canyon or bodysledge along the oceans of Tuainahl. 

Wood - If your birth Year ends in a 4 or 5 you are like the trees and reach out to touch the skies. Normally you like to stretch yourself and help all those around you but now you feel like hibernating despite the warming of the seasons. Perhaps your roots know that the winter is coming? Whatever it is your feeling go with your instincts. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wrong either even though you are usually swayed by your more passionate fiery friends, now is not the time to burn long into the night as the fires will get out of control. Best to look elsewhere for a diversion, perhaps check into a meditation retreat or a luxury spa get away?

Fire - If your birth Year ends in a 6 or 7 you burn with Passion for everything. Never one to be tempered in the steamier months you are raring to go out and do anything. Don’t get too bogged down in details, leave the red tape to someone who can cut through it all like a Metal friend. Don’t do too much as you would hate to burn out but if you temper yourself a bit with the calming knowledge of a water friend all should be sure to have fun. Don’t let anyone dampen your spirits too much for this is your season for the taking! Fuegosina is your time and you should celebrate.

Earth - If your birth Year ends in an 8 or 9 you are solid and grounded. As the suns and stars of the galaxy warm the planets you feel the need to cool off. Stay out of the sun to beat the heat but don’t crawl into a cave, there are plenty of things to still do in the warmer months. It may be time to start thinking about indulging in some of the more earthly pleasures you are known for as you look forward to cooler evenings of Autonno. If you meet up with the right person even though they start off warm, they could heat up quickly and end very sensually by the end of the Sultriss time for you.

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